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Hello, Mike? WHA players?
5/27/2010 1:15 PM
I asked a few days ago...he's still working on them...it's not the only thing on his plate.
5/27/2010 3:21 PM
this will be a great addition for 70's prog leagues
5/27/2010 5:03 PM
WHA players ??? maybe??? yes ?? no??
6/8/2010 12:18 PM
WHA player are coming -- it has just proved to be more difficult to "normalize" them and fill in the blanks than we originally thought.  It requires a lot of math and finding the resources to help work on these formulas as well as doing the testings has been challenging with so many projects going on here.  We'll get them in there, it just might be a little while yet.  Sorry for the tease
6/18/2010 4:38 PM
I am so not looking forward to this.  *sigh*

Get ready for your new dominating scorers... such legendary hockey talents as Wayne Rivers and Danny Lawson.
6/18/2010 6:02 PM
Was there 4 the WHA... &, the constant headline spin that was very much atop ANY hockey fans' daily life...

Hoping 4 further 'tease', does anyone (as of yet) have any guesses as 2 how co-mingling of this new data-base will occur (?)

Will it be exclusively WHA, like 'Dynasty' (?) --- or, will these skaters mingle w/ NHL'rs & minor leaguers in paid leagues (?)

6/21/2010 8:22 PM
ADDED: ...The missing WHA BHull & GHowe (exampled) years should maintain statistical accuracy... Can understand that "re-tweaks", such as HCameron's 'Shots-Per-Game' totals (throughout the evolving versions...), will have to continue... However, am really full of expectation that I will witness those headlines of long ago, & the infant boxscores they produced...

In other words, Bobby Hull had better be Bobby Hull, & not watered down w/ untested (albeit merited) new theories...

&, that Marc Tardiff of old, definitely would've gotten worldwide attention playing upside-down against a bunch of penguins on southern polar ice... Yeppp, ---> bring THAT skater to the "WHAT-IF?" party... If he's funky, & ain't right, ---> we'll notify ya' !!!
6/21/2010 9:28 PM
We still don't get to pick Tretiak from Russia. 
6/26/2010 8:02 PM
Maybe next up date they will consider adding the tournament players over the years.....
6/26/2010 8:16 PM
What (?) ---> a KHL database (?)... No, no way... Too many PIM's would negate any hope of normalization... & another factor that weighs heavily is that skaters like JJagr actually look good in THAT league... Are there really 24 players, here @ WIS, to enjoy a "2-month-long" SIM recreation of an Aleksey Morozov 'Hart Trophy' season (?)...

I mean if that's the case, & it also (absolutely) has to happen, --->>> then, make sure the WHA stuff is satisfactory FIRST...
8/11/2010 4:11 PM (edited)
any update on this?
7/13/2010 6:20 PM
(crickets chirping)
7/22/2010 3:52 PM
i guess this is dead
8/11/2010 1:18 PM

The only thing that would kill this now would be a 'world-wide' inability 2 deliver electricity where it's needed...

Am pretty sure that U R looking @ an entirely un-related (out-of-place) 'toe-tag'... 

8/11/2010 1:35 PM
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