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nobody cares what you think.
3/20/2009 2:38 AM
Portland's management should have cared. That would have kept them from picking an overhyped flop over a surefire hall of famer. Again.
3/20/2009 6:36 AM
I don't think any NBA teams' management trolls the WifS forum for drafting advice.
3/21/2009 11:03 AM
Anyone who thought Oden was Bill Russell should be trolling somewhere.
3/21/2009 11:44 AM
you are "trolling" right here.
3/21/2009 12:14 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By ghost_dog on 3/21/2009

you are "trolling" right here.

Technically you are. This is my thread.
3/21/2009 3:04 PM
Okay, I'll let you post here all by yourself.
3/21/2009 6:36 PM
Oden = hack
3/25/2009 10:39 PM
Is Oden great? No

Is he better than the Vanilla Gorilla? Not yet

Is he better than you, gin? . . . .

So chill out. And yes, it is your thread and yes, you are trolling. . .this whole thread is a net.
3/28/2009 10:31 AM
Is your other post as ****** as that one was?
3/28/2009 11:42 AM
Hey gin watch your potty mouth. You created this thread, IMO, just to try to annoy Blazer fans.

How would you feel if one of us created a thread just to annoy Clipper fans that was all about putting down one of your teams stars like Marcus Camby?

Oh that's right nobody would give a Ratts a$$. Why don't you and Isiah take charge of the Clipper organzation and bring it down even lower if that's even possible.
3/28/2009 5:56 PM
I didn't realize there were Blazer fans on this board. Mainly because unlike you persecution complex-having johnny-come-lately fanboys, I've been around to remember the previous seasons when the only ones here watching the team were tracyr and myself. This forum isn't exactly a packed house. Oden is from my town, I've been calling him overhyped since he was at LN, making SC Top 10 plays for blocking midgets.

You don't seem to grasp the purpose of a tracking thread. It's for me to track things. I can look on page one and read that thing about setting a pick for Steve Blake who didn't have his dribble and remember the rest of the quarter. I assure you, it's not to get a bunch of dumbasses to clog up the thread with crappy posts.
3/28/2009 6:19 PM
I've been a Blazer fan since I've been a fan of pro basketball, and I've been on the site since 2004. So there have been Blazer fans since at least that time, and most likely since long before. I think it's silly to say you didn't think there were Blazer fans on the board, but like you've pointed out -- it's your thread to do with as you please.

I tend to agree with Vancem that Gin is a little overly-critical of Oden, and for reasons that I don't quite grasp. However, I admit I am a homer when it comes to the Blazers, so my opinion about Oden isn't objective either.

Just because we disagree about something doesn't mean we have to be uncivil to one another. Not blaming anybody, just making an observation.
3/28/2009 7:01 PM
Did you post about them back then? I just remember black ninja exchanges.
3/28/2009 7:13 PM
This is the first season I've had an ongoing "tracking the Blazers" thread. If I posted about the Blazers in the past it was infrequently and sporadically.
3/28/2009 7:40 PM
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Official Greg Oden Tracking Thread Topic

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