There's one in my division in a current open league that just started.  User is elsa.  The team is 5-7 right now and might be in for a rough ride.  Silver is 3-3, but the rest of them team is stretched understandably thin.
9/13/2011 11:02 PM
You wouldn't believe that my Silver is a big bust in an OL that I'm in. He's given up 133 hits in only 110 IP while pitching in the Dome and has a losing record.
9/18/2011 5:44 PM
I'm praying that Charlie Ferguson hits the wire. lol
9/18/2011 5:45 PM
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I've put a Silver King team in too, I think in one of the leagues Thunder is in. I'm hoping to get lots of wins, both as a starter and reliever, and have a chance at the playoffs. But there are lots of holes in my roster, and I'll need a pretty good AAA draw to fill them all.
9/23/2011 12:59 AM
Posted by thunder1008 on 9/22/2011 4:11:00 AM (view original):
I've just entered two Silver King teams in OL's.  Not going for the Silver King wins record.  I want to see if I can get a Silver King team to the playoffs in an OL.  Paired him with Jack Taylor on one team and Frank Owen on the other.  One team has some excellent roster tips from pfattkatt; the other doesn't (three guesses which team will do better).

For the Silver King/Taylor team I'm going to start Silver King every other game and try to get as many CG's out of him as possible.  I will keep Taylor on a PC of 70-80 and use my bullpen mainly in the Taylor games.  I will keep Silver King on a lower PC on the Silver King/Owen team so I can use him more in long relief in the Owen games. 

I don't know how many games I will have to "sacrifice" with a AAA spot starter.  I'm guessing 10-12, but my roster management skills are suspect and I may be unpleasantly surprised by a much higher number.  Neither league is full yet (the first should be full by tomorrow) so I don't know the quality of my AAA pitchers yet.

Both teams are at around a 46/34 pitching/hitting split.  I have some of my biggest success with teams that have a pitching/hitting split of around 43/37 or 44/36, but my success falls off a cliff when the imbalance rises above 45/35.  I seem to hit some kind of invisible tilt button.

I have no idea how I will calculate fatigue and balance it with my desire to start Silver King as rested as possible in as many of my games with intradivisional rivals as possible, but I will try to factor that into my calculations.  My gut tells me these teams won't do well.
I already did this just a few months back with those exact two pitchers (King/Taylor).  For the first few twenty games, I had issues due to me not understanding how to use King properly but by the end of the season, I was pitching King every other game with a PC of I think 130/135 and he finished with something like 50 CGs.  I had Taylor on something like 65/70 PCs and used my bullpen for him almost exclusively (I failed at the beginning due to me trying to use them both around the same PCs and then thinking King would be able to pitch back-back somehow near 100%).  I did NOT have any AAA pitchers either (was one of those exclusive player themes).

My team made the playoffs making it to the WS before falling to the eventual champion.
9/23/2011 12:01 PM
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My boy Sammy always hits a ton.  I just finished a Coors season with him.  He hit over .400

9/26/2011 9:35 AM
Thinking about trying Silver with an upgrade over Taylor - 17 Ed Cicotte.  Since Cicotte has 20 less innings than Taylor, I'll probably skip him for his first four or five starts with $200K scrubs. I know I'll likely be taking losses in those starts, but I usually throw the first couple of games anyway at the start of the season and believe that the upgrade over Taylor will more than make up for those losses over the course of the season. And if I can make the playoffs, Silver and Ed will be a tough matchup for a Mr. Joss team. 
9/26/2011 10:55 AM
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Out of curiosity, unless I'm missing something, which I likely am, if Silver is in a two man rotation, how is he used in long relief "between" starts without having to start another pitcher in his place?  Considering his number of IP as well as his ability, I would think an owner would want him to START as many games as possible and throw complete games which, IMO, is the added value he adds to a pitching staff, because with his ability to throw CGs every time out, it allows you to draft fewer bullpen innings with higher quality relievers.  Just asking! 
9/30/2011 4:45 PM
Checking the 'Use in Relief' (or whatever it's called) box in Pitcher Settings will allow an SP to be used in relief without taking him out of the rotation.
9/30/2011 8:44 PM
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