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Quote: Originally Posted By oldresorter on 5/02/2007

#3 -If you decide you want to redshirt, I would not recommend using the redshirt button when recruiting, consider it an advanced option AT BEST. More than likely, you will get a response "you crazy", & you will have flushed your money down the drain. Try to find a "ride the bus" or "give the $20 bill back" type player, bring him in, and take your chances!
#4 - once a player is on your roster, you can offer him a redishirt and pull it back - with no penalty to your team, or the player, many coaches try a player multiple times - just beware because the redshirt and rescind buttons are very close, make sure you hit the right one!
If I might offer something to this excellent thread.

It might be specific to the schools I'm now at, but I've found that "you crazy" is not a bar to a R/S. It's not a response that absolutely means rejection.

It has always seemed to me that that is precisely a response that is not a flat denial, but sort of saves face for the recruit. (He appears to claim he's above a redshirt, but doesn't actually say so,) Think of some other flat rejection language. "I'm looking elsewhere".. "No way"... etc. "You crazy" simply does not say one thing either way. In my experience it is simply not a rejection.

I've redshirted kids who 'bluffed' with the old 'you crazy' response. I can't say it will never result in a rejection, but I know that sometimes the kid buys it.
11/22/2007 12:09 PM
bump. please pin.
11/29/2007 5:41 PM
I tend to offer too many players money initially in the recruiting process. How many players should you focus on?
11/29/2007 9:10 PM
A few tips that I learned the hard way....

If you have a young team that is going to struggle, put more practice time into your offense/defense. A slightly above average team ratings-wise that can run the offense-defense cold can beat a lot of teams that are more talented. While it is fun to watch ratings increase, IQ is just as important. And pick one offense and one defense. While it is fun to imagine being able to run all three offenses, being a C- at three offenses is MUCH less effective than being at A-/B+ with just one. And don't be constantly changing offenses/defenses.

At my UW-Stout Tark team, I took my lumps for two years, going 19-37. I played a five man freshman class in pretty much every start and bumped up their O/D practice minutes. By the time those kids were juniors, they were all at B level and we went to the second round of the NT. There isn't a mega-star in the bunch, but they can run the O/D really well and the lack of a superstar makes them tough to defend.

As far as recruiting, home visits are my key. I'll toss in phone calls, but home visits are what I rely on. If the kid turns them down, they don't cost you anything (although if you are too persistent, you will get charged once in a while even if they kid doesn't actually let you in the door). And once a kid accepts your home visits, being considered isn't that far off. If I end up in a recruiting battle and have a good supply of cash, I will use HVs to get a recruit considering me and campus visits to seal the deal.

Stay away from promises unless you know you can keep them. If the recruit will undoubtedly be the best PG on your roster and you are locked in a recruiting battle, promise him the starting spot. But don't use promises for the sake of using promises. Find another way to get him. Why tie your hands if you don't have to?
12/4/2007 4:58 PM
bump. this to to good to be buried away
12/31/2007 12:15 AM
oldr, is 100% correct. i have been doing that since Tark season 1. hence, my far better success in tark than in rupp.
1/10/2008 1:00 PM
I am new to d2. does it hurt me to rescind a schol. from a soph that is horrible at everything if the sim signed him? Also, if you had to choose the two most important attributes for a big and for a small, what would they be? And lastly, if you play zone, does the importance of speed go down? thanks in advance
1/23/2008 7:54 PM
Great Forum, Great ideas from all.
I just finished my 4th year at a DIII school. 33-77 overall. best season 11-18. The North Division of my conference has tough competition, so I am coming to you for much needed assitance. What would you do if your team had:
5 Seniors graduating, 3 C and 2 PF with an average rating of 552, leaving you with 4 Soph and 3 Jun all PG, SG, SF with an average rating of 492. Am i done for the next 2 seasons? Will i be able to recruit 5 Power Position players that will matter?
Other questions:
1. How many players can you redhirt at once?
2. How do you get booster dollars? been 4 years, havent had a cent. is it smart to use them?
3. when you say to make 10-20 calls to the coach, is that at once or one at a time, twenty times?
4. does losing to teams with better rankings/RPI make you any better? or should i schedule lollipops for my non com games?
i have pretty much done the exact opposite of what you guys recommended....hahaha...so i can understand where the problems lie...while i find HD a blast, i would like to at least have the hope of being competitive someday.
all help appreciated,
1/24/2008 5:14 PM
i'm going to try these techniques and hopefully i will be posting my improvements...
1/25/2008 11:56 AM
Quote: Originally Posted By oldresorter on 1/10/2008
ANSWER: one thing about keeping teams great, is to look 2-3 years ahead when recruiting, to do a depth chart that far out.
This is great advice, and to take it one step further: try to ensure that each starting position and most of the backup minutes will be filled by upperclassmen each season -- even projecting several seasons into the future.

It's common for lower division coaches to do opportunistic recruiting, just grabbing the best players in the area. That often results in a talent glut at one position and team's getting stuck depending on freshmen at other positions.

Try to recruit for need.
2/1/2008 2:55 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By oldresorter on 2/01/2008
here is a summary from a very good bit of work on tempo from the main forum, copied with permission:
Quote: Originally Posted By fd343ny on 2/01/2008

for non math geeks
1. tempo determines how many possessions are in a game
2. fatigue comes from possessions - a player gets tired based on how many possessions he plays, not minutes
3. what happens DURING a possession is not changed by tempo, except that it ends sooner
4. if you played a game that lasted forever, the better team would always win - if you played a game that lasted 10 seconds the worse team would win a lot - just like in real life therefore "taking the air out of the ball"...slowing things down and having fewer possessions increases the odds of an upset, all else being equal
5. if one team is deeper than the other, up tempo can make the less deep team's good players tired and then its bad players have to play more
there are other variables...
2/1/2008 8:54 PM
Ok a couple questions:

I've never done bball before yeah here on a freebie. But anyway

WHen you look at a recruits total subtract DU (Durability)?

Core stats for a PG are
BH/PER/PA should those total to 105?

or for any positions that core (whatever composes it) be about 105?

Since I'm knew I've not started recruiting yet. There is so much to this!
2/3/2008 11:19 PM
This entire thread has had some very useful information for me. This is my first season and I'm coaching at ST. Scholastica, I've gained some valuable hints that hopefully will be used during my first season. I'm expecting to take some bumps, but we'll see!
2/4/2008 12:33 AM
Question from a newbie.
I started off with 4 scholly's to fill. I have 3700 and have only went after 3 (all of which are considering only me and have scholly offers).
Should I used that 3700 to get one more guy? Or should I rescind a bad small forward I have and try to get a couple of bargains instead with that 3700?
2/5/2008 7:36 AM
I'm going to see how going after one guy does first this cycle.
Does a guy a far distance away, I mean will he sign for just a few letters and calls and maybe a scouting trip or home visit?
I'm talking about a guy that hasn't been recruited by anybody yet and I'm talking about right now with only a couple of cycles can I get him to be considering me and sign with me tonight for cheap ? Problem is he's 700 miles away.
If I can get him considering me by this afternoon cycle I'm going to rescind a player I won't use much and then take my chances with a little money to sign somebody.
Sound like a decent plan?
2/5/2008 9:43 AM
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