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Good win over Fordham, now I am playing with house money vs. a very good Wyoming team. Things are coming together.

Soph PG Vernon Canchola, a 1-star recruit I signed for $4000 is looking better and better. This is the kind of line I like to see:

16 min, 1-2 FG, 3 off + 4 total rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, no TO, no fouls, 2 pts.

That is efficiency. And Benson is coming around. I am stunned we are outrebounding our opponents 32 to 23, especially as we are shooting 7 more times a game, and missing 1 more shot a game.

Benson at starting SF this year: 19.3 mpg, 42.4%, 50% from 3, 86% FT, 1.6r/1.9a/1.3TO/0.3stl/1.3 fouls and 4.7 ppg. Not great, but 8-16 from 3, and not getting killed on defense. As his IQ improves, he will get more distribution from his current 7-10%.

My IQ situation is pretty good. Jones and Moorman are smart, Boynton and Benson are ok, but ineligible PF Baker is dumb as rocks. As least he can play. 19mpg, 59% FG, 78% FT, 3.4rpg, 1.8 TO, 0.8 blocks and 5.2ppg. The FG% is really nice and his FT is up to a B. But he is starting, and getting 23-24 min in the triangle and after 9 games is still a D+. DUMB.

Big night for the conference tonight as we have our last chance to improve on our 57-51 record, and 18th RPI. Some tough games though so I am hoping for 7-5. Gardner Webb is hosting Kansas and for so many reasons I hope GW can pull off the upset at home. Mostly to help our conference, help my SOS, and get me more recruiting $$$, but also a little bit to keep KU down. Can't have another A+ team next door. Oklahoma is enough, and they are looking good again this year. KU has very few upperclassmen, so they might struggle a bit in the Big 12 and miss the NT again. That would be great, mostly so they don't have a ton of early entries and mess up my recruiting plan, which is still being formulated, but its looking possible that I can really get my pick from the state of Kansas, while KU only has 1 open spot and I have 6.
11/9/2009 6:48 PM
Tough loss to Wyoming at home. They shot 7 of 8 from 3 in the first half against my +1 defense. Lost by 11, but it was pretty close until I started fouling....like 3 points with 2 min to go.

I adjusted to a +3 and they went 3 for 4 from 3pt in the second half, so there was no stopping em. And I turned the ball over a ton. Zone/Press is Wichita State's Krytonite. I think I have not beaten a zone/press team in the 5 years I have been here. I only play 1 or 2 a year, but they are the one defense I suck at gameplanning against.

2-3 zones are weak against the 3, presses are weak against the inside game, so what is a 23/press weak against? Answer: I have no idea.
11/10/2009 9:11 AM
Still 7-3 isn't too bad, and my 103 RPI will improve. But a lousy night for the conference going 2-10. Dropped us 5 spots in the conference RPI at least. Just crippling. GW lost to Kansas in OT after a B- FT shooter missed 2 FTs with 24 seconds to go. Just sucky luck.

Now I start with a pretty rough schedule, and its really easy at the back end. Not good, as my team is going to improve a lot. But trying to go NFL-like and break it down into 4 game chunks, I start with:

@ Gardner-Webb, Illinois State, @ Southern Illinois, Northern Iowa.

So I play the 2 best teams in the league (GW & SIU) on the road, plus a 9-1 Illinois State team, and the team with the best prestige NIU. Going 2-2 through this would be just fine as this is the roughest patch I have.

Every other quarter I can go 3-1 and then end 18-8 (11-5) and that should get me in pretty good shape to make the NT.
11/10/2009 9:15 AM
reinsel, you mentioned you felt tainted playing me, and that as in the Exhibition season. Let's step up and play in Season 40. Granted that will be my forcible Probation Season, but I think I'm going to easily put this crap behind me and move forward.

Very intersting reading. Got any thoughts on the Boosters at WSU? HAve they ever been known to do a little "under the table" dealings? Not that you would know as HEad Coach.

Good luck this year and keep the post interesting.

Georgia Southern Cheaters
11/10/2009 2:36 PM
Nah, never used em. Seems like WAY too much risk in getting caught. 2/3rds of a grade in prestige hit would kill me, especially now I am at a B-, going to a C would be so depressing. I can actually battle the lower tier schools of the Big 12 now.

I'll think about your offer of a game ab. You play such a hard schedule, your record isn't that great compared to how talented your team is though. Can't be losing to a 750 rated team that is 14-12. I don't mind losing to a Weber State team that is going to be 20-6 though. Big difference.
11/11/2009 12:29 PM
As much as you know about basketball, I would have thought you'd figured out records don't mean jack in HD. As long as my 14-12 team has a better RPI, beating a 20-6 Weber State team won't mean crap unless they are ranked, and even then I've seen plenty of Top 25 teams missout on the NT because of thier RPI.
11/13/2009 12:34 PM
Records are everything, abhauser... why would reinsel want a 14-12 team as an opp and affecting 50% of RPI right there?
11/13/2009 2:54 PM
Exactly corn. RPI is really over-emphasized in HD, and the best way to get a good RPI is to play a lot of 20-6 teams, not a lot 14-12 teams. And yeah I know opponents opponents record but that really rarely gets above 60% or below 40% by the end of the year, so it is a minor minor effect. Opponents record is the single biggest determination of your RPI.

Your Georgia Southern team isn't going to get 20 wins, and they are pretty hard to beat. I think I would be better off playing a similiarly talented team that is going to get 20 wins. Why would I want to play a 659 rated team (including 2 walkons) that is 3-10, when I can find one with a similar rating like Wyoming or Weber State that are 9-4 or 10-3? I still lose, but at least vs. Wyoming and Weber State my SOS goes up. Like next year I am playing Wofford, who is a lock to get at least 18 wins. Look at their schedule!

My conference mates thank me too, because your tough schedule does them zero good. When I play Creighton, he gets your 3-10 added to his opp opp record, but your tough schedule means zero to him, since there is no term for opp opp opp record in RPI. (you got to end it at some point or everything is .500)

11/14/2009 8:21 AM
Wow, first quarter of the conference season done and we made it through 4-0, and the RPI has dropped to 28. I am very surprised. 3 point win at SIU was big, and wins over my 3 toughest division foes really set me up nicely.

Second quarter schedule of @ Missouri State, @ WKU, Gardner-Webb and Indiana State looks pretty easy, that GW game could be tough, and road games vs. humans are always dangerous, but 4-0 or 3-1 through this stretch should be expected, as WKU and Indiana State are sure wins.

The only bad thing is my RPI is sure to go up as only GW is better than a 250th RPI team.
11/15/2009 8:23 AM
2nd quarter complete, another 4-0 stretch, although we just barely beat sim Indiana State at home by 3. Went 1-12 from 3 against a 2-3 zone. Better shoot a higher % tonight against zone Illinois State on the road or else we are losing.

3rd quarter opponents: @ Illinois State, @ Evansville, hosting Creighton and Missouri State. Should go 3-1 or better against this group. Illinois State and Evansville are worse than me, but road games can be hard. Creighton is talented, but shallow and really struggling right now. And Missouri State should be a pretty easy win at home.

Made it to 'others receiving votes' at 14-3 and the 18th RPI. Things are looking good, but I'm worried I'm going to have another bad shooting night and drop one of these 2 road games.
11/19/2009 8:57 AM
Wow, disaster in the 9th conference game. We won, but Roert Jonson, my 6th man, 3rd leading scorer, goes down with an ACL. 45% health. Yuck. I am going to really have to struggle through these next few games with one less senior scorer. Benson is going to have to step it up, as is Baker. And Baker needs to improve grades wise. 2.6 at the midterm is not good enough to get him a 5th year, so I went from 12 to 15 minutes in Study Hall.

Hopefully we can still beat Evansville on the road. I think we are stil a better, deeper team, and their best player is at 95%. Then I get to come home vs. Creighton at least.

Hopefully I have no more injuries, I only have 9 active scholarship players with the walkon and RS, which is ok, but I can't play with 8. Going to be interesting to see the lineup tonight. Having to shuffle things a lot and change the distribution a bunch too. Well, I guess that is why its called coaching.
11/20/2009 4:38 PM
1000 posts for you, man. Congrats.
11/21/2009 1:48 AM
Wow, that's cool. Won a good one on the road at Evansville. Just hung on. 27 assists for my all guard team, and I lost one of my bench players to fouls with 8 minutes to go, so I had exactly 4 players to cover the frontcourt without playing a PG at SF, which is my emergency setting.

Jonson is up from 45 to 50%, so that means its going to be a long while. My upcoming schedule is:

Creighton, Missouri State, at Bradley, Drake, at NIU, day off, day off, WKU. I am thinking he won't be available until the WKU game, but I have an outside hope of using him vs. NIU.

Good think is after Creighton I play 3 of the 4 worst teams in the MVC. And NIU lost a stunner to sim WKU so I am now 10-0 in conference, and they are 7-2, so things are looking good. We'll see if I can get by Creighton, a talented and troubled team.
11/21/2009 6:49 AM
Nope, I lost 45-33 in an ugly game vs. Creighton. I didn't shoot a FT and they committed 4 fouls. I had 1 steal, they had 10. That's about all you need to know.

I am not too upset by the result, I couldn't exploit Creighton's weakness which is fatigue with only 9 players. Oh well. HCA didn't help me either. SIU has lost its last 2 games vs. sims, whcih is weird and bad for the conference as their RPI is now at 80 and they are in danger of missing the NT.

For me, I get 3 really easy games. If Jonson was around I'd say I have a 95% chance of winning all 3. Now, I am not sure so much. Starts with Missouri State, then at Bradley then home vs. Drake. If I can win these 3, losing vs. NIU won't be a big deal, and then I should get Jonson back in some capacity after 2 byes vs. WKU to end the reg season.

I hate having too many of these games were there is zero happiness if I win, just anger and sadness if I lose. The NIU game will be much more fun to read, since I expect to lose and a close game is all I hope for.

At least our stamina's have improved a lot and I think we can do ok even vs. an uptempo team. My center and PG have stm of 97 and 96, so they can play quite a few minutes, even at the lowest fatigue setting.
11/22/2009 9:25 AM
Well I got through my 3 easy wins and then lost to NIU on the road, as expected. Looking like a 14-2 conference season, assuming I can beat a weaker sim team at home.

A 4th straight conference title, a 21-5 record, and a RPI around 30 is pretty solid for this team. I do have 5 seniors, but I recruited them when I had a D prestige, and really had to scramble to find bigs, but Curry has turned out pretty good, and has a shot to win C-POY or Def POY in the MVC.

Mostly Benson and Baker have added a lot at the SF/PF positions, and Jones is contributing like a 5-star Juco should. Starting to look at recruiting next year, since I have 6 open. I NEED a SF, and another guard and another big.

I am really looking forward to it, since for the first time since I have gotten to a B- Kansas doesn't have 5 or 6 open scholarships, so I can be a little more aggressive. Its cool that my main opposition is now Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and a few schools from Texas. With $100k to spend, I think I am going to stay pretty local but aim high. Especially for a SF. That is a huge glaring need and if I was willing to spend $43,000 for someone I didn't get last year, I should be willing to spend it again this year if I can find a suitable 5-star target.

Anyway, back to this year, If I get by WKU, then I think I will have a pretty easy game in the 2nd rnd of the CT, since the #4 in the East is a sim, and whoever finishes 5th in the west I will have beaten twice. That will setup a good semifinal game vs. Gardner-Webb or Creighton. I will really be pulling for GW since I know I can beat them, but I think my game against Creighton would have been a lot different if Jonson was around. He is up to 80%....almost ready to come back, might play a few mopup minutes against WKU.
11/28/2009 12:15 AM
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