Quote: Originally Posted By TRrrr on 5/08/2010I find this quite amusing....and really having nothing denigrating to say about the "nutty" system. The more people that play here the better.....for the most part. If he enjoys it and pays for it....great!
I do find it interesting that mlb_nut seems to have never posted anything on any of the forums....so he'll probably never read this
He posted in one of my OL's. Someone offered him a trade, and he said, "I never trade." He is making slight adjustments in ballpark, lineup, rotation, etc. so the 53/140 ratio of playoff teams to total teams is misleading. His learning curve continues to improve; I'd say 80 to 90% of his OL teams make the playoffs now. Must be the nutty version of keisan -- constantly striving for perfection through incremental improvement.
5/8/2010 1:21 PM
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After I saw this, I checked my most recently built team and saw 4 duplicates from my last team in my starting line-up and 2 of the same starters. I kind of understand the nutty incremental improvement method; for instance, comparing a player's performance in Coors Field vs Sick's Stadium. To each his own.
5/8/2010 1:34 PM
The 53 playoff teams out of 140 is not exactly correct. I think he has 40 something teams yet to finish, so his playoff success rate is over 50%.
5/8/2010 1:52 PM
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5/8/2010 2:07 PM
Well Nutty76 is about to take me out in the series.He is up 3-2 with the next 2 at home.I have thrown 95 and 94 Maddux @ him every game.

I did get him to talk to me after a few site mail's.Well maybe not talk said TY U2 lol
5/8/2010 10:24 PM
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5/9/2010 2:53 AM
I'm in the same TOC...Nutty has 6 teams in the same TOC. Tully Sparks tossed a no-hitter for one of the teams in game 1 (and not against one of his other teams).
5/9/2010 4:22 AM
Well Nutty76 took me out in 6 he beat 94 and 95 Greg Maddux 4 times nice.
5/9/2010 9:32 AM
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Whole lotta nutty going on.
5/12/2010 1:55 AM
well, he is doing it his own way without asking for help. He is trying to figure it out on his own. He is spending his own money buying lots of teams and must find some fun in doing it even though his definition of fun differs from everybody else's.

I remember seeing a league where all 24 teams were owned by the same guy. What fun is that? I dunno, but for $310.80 he must have got something out of it.
5/12/2010 11:07 AM
He's not spending money on teams. He's playing for free at this point.
5/12/2010 11:31 AM
even better
5/12/2010 4:44 PM
In the TOC, Nutty has 4 of his 6 teams in the Great 8. And since 4 of the 6 were in the same region, he ain't doing bad at all.

I get him now.
5/17/2010 2:02 AM
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