How old is everyone- all please reply here Topic

17 today , i think 12 full seasons and i suck at this
8/29/2002 9:40 AM
I'm old enough to know better.
8/29/2002 11:56 AM
I am perpetually 12 years old. Nothin else to do here in springfield except call Mo and ask if Amanda Huginkisz is there.
8/30/2002 5:27 AM
Hey I understand why some folk will utter an expletive when a part of the body is suddenly afflicted but when one has to spend a few seconds of time to type a post there is no need to to use offensive language unless one's cranium does not have many words available.
8/30/2002 8:06 AM
I'm only 2, but I can cuss like a f***ing sailor already.
10/19/2002 11:21 AM
47...been playing baseball in game form since the days of APBA...All STAR baseball (discs and spinner) and numerous computer games. Married, two daughters, one in college one in HS, wife and lots to do. Just enjoy the stats and challenge of building teams. Plus, I remember so many of the great teams and players of the 60's and 70's before the strikes and this form of baseball became more enjoyable than the real thing.
10/19/2002 11:40 AM
I'm 25.......... I like to play, but if I lose any more games, I am likely to end it all.........
10/19/2002 1:57 PM
anybody have any suggestions on how to "do it"????
10/19/2002 1:57 PM
20, and wasting the remainder of my youth is what has proved a fruitless quest to obtain a god damn t-shirt.
10/19/2002 2:52 PM
"15....I mean 37 uh-huh huh"

but 23 for real
10/19/2002 3:16 PM
Old enough to remember listening to Sox games down the Cape on transistor radios.
10/19/2002 4:07 PM
...i'm 48 and very sad...since i am still alive i have to assume cresten doesn't really love me and only wants me for my'd think by now i'd have learned...sigh...
10/19/2002 4:49 PM
...Area51man: nowadays the first thing i do is buy some medicated condoms...
10/19/2002 5:18 PM
42 going on 25 wishing I was 30 when I had a life. found SIM baseball and now addicted, since there's no one to tell me any different. oh yeah, I'm not very good at this either...but it's fun.

If half these posts are telling the correct age, then the comments made by some of the regulars make since....or do they?

area51man....a BIG bottle of JD always does the'll wish someone would put you out of your misery.
10/19/2002 5:22 PM
...i'm sorry meant kill yourself...just don't buy the won't be very quick but it'll give you something to think about as your life slowly drains away...
10/19/2002 5:24 PM
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How old is everyone- all please reply here Topic

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