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Doh, I messed up the secondary search.
8/20/2009 5:05 PM
He should check the F/R ratings of his pitcher and match them. Unless it's C/A+ or C/B+, that'll be a definitive match.
8/21/2009 1:19 AM
Bumped for aljon1331
9/3/2009 12:24 AM
Bumped for those who need it. You know who you are.
9/18/2009 11:56 AM
10/2/2009 11:56 AM
bump, looks as if with the udpate the AAA players are once again difficult to ID. probably has something to do with the defensive rating changes.
10/16/2009 11:01 AM
Redwing - that may well be true. Somewhere I think tzentmeyer said that the a player would retain his actual fielding percentage if used as an AAA. But I can't find this again, so I may just be dreaming.

But I am certain of this: In the Developer's Chat today winnetka1 asked:

Do the AAA defensive ratings match up with the fielding grades in the draft center? tzentmeyer's answer : Yes

I also remember that after the 2008 update the fielding ratings for AAA pitchers weren't immediately updated so they were very difficult to search until that was corrected.

10/17/2009 3:29 AM
10/26/2009 1:35 PM
10/27/2009 4:21 PM
11/1/2009 9:14 AM
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Quote: Originally Posted By donaldjtrump on 7/17/2009

Born Identity: 1959 Vic Wertz or 2000 Wally Joyner? Or is there no other way of telling? Either way, he is backing up my AAA righty 1B who is 1995 Andres Galarraga.

Both have same power, contact, speed, stamina, fielding, and range, are under 300 PA, and play 1B only. Thank you
I noticed that if you go to Sim Matchup and run your OL team in a game, if you have the AAA player in question in the starting lineup, after the game you can click on their name in the box score and it will pull up a Baseball Stat page for a "real player". Is this the actual AAA player? It sounds like a quick solution to the problem above as long as you know the year of the 2 players.

Has anyone else noticed this feature in Sim Matchup box scores?
11/8/2009 8:40 AM


11/20/2009 11:33 PM
needs to be on the first page always
11/26/2009 12:14 AM
Got an interesting one an OL I'm currently in (roughly 100 games into the season, my first OL since the update) an owner asked about one of his players with B stamina who was constantly fatigued despite only pitching a handful of innings. I explained that the fatigue rating only reflects IP/G, not IP/162.

But then I decided to try to help the guy out. Here's the player:

Control 9
Velocity 6
Effectiveness 10
Stamina B

When I do the search, I get no matches (I used a max salary of 2M). I tried again without the max salary, and still didn't get anyone. There are no SPs in the SIM that match the ratings above, as delineated by the charts in this thread.

Now I was intrigued. My next attempt was to just search for P instead of SP. Still nothing.

I next relaxed the Control constraint, searching for BB/100PA between 5 and 7, instead of 5.5 and 6.5.

Now we have a winner: 2009 Brad Penny (partial season with SFG, 41.67 IP). His BB/100PA is 5. Everything else matches perfectly, but the BB/100PA suggests a control rating of 10 instead of 9.

Interstingly, the full season of Penny has BB/100PA of 6, which exactly matches the 9 rating. I am convinced this is the player, but it is the first example I am aware of where these charts don't perfectly match. My guess is that WIS made a mistake in giving him the 9 control rating.

Any other ideas?

If you're interested, the league # is MLB87026. The team in question is Angry Black Men. The pitcher is Jordan Wellensiek.

11/28/2009 7:45 PM
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