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Good idea yogs. And your Ba Boom convinced me.. lol. But if we push back 20 points on D-men def rating I say we also should make sure we have admin put a max 80 points def rating level on D-men, like gocam suggested. And we should also make sure D-men in the draft also come with a 80 points max to begin with.
12/4/2007 3:15 PM
No roll backs. Leave things alone. Let's wait for the new version that admin is working on and have a test run with that once it's ready.
I for one feel the complaining about the lack of scoring is going to be the down fall of this league.
12/4/2007 6:42 PM
I understand that point, big_drive. I've observed from who's posting and who's not that we have a silent or near-silent majority of owners in this league. And that the owners who've the league have been in that group before they .
12/4/2007 6:51 PM
I only appear to be near-silent.....In real life I'm swearing at my computer, my TV and my girlfriend.....loudly and all at the same time
12/4/2007 9:43 PM
I've been vocal on this issue when it comes up. But right now I'm team is scoring.

I would like to see more scoring across the league. I think 8-6, 7-5 games are more fun than 2-1 or 1-1 games.

I was pro rating rollback, but I agree with big_drive that we should wait to see what the new version has to offer. It might be just what we're looking for. Whatever we do I like the idea of doing a test run first.
12/4/2007 10:26 PM
The problem with the "new version" is that we are not automatically upgraded to it. It might not even be possible without a complete re-set. Before that's even an option we would need to find out if our league could be ported to the new version... but I'm betting the answer is no. Not without wiping out all our stats and history at least.
12/5/2007 10:08 AM
Yet another good point.
12/5/2007 10:54 AM
Yes, it could be a good idea to test the new sim engine on the league first, like BD says. And then test the rollback def rating idea if that doesn't give us what we are looking for.

And I've been in other dynasty leagues who have switched to a newer sim engine without any problems or wiping out stats. Normally the founder just needs to ask admin for the switch.
12/5/2007 12:23 PM
Hey guys, happy to report I got my net access finally hooked up at the new home and I see quite a bit of discussions going on. Keep up the brainstorming guys as I see some solid ideas being tossed around.
I will take a closer look at all the discussions later on, as for now, i'm up to my earlobes in boxes and still in un-packing mode......sigh... i cant wait to be settled in!!
(PS, In case anyone noticed, I was able to make roster edits/swaps during the last little while with my trusty PSP....... but man... what a pain in the arse process that was... I dont recommend it!)
12/5/2007 2:24 PM
Jeez... logging on with the PSP... you hooked, bro.
12/5/2007 2:59 PM
I'm sure I'll be ripped for this, but blee I don't agree that 8-6 or 7-5 games are more fun. I remember early on that, while my team might have been playing well I couldn't stand having a goalie that could stop the puck. Sure goals are nice, but we aren't watching these games. Maybe a 6-5 barn burner in OT, otherwise I'll take 3-2 , or 2-1. Tight games like that make each game more important rather than blowing everybody out each game. That's my opinion anyway.
12/5/2007 6:32 PM
I'd agree with that, too. I've looked at the stats from that first season you had and they're ludicrous. I suppose there must have been some entertainment value though... players getting hat tricks and 20 minutes in penalties in the same game, 50 shots on goal, stuff like that.
12/5/2007 7:16 PM
I don't think anybody really wants to get back to the type of scoring we saw in season 1. Season 3 was just about right, I think.
12/5/2007 10:40 PM
I agree with blee on the point that it's pretty much a guarrantee that if a player gets points (not goals) in 2/3 of the games, they are by far the points leader of the league. In the NHL that would mean they were 96th in scoring, or if you take into account that there are 6 more teams, then approx 76th if there were only 24 NHL teams.
Our goal scoring leader would be in 65th place or 52nd if there were only 24 NHL teams.
But I believe our 3rd & fourth line players score more than NHLer's because they pretty much get equal ice time. Nevermind the defense's production.
However on Big_Drive's point, the game scores are more realistic. 8-6 games don't regularly exist in the NHL.
Top GF team is Detroit with 92 GF in 27 games
Our top team is Gotham with 93 in 32 games
Lowest GF team is NYI with 57 in 25 games
Our lowest GF is Pontiac & Wildcats with 50 in 32 games. (pick it up boys!!)
It really doesn't seem that far off. Sure we are lower, but not by much & because our 1st & 2nd lines don't play 2/3 the games like the NHL. Our team production should be slightly less.
Eg. Detroit has 13 players with over 5 pts.
Gotham has 20.
(8 of Gotham's players have 20 or fewer GP & Detroit has none below 23)
Detroit has 19 with at least one point.
Gotham has 25.
It comes down to where the priority of our owners vision for this league lies. Do we want realistic box scores or do we want realistic player leaderboards. If we want a few players to perform like 1st line NHL players, then the rest of our team has to perform like 2nd line players the way the sim is set up & have ridiculous box scores near the double digits for each team.
As for me, I like the way the games are played out, even if I would prefer my top lines to dominate the score sheet & for our league to have higher end scorers & less mediocre players consistantly being relied on for production. On all of our teams.
12/5/2007 10:50 PM
(Good analysis, gocam, makes sense to me.)
12/6/2007 8:45 AM
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