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Yes, Illinois is a bit far away for me to worry about. Its about 525 miles to Chicago from Wichita, and I really don't recruit Northeast very far. For you, who are 400 away, and recruit Iowa pretty hard, it is a bigger deal.

Same with Iowa State. Also I am not too worried about ISU this year before they took a walkon (no carryover $$$) and only have two open. So they aren't going to be much of a threat to me this year.

As far as coaching realignment goes, Arkansas, Colorado and New Mexico State became human, while Denver went sim. The South Central/SW is slowly getting tougher and tougher. Interesting to see what Arkansas does this year, do they recruit North, West/East or South?
10/24/2009 1:16 AM
Damn, does that mean I have to stop recruiting from Texas?

P.S. Montreal and Ottawa absolutely SUCK this year.
10/25/2009 12:57 AM
All of international sucks this year. All Canada is crap, Mexico too. Only a very very few decent internationals....so its going to be hard if your local area isn't very deep. Yale winning the NT doesn't help life in Vermont for sure.

I don't know if you need to stop recruiting Texas, its just getting harder with UTEP, Arkansas, Missouri St and NM State becoming human.
10/25/2009 4:24 AM
Well, recruiting has begun. Lets hope I can find that SF I need, and get a guard and a big for depth too. Been pretty successful so far, I think its time to go for it a bit.
10/25/2009 8:56 PM
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10/28/2009 5:05 PM
Nice letting us in on the inner workings.
10/28/2009 5:30 PM
Also, I signed my first recruit from Idaho this season, so that's something.

h = ath, stm, L = LP, BH 2.6 66.7
10/28/2009 8:02 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By reinsel on 10/28/2009Also, I signed my first recruit from Idaho this season, so that's something.
What'd you do, get lost?
10/28/2009 8:31 PM
nice read mate,,, good job. U did well for the missed 47k
10/28/2009 8:56 PM
A well written piece. Would be good for new D1 coaches to read. Very interesting.
11/1/2009 10:34 PM
Thanks, nice to know I am entertaining someone.

2 games down, 2 wins for the Shockers. I am worried my opponents all scheduled too hard. They are like 4-14 so far. I should have checked that more carefully. Only Utah is 2-0 among all my opponents, and I scheduled 8 humans and 2 sims.

Benson and Baker are both starting with terrible IQs, so there is the usually TO problem, but the rebounding has actually been pretty good with 3 guards. I guess we are quick to get to the ball or something. Anyway, if I can get past a very average Arkansas State team on the road, and then beat a Sim BYU team, I should be 4-0 and hosting a very good Utah team Wednesday night. That will be a big game for this season.

I think the goal is the same as every year. 20 wins, conference title and NT berth. After that, its mostly luck of the NT draw, matching you up with a team that plays a style you can beat.
11/2/2009 8:20 AM
4-1 to start. Got a surprise win over a good Utah team, and lost a bad one on the road against Arkansas State in double OT. My opponent hit a 3 at the buzzer of regulation and the first OT. Can't we just tell our guys to FOUL HIM!

Harder second half of the noncon schedule coming up. MVC is doing well, slowly improving, especially Gardner Webb and Southern Illinois, who beat Illinois!

Been starting Benson at SF, and having a lot of success not getting horribly outrebounded. The inside game is doing ok too, it will be interesting to see how far we go this year.

2 games we should win coming up, Oral Roberts at home (sim team, I like to keep the local sims beat down in case anyone thinks it would be a good idea to move in next door) and at UTEP, who isn't that great, still getting turned around.

I am starting to plan my recruiting period, since I have 6 open and should have $100k or so to spend. Really going to depend a lot on the NBA draft, and I will be hoping for everyone at Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas to stay in school.

Kansas is not a great place to recruit from this year. After so much luck last year we have exactly 1 four star and 1 three star recruit. I get whoever KU doesn't want, I guess and then its on the road. No 2-star or better SF in Kansas or anywhere within 200 miles. No good.

Well, plenty of time to worry about it. Focus right now is getting wins and making the NT.
11/5/2009 12:40 PM
6-1.....cashed in two pretty easy wins, home vs. a sim Oral Roberts, and at a fair UTEP team. They are improving, and should be ok later in the year.

Now is the last 3 games that are the most difficult for me. @ Weber State, home vs. Fordham of the Ivy, and home vs. a Wyoming team that has a ton of upperclassmen.

I am hoping to win 2 of 3, but even 1 of 3 and ending 7-3 would be ok. I think having 2 of 3 at home gives me a good chance. Weber State is going to be tough. Sideburn is a good coach who out foxed me last year and beat me at my place. He has a good press with a couple really athletic players. His PF Hardin I really wanted to make a move for, but I was a D prestige, and he was a 1-star that wouldn't even take my calls.

Should be interesting to see what type of D he plays. Last year he went +2 and generated a ton of TOs. This year I have much better ball handling and passing in my guards and SF, so if he comes out I think I can beat him up on the interior and on the boards, but you never know. In any event, I think this is the one of the 3 I have the lowest chance of winning. Road games vs. equal or slightly better teams are hard.

I think was is working for me this year is my team speed. This is the fastest team I have ever had. My starting PG, SG and backup SF are above 95, and my slowest non-big is at 81 (benson my SF). My bigs have speeds of 40, 49, 54 and 64, which is pretty good for a mid-major. This is leading to a lot of TOs, and I am still surprised we are rebounding so well. Hummel's 55 reb at PG is making up for Benson and Jonson's 25 and 26 at SF I think.
11/7/2009 1:34 PM
Well, lost to Weber State by 3. I am happy we had two 3s to tie it, but we don't have Arkansas State's luck. I think I did a good job gameplanning to even make it that close, considering how good they are. Two home games against decent teams to finish it up. 8-2 would be great, 7-3 expected, and 6-4, while not a disaster, will really make my first conference game at Gardner-Webb a must win.
11/8/2009 3:53 PM
Interesting stuff here. Could be a good learning tool.
11/9/2009 6:44 PM
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Wichita St Coach Babbling Thread Topic

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