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NAME - Eric

AGE - 31

STATUS - Married; 2 kids - son (10), daughter (5)

OCCUPATION - Investment Advisor

Place OF RESIDENCE - Just north of Toronto, ON, Canada

College - more or less recruited out of HS, beleive it or not, so skipped the college thing

GREW UP - born, raised in my hometown. Hope to retire in New Hampshire where my wife and I honeymooned and fell in love with the state.

WIS SCREEN NAME - our best man and matron of honor's daughter couldn;t say "Eric" when she was small, but could say smeric somehow - it stuck


FAVORITE WIS MOMENT: My first baseball, hoops and now hockey titles.

FAVORITE REAL LIFE MOMENT CONNECTED TO WIS: Meeting the "Chicago Crew" at this year's WiS Day in Chicago in June
2/20/2010 11:12 PM

Name: Dave

Age: 36

Status: single (and likely to be for some time, thanks to this site)
Occupation: programmer/analyst
State of residence: Indiana
College: Purdue University
Grew up: Michigan, Indiana
WIS screen name: way back in the early days of playing QB1, you choose a six-letter nickname for each team, so I used Lions and Fan. When I joined AOL, someone already had LionsFan (shocker), and ALionsFan ... so I skipped ahead and chose ZLionsFan. I've used it ever since ...

Favorite NBA player: for overall performance, Joe Dumars, colored by his GM performance and the fact that Isiah has ruined everything he's touched since he retired. My true favorite is probably Kurt Rambis. Yes, really. The reason is that when I played pickup games, my game consisted of occasional rebounding, tough play, and, well, I wore glasses. My friends made the connection.

Favorite WIS moment: My first World Series win. In basketball, my first (and currently only) series win ...

Sports memories: Seeing Mark Fidrych pitch in Tiger Stadium in '76 ... seeing Nolan Ryan pitch in old Comiskey for the Rangers ... seeing a game at Wrigley in August when it was about 40 degrees in the bleachers ... attending a Purdue-IU basketball game in Assembly Hall in '85, cheering with the crowd when Knight threw one of his tantrums, and just seeing, out of the corner of my eye, an object scooting across the court ... getting two tickets in the lottery for the '91 Final Four in Indianapolis, getting an offer of $1000 per ticket when IU was in the regional semis, settling for $400 total after Kansas knocked them out ... watching the Pistons through the playoffs and hearing other people around here actually rooting for my team ... holding season tickets to the Detroit Lions in '98 and being surrounded by people all rooting for my team.

It was only a matter of time before I got hooked on this. The earliest sims I had were APBA football (board game, not PC) with I think the '81 season included, a game for the Apple that I can't remember, and an old version of APBA Baseball for the IBM PC - I loved the newer version with Ernie Harwell doing the play-by-play. I played all kinds of video games - Intellivision was the first set with real sports game, the 2600 games just weren't "realistic" enough. Got into more in-depth games, EA games mostly (still play the NCAA football, but would recommend NFL2K5 this year), and a lot of fantasy games, mostly at ESPN.com. Stumbled across WIS for the SimMatchup, actually, fell into baseball first, and that was that. I'm not yet heavily into basketball, but Dave keeps coming up with league ideas that I like.

It's ironic ... in real life, I follow the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA, about in that order. On the site, it's almost exactly the opposite ... haven't yet got the hang of hockey, and the football engine is impossible, but I like baseball, and I'm slowly learning basketball ...

Later adding:
Wow, I had forgotten about this ... the first basketball game I owned was a board game called Pro Basketball. It came in a tall, rectangular box ... I was 5 or 6 when I got it, so I don't remember too many of the details. All I know is that they had one for every sport, I think, and I picked basketball for some reason. It was dice-based, kind of like APBA in concept, but much simpler. You rolled the die, moved a little plastic game piece to different spots on the board, depending on where the charts said the ball was, and marked off time with little tick marks based on shots taken, or something like that. I do remember that I had an epiphany one day ... "offense" and "defense" weren't assigned before the start of the game. I wondered why one team always seemed to score so much more than the other.
2/20/2010 11:13 PM

NAME - Gene
AGE - 41
GREW UP IN - LA, Vancouver
SCREEN NAME - Abbreviated Name
2/20/2010 11:13 PM
Great to see this again!!
2/20/2010 11:26 PM
Wow, that's a trip down memory lane.
2/20/2010 11:40 PM
Did you have one uva? I'll have to double check .... or you can post a new one if desired. I remember the uva/oklahoma story from somewhere...
2/20/2010 11:56 PM

NAME- Matt

AGE- 39

STATUS- Divorced (not because of WIS), living in sin

OCCUPATION- Book Guy (Regional Manager- involves extensive travel)

STATE OF RESIDENCE- California, Venice to be exact

College- UCSD, CSULB

GREW UP- in and around LA and Orange counties

WIS SCREEN NAME- something to do with monkeys and monks and phonetic palindromes


FAVORITE WIS MOMENT: none I hate this site as I am sure you can tell

SPORTS MEMORIES: attended the memorable Rose Bowl game between USC and Ohio State back in the early 70s- Sam the Bam launches over the pile for the win at the end of game-- listened to Chick from an early age -but my first real TV NBA memory was staying up late to watch the tape delayed (!) triple overtime finals classic between Celtics and Suns (the NBA really was FANTASTIC! at one time)-- college routine during NBA season was to gather with like minded Lakers fans, BBQ, get hammered to the bejeesez belt on controlled substances and watch the most beautiful game on the planet played by the best team ever-- ever

WORST: living in Singapore I became a Manchester United fan because there were only like 3 channels and Premiere League soccer was about the only sport shown with any regularity- tough times- right up there with Georgia (Frontiere aka lying manipulative harridan) on my mind
2/20/2010 11:59 PM
Here's a new one...

NAME - Brad

AGE - 41

STATUS - Married; 2 kids

OCCUPATION - Mediator of public policy disputes (it's in my nature...that's why I come in cooing like the Dalai Lama every time debate in the forums turns mean-spirited)

PLACE OF RESIDENCE - Washington, DC area

College - Saint Olaf College (Minnesota)

GREW UP - Colorado

WIS SCREEN NAME - My first name plus the fact that I'm 6'5"...not freakishly tall by any means, but the tall end of ordinary. Real-life nicknames include Flash (this for unwittingly undressing in front of a crowd of people filing out of church), Frog, Bruno, Flipper Foot, Big Man (this from my taekwondo master), and Monster (this from my wife - haven't figured it out).

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER - 1a) Hakeem Olajuwon, 2a) Moses Malone

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT: Winning the title in the first Joes Not Pros league, which was full of WISNBA big dogs.

FAVORITE REAL-LIFE SPORTS MOMENT: Watching every second of the Denver Broncos' first Super Bowl victory.

WILDEST REAL-LIFE SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting in the second row under the basket for a Nuggets game in around '78. Denver was losing (and lost) to the lowly Cavaliers, but fans all around me were calling out crazy dunks to David Thompson. Within minutes he would do each one, then smile at us. Terrible show of professionalism...but quite a show nonetheless.

MOST HUMBLING REAL-LIFE SPORTS MOMENT: Shaking hands with Wilt Chamberlain. The man was B-I-G.
2/21/2010 1:15 AM
ohhhh monnnster just kidding brad aha; I might aswell do this now

Name - Alex Hogan

Age - 22

Status - Single; but not really

Occupation - University English student

Place of Residence - Mississauga, Ontario

College - York University

WIS Screen Name - Omegax was supposed to be OmegaRed which was taken; I am a day walker; but thankfully not a ginger. I have half a soul. As for xxevilivexx its my email and evilive came from a record label. I guess it was just easier to do. My real life nicknames are 'Hogan' 'Big Red' as I am 6'2" and that is about it.

Favourite Player - Steve Nash (ever since the Dallas days and not because he is Canadian)

Favourite WIS Moment - The one title that I won came in a league in which two of the owners constantly ragged on me. I want to say one was GinCaesar; but I could be wrong and I shocked them and shut them up by beating them in consecutive rounds. Also I had a mini feud with tracyr once upon a time

2/21/2010 1:48 AM

age: 29
status: happily married
occupation: graduate student
place of residence: seattle
favorite team: boston celtics
favorite player: kevin garnett (even when he was a timberwolf)
WIS screen name: picked ages ago; a portmanteau of devious and vizier
favorite wis moment: the time i discovered that you get credit for two free teams for winning a title, as opposed to one.
2/21/2010 2:03 AM

Age: 37

Marital Status: happily married, 0 kids

Occupation: English teacher

Residence: Shanghai

Grew Up: in the suburbs of Maryland, close to DC

WIS Name: combo of my name Gary and the word 'man'. I had just watched the Superman remake, which wasn't good but the movie was still in my mind at the moment.

Favorite NBA Team: Washington Wizards. Growing up, the Bullets were awful so I jumped on the LA bandwagon as a young child in the '80s. Loved the Showtime Lakers and hated the Tommy Heinsohn Celtics on CBS. Don't much care for either of them now tho.

Favorite NBA Player: There are a bunch of guys I like, most of whom I closely followed in the DC area when they were young. But my favorite all-time player has to be Kareem for nostalgic reasons.

Favorite Current NBA Player: Josh Smith

Favorite WIS Moment: Top 5 finish in last seasons Best of WIS tournament.

Favorite Real Life Sports Moment: still waiting but for now I can say when Georgetown won the national championship in the 80s, when Maryland won it in the 90s or any time Maryland beats Duke. Running 5 on 5 with Buck Williams at the local gym in MD was really cool, too, as was watching Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray at Orioles games back in the day.
2/21/2010 3:17 AM
All I know is that swollencolon needs to explain his ID.
Then again, maybe I don't want to know...
2/21/2010 8:13 AM

AGE - 40

STATUS - Married; No kids

OCCUPATION - Wholesale Mortgages, work from home


College - U of Maryland- College Park

GREW UP - New Jersey

WIS SCREEN NAME - Pretty self explainatory, first inital of first name and last name

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER - Magic and MJ. Even though I'm a Knicks fan! Not much to cheer about the last few years.

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT: Winning my first WIS NBA title, it was 6 Million Dolar man league

FAVORITE REAL-LIFE SPORTS MOMENT: Any Giants Superbowl win, Rangers winning the Stanley Cup (Lived in Manhatten at the time met Mark Messier and Brian Leech at a restaurant called Elaines, they had the Cup with them!), Maryland winning the national championship and this one I always remember the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team beating the Russians

MOST HUMBLING SPORTS MOMENT: Standing with Mark Eaton in an elevator me 5'10" him 7'4".

2/21/2010 10:29 AM
Name: Andrew
Age: 27
Status: Engaged
Occupation: Manager of Marketing Solutions, Madison Square Garden
Residence: NYC
College: Lehigh University
Grew Up: STL, MO
Same as most email addresses, with favorite number on the backend
Favorite NBA Player:
Dominique. Couldn't get enough of him in the dunk contests when I was kid. However, everytime I watch LeBron, I get similar feelings. If he ends up a Knick (my adopted team), it's on like donkey kong.
Favorite WIS Moment:
Winning the last Big Kahuna league. Bring back the low cap leagues! Success seemed to follow me in those bad boys.
Favorite Real-Life Sports Moment:
My life revolves around the STL Cardinals. I was six months old when they won in '82, so when Albert and the boys blitzed the Mets and Tigers for an unexpected title in 2006, I was beyond euphoric. Nothing even comes close.
Most Humbling Sports Moment:
Getting double-teamed for the first time in an AAU game when I was 15. I remember wanting to punch the 2nd dude every time he came over on help defense. It's a shame the WISNBA double team function doesn't fuel those kind of emotions...
2/21/2010 11:36 AM

Name: Colin Enquist
Age: 24
Status: Engaged
Occupation: Customer Service for a distribution company
Residence: Edmonton, AB
College: none yet
Grew Up: Winnipeg, MB
Screen Name: I think it is obvious
Favourite NBA Player: Pistol Pete, Damon Stoudamire, Kevin Duran
Favourite WIS Moment: Back in the day when themes filled quick, managing multiple teams to a championship.
Favourite Real Life Sports Moment: Winning city championship in hockey after starting 0-14. Watching Texas Longhorns beat USC. Being at the final Winnipeg Jets game, although I don't remember much because I was so damn young. Sitting in one of the Edmonton Oilers owners suites (with the owner) and cheering the opposing team (Pittsburgh Penguins) to a victory!
2/21/2010 12:18 PM
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