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Yes, just coincidence.
1/7/2009 6:52 PM
Thanks. The sim must hate when i do that cuze it seems everytime i do it they hit like crap
1/7/2009 6:56 PM
So what people are saying...'64 Howard A+/A/A+ (.998/6.89) as a catcher would do just fine as a 3B?
3/3/2009 12:36 PM
Can't remember the details, but biglenr ran a league last summer (I think) where we drafted all catchers. Many did really well at third base. But with Howard you'd be wasting your money on his arm, of course.
3/3/2009 8:58 PM
Have too..theme league. You think I could find a decent 3B within theme parameters but noooo.

Foxx (Catcher) A/B-/B (.992/5.08) (third base) D-/D- (.854/2.07)

Howard (catcher) A+/A/A+ (.998/6.89) (third base) (??????)

I also have Lew McCarty avail to cover off 30 games B/B/B+ (.989/5.25)

I think Im going to try Howard at 3rd (at least against non SB teams) see how it goes
3/4/2009 8:58 AM
Errors: J.Foxx 5 (7)
4 games in

function TogglePitcherStatView_894871(ViewID)

if (ViewID == 0


else if (ViewID == 1


A catcher can't do any worse can he?
3/6/2009 8:37 AM
bump for hvbbl
7/16/2009 9:17 PM
I have a rather specific question. if an OF with D defense (.951) is put at first. Will he play like a D first baseman, or will it affect fielding pct directly. Because that's a big difference, as D first basemen field at ~.970. and ive seen D- first basement as high as .968
7/19/2009 10:12 PM
I should clarify, my guess/understanding is that he is made to be a D first baseman, then be docked 2%... which would keep a .951 OF at a ~.95 first baseman
7/19/2009 10:16 PM
He will have the FLD% of a D firstbasemen and the 2% is deducted off of that.
7/19/2009 11:19 PM
What would a C/C SS and an A/C at 2B be at 3B?
7/22/2009 9:12 PM
The 2nd baseman would be better....whatever the penalty is they suffer the same one.

My guess is that the SS would be C-/C- and the the 2b would be B+/C-, they might be 1 notch worse though.
7/22/2009 9:14 PM
why all the mystery?

supply grades at all positions

7/22/2009 9:56 PM
Quote: Originally posted by Trentonjoe on 7/22/2009The 2nd baseman would be better....whatever the penalty is they suffer the same one. My guess is that the SS would be  C-/C- and the the 2b would be B+/C-, they might be  1 notch worse though.

Actually, it's the same guy. He has SS and 2B ratings but nothing at 3B.
7/22/2009 9:58 PM
Whatever position he played the most games from is where the penalty is taken from.
7/22/2009 10:11 PM
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Playing Out of Position Topic

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