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Second City

Long-running world with very low turnover. Several of us are in the Chicago area, but that's not a requirement. We don't have any specific additional rules. We've been known to welcome owners new to HBD and provide as much assistance as possible to those wanting to get to know that game.
8/7/2009 3:45 PM

Shoeless Joe is a highly competitive world with experienced owners.  We have a five man committee to help overlook the league.  There are rules for this world, but the two main rules are: 1) 30M Prospect Cap, 2) You must win 55 games in a season, or you will be placed on probation until you increase your win total for two consecutive seasons by 5 wins a season.

The rest of the rules can be seen on the Shoeless Joe World Blog..

Shoeless Joe was recently ranked #8 out of 161 total Hardball Dynasty Worlds (Green's World Rankings 4-20-10)

If you are interested in joining Shoeless Joe, please contact Shoeless Joe commissioner rootgargle via sitemail.

(NOTE: Due to past issues, we are only accepting owners with previous HBD experience. If you are a brand new account owner and would like to join, the Shoeless Joe League Committee will need to vote you in beforehand.)

11/2/2011 2:36 PM (edited)
Rice Not Lynn

Named to honor Jim Rice. this world found vindication when its namesake was finally elected to the Hall of Fame. We are a private league and we have just started our 12th season and are very stable with low turnover. Great atmosphere and competition. We have no primadonnas or forum trolls, no dictatorial rules, and are friendly and helpful to new owners.
9/26/2009 8:56 AM
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Fun, yet competitive world with a great group of core owners...many of which have been involved since the World was formed. FYC stands for Five Year Committment, which is what we asked for from all owners when we were formed.

We welcome newbies and vets alike. Our only stipulation is that owners commit to learning the game and dedicating time to their franchises.

We usually have 1 - 3 teams available each rollover. Sitemail me if you'd like to join FYC!
11/11/2009 9:24 PM

Many seasons in. Active board with a functioning blog. Nobody makes retarded bids for free agents or internationals, probably because of the public scrutiny they'd receive after the fact.

Very little turnover, but always looking for good owners for the long haul. We still have 18 of the original 32 owners from when the league started 16 seasons ago.

Both veterans and new users are welcome, as long as you have a sense of humor.

Only world to include World Chat quotations of T. S. Eliot.
12/31/2009 10:20 AM
The Bigs

commisioner: kjmulli
Restrictions:  No extreme ballparks.

A competitive but friendly league now in season 10.  Little turnover from season to season and we still have over half the original owners. 

A very active blog:

6/20/2010 11:20 PM (edited)

Sandberg is an evolving league working back towards "high quality" status (hate the term "elite"). Turn over is moderate. Because of issues in past years(not at present) the league rules evolved and are aggressively enforced.

Commish: grivfmd1

Rules(updated/modified 4/14/2010): (1) 30M minimal player budget(spent), (2) no players playing out of position, (3) competent major leaguers at the ML level, (4) no fatigue issues in the majors, and (5) minimum wins 54/1yr, 114/2yr, 186/3yr, (6) maintain minors to satisfaction of other owners (while no exact number of players is a requirement, starting the season with 29 players and 15 pitchers/level will automatically meet this guideline), (7) an owner may be given a 1 year "grace period" by the commish OR the vote of 10 owners (any owner can initiate the vote) (confirmed 4/16/2010 by league vote)

New owners: Newbies will be considered but not necessarily accepted
4/10/2010 8:27 AM
VIN SCULLY Solid world with good group of core owners ( formerly named No Quitters 2) no special rules other than feilding a competative team
4/10/2010 9:26 PM
Kenny Powers

The first new world in over a year. Created April 2010

Commish: dmurphy104


1. NO TANKING - Re-building is fine. You do, however need to field the most competitive team possible given your roster. Don't play players out of position, or play minor leaguers in the big leagues. If you are believed to be tanking, you will receive a trade chat. If you dont take steps to improve your majors, you will be removed from the world. Starting season 7 - we will be enforcing minimum win rules for a rolling 4 years.55/125/195/280.

2. MINORS - Pay attention to the minors. If you want them automanaged--fine, you just need to have enough pitchers on the roster to not run into fatigue issues.

3. SALARY CAP - $100 MIL. This somewhat minimizes the # of max salary contracts that can be offered. The reason I am for this is to guard against having to find an owner for a team with bad contracts if the original owner bails. rule v exemption: It is possible that payments from having rule v players drafted from your team will put you over the cap. You will not be forced to transfer $ in this case, however, your player payroll will not be allowed to exceed $100 million.

4.CASH IN TRADES - Cannot exceed the players' remaining salary.

5. CITY CHANGES - No city changes for a returning owner. If a new owner takes over a franchise, then they can choose any city they'd like.

The commissioner has final say on removals. If something is not covered here, but warrants removal, the final say is up to the commissioner. No one will be removed without being warned unless you blatantly go about trashing your team in violation of fairplay guidelines. In these cases, the Fairplay guidelines serve as your warning.
10/26/2011 2:06 PM (edited)
Quote: Originally posted by MikeT23 on 2/24/2009Moonlight Graham - Experienced owners who don't have thin-skin.  New owners voted in by returning owners.  No tanking history accepted.Cooperstown - Experienced, successful owners.  New owners, who meet the qualifications, accepted on first come, first serve basis.  No tanking history accepted.Bo Jackson - A bit more forgiving than Coop/MG.  Less experienced owners considered(and will be provided guidance).   Those with a few bad seasons can redeem themselves in Bo.All three worlds have 4 season win minimums of 55/125/195/280.  No exceptions or excuses.  
Axtell is the new commissioner of Bo Jackson. Upholding the same laws that MikeT23 put in place. The league is determined to succeed as MikeT23 set into motion when he recruited.
6/14/2010 2:22 PM
Mays recently became private.

Commish: train

We agreed upon one anti-tanking rule - 120 win floor over a 2-year period. If not met, you're up for league-wide vote to determine if you return the following season.
7/6/2010 11:23 AM
Posted by domiisgod on 2/24/2009 2:46:00 PM (view original):
HARDBALL CENTRAL-This world was founded by the late Srauch. A few rules, to prevent tanking...

1) 200 loss rule: If you lose 200 games combined in 2 consecutive seasons, you will be reviewed. If it is deemed you are tanking, losing on purpose for draft picks, you're gone. If not, you are given one more season to increase your win total to 70 wins....This rule prevents people losing on purpose for picks and tanking a season.

2) $25 million Rule....You CANNOT under any circumstance go over $25 million in your prospect budget for the season. If you want to budget 20 million to start, then add 5 million later, fine. If you want to start smaller and increase to $25 million that is cool, but NEVER exceed the $25 million total for the season....this is in place so there isnt a monopoly on IFA's, bad budget tanking other categories to get prospect $$, and it also prevents out of control IFA bidding wars.

3) You can move cities, move your franchise, ONCE. If you want/need to relocate your franchise that is cool, but only one time. We dont need one owner moving every season. However, it is understood that you might need to move upon picking up a team, or move to match your franchise to its ballpark needs
new commisioner is djbradford
8/1/2010 11:32 PM
Posted by lesliechow on 11/10/2010 12:29:00 PM (view original):
I think the commissioner of Berra is...well, I'm not sure.  Do public worlds have commissioners?
You have no reason to post in this thread... 
11/10/2010 2:17 PM
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