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Name: Andy

Age: 26

Status: single, but long-term girlfriend  now been married to her for about 5 months

Occupation: unemployed; starting law school in the fall semester and a half of law school left, then will work for a law firm in Greensboro, NC

Residence: Morrisville, NC (basically Raleigh)

College: University of North Carolina (past and current student)

Grew Up: Greensboro, NC

Screen Name: An accident, actually. The tarheel part is obvious. When I created the screen name, way back when I was in high school, I intended to add on the year of UNC's last basketball championship (at the time, 1993). Typed 1991 by accident, and didn't care enough to change it.

Favorite NBA Player: seems almost like cheating to be a Jordan guy, but yeah, he was the man. Grew up watching Jordan shred through the playoffs (too young to remember a Jordan that actually lost playoff series) to the tune of that epic NBA on NBC music and the dulcet tones of Marv Albert.

Other faves: Jawad Williams, Steph Curry, Lebron (how can you not love watching him play), Shawn Marion (must've had him on my fantasy team six years in a row) my current favorite UNC player is Reggie Bullock - love him, think he has a solid NBA future ahead of him if he stays healthy).

Favorite WIS moment: when my Charlotte team in the All-Time Regressive league finally won a championship after losing in the finals four straight times, to several different teams. Shouldve won at least two titles with that team, but the one was sweet. Also, I was the first person to win a DIA national title in GD - at Tulsa, in Rockne world, a long, long time ago.  Still love these. But now my favorite is being the title holder in both ODL and NCIH 52 at the same time a year or so ago.

Favorite real-life moments: watched - UNC's bball national title in 2005 (when I was a freshman at UNC - absolute bedlam in Chapel Hill). I'll also add in game 6 of the World Series last year, Cards vs Rangers (I'm a big Cardinals fan). Hometown boy Freese hits a 2-out, 2-strike, 2-run triple in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game, then a walkoff homer in the 11th to win it. Most exciting baseball game I ever watched - not in person, unfortunately, but it was still amazing on TV).

participated - winning an intramural title at UNC (in indoor soccer); winning a crucial tennis match in high school against our biggest rival in a 3rd set tiebreak after coming from behind; hitting four threes and being named MVP of my high school student-faculty bball game
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2/21/2010 10:37 PM
Name: Vincent. My friends and students call me, G

Age: I think i'm 53, or maybe 55. i don't know and don't care too much about it. i don't think i look my age, and i know i certainly don't "act my age". i get told that alot. lol. i suppose, deep down, it's a compliment, though i'm being admonished at the time.

Status: Single (thank god!). i was married 20 years ago but my lovely wife passed away giving birth to my son, and have been single ever since (i was in college at the time). i have a gf now, a beautiful shanghai princess, named mia, i call her, "bear" though she is on the skinny side. long story. been with her for 7 years.

Occupation: have been a college professor of english for many years. i taught at university of florida for 12 years, got bored with academic politics and mischief and ventured out into the world of foreign teaching. lol. haven't regretted a single moment. have taught at top universities and schools in china, singapore, germany, phillipines, hong kong, saudi arabia, and canada.

Residence: i suppose i have a few... i own an apartment in shanghai, and two apartments in sanya, china (asia's hawaii). i also have my house in west palm beach florida (in case anyone needs a home on the ocean, mine is available for purchase... cheap! then again, what house in fla isnt 4-sale). i grew up in dearborn, mich but currently reside in riyadh, saudi arabia.

College: Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO. (BA) Miami University, Oxford, OH (MA) University of Michigan/Univ of Iowa (MFA).

Grew up: Dearborn, Michigan, the home of Ford Motor Company.

Fav. NBA Players: John Mengelt, the guy was scrappy as hell and used to fall down at least once every game and injure an elbow or an ankle or something, and never come out of the game. lol. loved him... then rodman came along. couldn't keep my eyes off him. what a nerd, always on his toes, that goofy walk of his, his colored hair and his GREAT enthusiam for the game. but for sheer genius on the court, kevin porter or dave bing used to take my breath away.

Fav. Wis Moment: Well, it certainly wasn't the time i won my first ring (i won with my very first team). then won a 2nd ring with my 3rd team. garyman and i were in a little shock then i said to myself, forget wis, this is too easy, and gary and i got deeply involved with yahoo's fantasy basketball and football. but wis kept drawing me back. i guess it was the community of owners. then i went 9 teams more before i won a 3rd ring... and that was SWEET. i beat e-monk (monkee, monyet, chester_o) in a theme league! amazing 7 game finals. game 5, my sprewell gets injured. game 6, monkee's, worthy gets injured. game 7, my wilt fouls out in 39 mins. monkee's wilt fouls out in 41 mins. lol. great game.

Fav Real life sports moment: i think my fav moment was when i saw the Tigers play at Tiger Stadium and the yanks were down by 3 runs going into the 9th and up steps mickey mantle with the bases loaded and my dad leans over and whispers to me, "Vince, watch this." to this day, i can still hear the crack of Mantle's bat as he smoked a rasmussen pitch down the 3rd base line that just cleared the wall that fat willie horton couldn't reach. that moment was magical because my father had called it.... Mickey Mantle was on my mind the whole summer.

Most Humbling Sports moment: in high school, i was a beast of a middle linebacker and a 2nd team all state wrestler at 145 pounds. as a linebacker, the opposing quarterback was gabe bartett from Livonia Bentley. he was my target the whole game. i interecepted him once and tackled him for 2 losses. i was the MAN! in the state regional finals, as a wrester, my opponent was gabe bartlett. i kept muttering words to him like: "think u'd be tired facing me all the time" ... "your backside still givin' ya trouble?" crap like that. for awhile, it was 0-0. lost 9-1. sheesh.

Screen Name: in grad school, i had a beautiful professor named miss le. she was half chinese and half vietnamese (i think). for some strange reason she used to call me scuddy (have no idea why). i looked at it as a kind of "hot" thing. lol. anyway, that's my name... scudmissle.

2/22/2010 3:57 PM
And to think all this time I figured you were a warmonger who couldn't spell "missile"...

How the heck did a boy from Dearborn wind up in Durango?
2/22/2010 6:05 PM
LOL - a 145-pound beast of a middle linebacker? Times have changed...
2/22/2010 7:36 PM
162... then would lose my weight for wrestling... many of us had to lay on the steam pipes at school for 30 mins each day before practice. i remember at the weigh-ins, i always kept spitting, coaxing out that last .25 ounce of weight i was carrying. not eating mom's cooking. hard times. lol.
2/22/2010 10:17 PM
i worked at tamarron resort, brad... that's how i first got to durango... i was at innisbrook resort in florida, transferred to durango. best decision i ever made. lol.
2/22/2010 10:19 PM
This is freaking awesome. I have always wondered what a glimpse into everyone's lives would look like.
2/22/2010 10:42 PM
Name: Ian

Age: 24

Status: Dating my 3rd asian in a row. . this one's Korean.

Work: Customer training for a software company - we make software for K-12 school districts.

Location: The ATX - Austin, TX

High School: Lufkin HS, Lufkin, TX - Reggie McNeal, Javorski Lane, Dez Bryant . . . what a waste, eh?

College: The University of Texas at Austin. Hook 'em!

Grew up: McAlester, OK and Tulsa, OK. . .moved to Texas as fast as I could (age 16)

Fav/Least Fav NBA players: Given my age and the fact that I was a relatively late basketball convert, this list skews to newer players. . .Favs: Iverson, Kobe Bean, Manu, Wade, Dejuan Blair, Pistol Pete, and my former resident at UT - Kevin Durant. Least favorite: Sprewell, Rasheed Wallace, Marbury, Brad Miller, The Duncan Face (just his face), Nate Robinson

Fav WIS Moment: I don't have much to frakking brag about, really. I'm title-less and have now made the playoffs in less than half of my leagues. I guess it would be a split between making the divisionals with my very first team 'Emp's Sloggers' (we played slowdown with the one and only Dolph Schayes leading the charge), and making the playoffs in the ODL last season.

Fav RL Sports Moment: Beating my older brother at hoops in the driveway for the first time. (Although I'll never forget the first time I REALLY crossed someone over. . sweet)

Worst RL Sports Moment: getting the ball bounced between my legs trying to defend the fast break in an intramural game. . .we lost by 60

SN: short for 'empirically denied,' which was my favorite debate argument to make back in high school . . I've used this sn for everything since 1999.
2/22/2010 11:56 PM
I forgot to mention Matt Goukas as one of my fav hoopsters. Matty and I were English majors at St. Joe's and were in several classes together. Matty played 10 years in the NBA, most notably the last two with the Bulls when they weren't very good but had a rep for beating up on people. He coached 7 seasons in the NBA. And, shame on me, I forgot to mention Dr. Jack Ramsay, St. Joe's basketball coach at the time. Back in the day, Ramsay's fulltime job was with the school's English Department for which he taught a full schedule of classes. Coaching was something he did on the side to help out the school and pick up a few extra bucks. Things have changed a bit since then. St. Joe's was ranked #3 and #2 my junior and senior years, but lost both years in the Round of Eight (it was a 16-team tournament then). One of my favorite sports moments came in a match I was playing in with Dr. Jack and Father Geib, the Dean of Students and Golf Coach. Merion GC was the home course for the golf team. Team members could play one practice round a week and all matches for free. Fr. Geib and Dr. Jack played for free whenever they wanted to. On a long, uphill par-five I drove into a fairway bunker. I hit a four-wood out -- I know, wood from the bunker, wood in the head -- and put it in a greenside bunker. Dr. Jack, a nice golfer, laid up with his second and chipped close for a gimmie birdie. I blasted out and put it inside of him. He just looked at me. Didn't say a word. Didn't even give me the putt even though I conceded his. Now that I think of it, that was the last time I was invited to play with him. Dr. Jack was 234-72 over his 11 seasons at St. Joe's with five Big 5 Championships and one NCAA Final Four. Two NBA rings, one with the 76ers and Wilt as GM and one as coach with the Trail Blazers and Bill Walton.
2/23/2010 12:50 PM
great story, hack!
2/23/2010 9:42 PM
Love the story hacker7. I was 13 years old in PDX when Dr. Jack lead the Blazers to the title. Still in PDX and Dr. Jack is still revered like a demi-god around here. My profile to come soon guys.
2/23/2010 10:26 PM
When I get started telling tales about my days at St. Joe's, I just can't stop myself. So indulge me yet again, my friends. The reason I never played with Dr. Jack again was not Dr. Jack. He is one of the finest gentlemen I have ever met in my life. But, make no mistake, he is a fierce competitor who, if beaten, wants your head on a pole the next time. It was all Father Geib's doing. The good father, as I said a dean of the then college, now university, personally controlled with an iron fist who played with Dr. Jack. Members of the golf team, after years of observation, spying and gossip-mongering, deduced Fr. Geib's hierarchy. At the top of the heap were cardinals, bishops, presidents of other Jesuit colleges and other prominent Jesuits, be they educators, missionaries or what have you. (The Archbishop of Philadelphia has his office and residence on the campus of St. Joe's. There is also a convent for nuns working in the archbishop's office or teaching at one of any number of the then private Catholic women's colleges nearby. One young nun did seem to appear in golfing attire with some regularity at Merion and we all wondered what the good father was up to. Until, that is, one day when he told us that altho he was on a diet, that did not mean he couldn't look at the menu. I still wonder, however.) Next after princes of the church, and only narrowly behind, were donors to the college, the larger the better. In third place were prominent politicians, businessmen and community leaders. Fr. Geib grudgingly allowed members of the Board of Trustees to play with Dr. Jack, but only if the Jesuit community neaded an extra vote to ensure they got their way -- which they always did... on everything. Mere sportwriters were not allowed anywhere near Dr. Jack. But the good father regularly allowed editors, publishers and owners of the local media into the presence of Philly's even then revered Dr. Jack. A basketball player was occasionally rolled out to woo a particularly lucrative potential donor. At the bottom of the pile were members of the golf team who were invited only after doing something that distinguished the team and St. Joe's. I never rose to that level of excellence and I suspect I played only when Fr. Geib had no one else available. Now, Dr. Jack was not a particularly long hitter, but he could pitch, chip and putt like a demon. He loved watching us young bucks bomb our drives but, as I later learned, Fr. Geib did not look favorably upon anybody upstaging Dr. Jack at his game, which I so unwittingly and purely luckily did. I didn't get that memo. That memo was also the first in a long line of such memos that I never got either in the years that followed.
2/24/2010 1:16 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By jakotay on 2/20/2010jweb1510

Name: Jeremy

Age: 20

Family Status: no wife, no kids, no girlfriend... single and lovin' it! NOT ANYMORE!

Occupation: full-time university student, part-time bank teller

State of Residence: IN

High School: Podunk High (not really)

College: Indiana Univ.

Grew up: Hicktown, IN

Favorite NBA Player Ever: Calbert Cheaney... but favorite player who's actually recognizable by most: Reggie Miller.

My WIS Screen Name: JWeb1510: J is first initial, Web is nickname, 1510 is SAT score

Favorite WIS Moment: having a 3-1 lead in a finals series, and throwing it away just like my beloved Cubbies
Holy crap, has it been that long? Now I'm 26, married for four years, with a nine-month old son, and I've been a loan officer for three years.
2/27/2010 10:04 AM
Name: Vance

Age: 48 but act like I'm 30 most of the time.

Status: Happily married for over 10 years to an Indian Princess. My father-in-law is the Chief of the Chinook Indian Nation. Acquired a son in marriage as my wife came equipped with a 15 year old boy. The kid grew up and now he's a renter. 

Occupation: Customer Service Manager at PHSC. Portland Hospital Services Corp.

Location: PDX born and raised. Lived in Idaho during four college years and for 3 summer months in Minneapolis when I was 21. Love the Pacific NW--Beaches, Mountains etc.

Colleges: Portland State where I earned a masters in education. Northwest Nazarene where I got a BA in International Studies in 1988.

Favorite RL Sports Moments: 1. Blazers winning title in 1977. 2. Rockets knocking off Lakers in western conference finals in 1986. Ralph Sampson hits the turnaround walk off jumper as time expired. Watching the game in Denny's back bar with my best friend, drinking Leowen Brau, and eating the free peanuts. Great sports moment. 3. Predicting the outcome of the 1983 NCAA final game. I was laughed at by my peers for taking NC State by a point over the Houston Phi Slamma Jamma's. Wish I had a $1,000 bucks on that game. 3A. Super Bowl 10. I took the Raiders and my little brother took the Vikings. Raiders won and he cried. 

Least Favorite RL Sports Moments: Blazers losing to Lakers in the W.C.F. in 2000 after being up by 15 to start the 4th quarter. 2. Blazers losing game 6 in the Finals to the Bulls in 1992 after being up 15 points to start the 4th quarter. 3. Seahawks getting robbed by the refs in the 2005 Super Bowl. Hated the Steelers ever since. 4) Greg Oden becoming a bust.

Favorite WIS Moments: 1) Winning the NCIH draft league with Georghe Muresan at center. 2) Winning two 987 championships and one in BOWIS. 3) Winning back to back championships in the Joes and Pros league. 2) Beating scudmissle's team in the playoffs in my first kfunk league. 4) Both of my teams playing against each other in the finals in the last Joes and Pros league. 

Least Favorite WIS Moments: 1. Playing in scudmissle's $17 Million League and getting crushed going 20-62. Scud told me that, "Your team will be competitive." I took the team to help the boys fill the league. 2. Losing at home in the 7th game of the finals to either seventhwest or tellito, I can't remember, in one of the $6 Million leagues. 3. Losing in the finals to coachcroft with my OSU / Houston combo going against his UNC / Auburn combo. 

Own US Patent # 5,639,094 a word game called Spellbound. Looking for a partner. Might be good for teaching English. Attend Revolution Foursquare Church in PDX. Love dogs and cats and have 2 of each. Shoot hoops when I can. Love SIM basketball games ie. Strat-O-Matic. But BBALL was my favorite. I still use the BBALL software all of the time. 

Book Collection: I have between 80 and 90 books on NBA basketball. BIOs etc. Favorite Authors: 1. David Halberstam, 2. John Feinstein, 3. Terry Pluto. Worst Author without question is Dennis Rodman all of his books are garbage. Best book: The Breaks of the Game by Halberstam. Favorite Book: Basketball the New Champs by Kent Hannon and illustrated by Charles Liese. This book is for young readers and it has profiles of early 70's Pro Basketball stars and future stars (some players that fizzled). The coolest thing about this book are colored 8x10 pictures, that look like were prints made from acrylic paintings, of each player. Liese's pictures look like Leroy Nieman's. Stars are: Austin Carr, Elmore Smith, Jim McMillian, George McGinnis, Julius Erving, Ralph Simpson, John Roche, Sidney Wicks, Johnny Neumann, Nate Archibald, Bob Lanier, and Dave Cowens. Never seen another copy of this little gem.
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