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3/6 - Been slacking off on this mostly due to disinterest and somewhat due to no help other than the occaisional power ranking by nyaggie98. nyaggie98 has also chipped in for the radio. Paid half of the cost over the next 2 months. I have other radio I do and Im more focused on that. I want to get something set up so I at least dont have to pay into it at all.

In my polls it seems people like the shows once a month/3  times a season. Pre Season All Star End of Season. (Playoff previews/Predictions). Thats 20 leagues and 20 hours to do the show and whatever preparation if any. Since Im disabled and around all day this isn't much of a problem for me to put in the time. Sort of like a part time thankless job with no pay... and I have to pay to do it.

Im a big baseball fan and love the HBD game. Put a lot of money into it with the 90 seasons. Combine that and the radio cost and thats a lot for me. I figure I have to be responsible to be at the show and try to put a decent radio show together. I do the best I can.

So here is my proposal 20 leagues get radio once a month. I will cater to whatever point in the season and whatever your blogger wants to do if anything. Minimum wage pay for having to be there and do the show (8$ hour) 160$ + 40$ for Radio cost. 10$ a league. If you're in contact me. If you're not I will run aggies leagues. I feel a little bit like a panhandler but Im being realistic. I also want to use my own radio for my own stuff and will make another for this. You pay to my paypal and get the pw for the blogtalkradio station.

First come first served as far as what day. If you're a big fan I can do shows for your league more than once. 10$ per show divided among your league. For instance at 20$ a month aggie has paid for his league (1)  2 shows a month. He could pick what he wanted run and what day since hes first. I can also do it at whatever time requested for the most part. When you look at it in a 10 bucks a show kind of way it seems ridiculous I know. But divided by 32 its 30 cents or so. I will also take payments in credits for HBD - whatever works.

Im not even sure if what im doing is legal - ha. Anyways the offer is there and I await the insults. I make next to nothing and probably give the donut guy 60 cents. All relative I guess. Contact me for your league. Im sure admin will have an eye on this also. Anyways a lot of these different guys take donations for their work Im just giving you the deal straight out.
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3/6/2011 3:52 PM
You "put a lot of money into HBD for 90 seasons", and so you think you should now be compensated for it. Good luck with that. You tried your hand at the WIS drug dealer model, gave everyone a taste for free, hoping they'd get hooked, and they'd pay plenty later for it. At least WIS told people up front that only the first season was free, and didn't deliberately mislead folks from the beginning.
3/6/2011 6:40 PM
Everyone is entitled to their opinion in this country and in my thread, even you. Aggie and I will run shows for our leagues.I will still complete hbd101 series. All of these podcasts are there permanent and will continue to help people that utilize it.

This is the first I've heard from you about the radio. I didn't know you would care. The only time you hear from anyone is negatives though which is filed under "thankless job".

Actually that is untrue. There are many who have mentioned they love the show. I just can't afford it right now. That better? 

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3/7 - Anyways I've been doing this a year out of my pocket. Aggie is the first to step up and offer to help. Thanks to him Im on air for the next 2 months. I will do what I feel like doing. If anyones league wants exclusive coverage then the terms are above - Obviously if you pitch in for the cost of running the radio 2$ per show more or less and do the show yourself then Im sure we can work something better out. I've always had the offer out for people to do shows or blog. Door is always open to that.
3/7/2011 12:06 AM
www.blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones/2010/04/21/hardball-dynasty-discussion < This was my first episode or first that I kept. I think there were one or two I got rid of beforehand. These old ones were done by phone and really horrible. Short though.

Here is the HBD101's I've done in Order for newbies or people that missed it and want to critique.




3/7/2011 12:45 AM (edited)
Click this link at 9pm EASTERN tomorrow night (3/7/11) and the show should start right up for you. To join in the chat during live shows click the green "chat now" baloon. You can watch chat as a guest. You can get a free account and participate in the chat for free with an email.

Knucklebones Radio has I tunes hooked up. If you use Itunes I have a button to connect right on my show page along with different codes for your blog.

3/7/2011 12:45 AM
Posted by cbriese on 3/6/2011 6:41:00 PM (view original):
You "put a lot of money into HBD for 90 seasons", and so you think you should now be compensated for it. Good luck with that. You tried your hand at the WIS drug dealer model, gave everyone a taste for free, hoping they'd get hooked, and they'd pay plenty later for it. At least WIS told people up front that only the first season was free, and didn't deliberately mislead folks from the beginning.
That's kind of harsh and pretty much uncalled for.  Nobody forces you to listen to the show, and nobody's forcing you to pay.

Dude is just looking to cover expenses.  He's not looking to turn a profit.
3/7/2011 6:45 AM
Thx tecwrg. I think times are tough for anyone who has bills to pay. All Im saying is it'd be nice to have a station separate and just for the HBD.

I think its fair to everyone. I dont even have to be the guy doing the radio. I put it out there on a few shows that I'd like help on the blog and radio if anyone was interested. People are busy.

I've done it free for a year and I enjoy it. aggie has helped me to keep it going. If entire leagues pitched in, it'd be cheap for everyone and leagues would get better coverage and it'd also be a great selling point come recruiting time. One last time... I dont have to be the host and im not going to run off with a few dollars that go to the cost of radio. I will give people the password to the station that run the leagues or who are going to host.

Its an easy and fun hobby for those who have time. I will do it just like I did all last year. No promises, when Im in the mood I run shows. When I get good material from tomjames or aggie I run shows. Sometimes I do the writeups. I manage the blog and do all the posts. Bottom line is Im going to keep doing it.

Im looking for a few leagues that want to band together on the cost and cover hosts 8$ a show for their time whoever it is.  If a blogger blogs they can split it. Its nickel and dime stuff and a lot of people could get involved in this. Anyways. My Paypal is [email protected] if you want to help out and be part of the radio league thing.

If you want to host,blog,  or just pitch in on the radio cost sitemail me and lets make something cool happen with this game we spend so much time on.

Anyways since no one ever listens live it doesn't matter when I run the show. I moved it to 8pm Pacfic so I can run baseball and then my other one. Just click on the link and itll be there bright and early in the morning. (newbies and non-nightowls)
3/7/2011 8:42 PM (edited)
PS - The link to tonights show at 8pm Pacific is above 3 posts up. (HBD101 #4)
3/7/2011 8:46 PM (edited)
This episode didn't go so well. Edmonds listened pretty well the last time we did them and I want them to have a good show so again tomorrow.

Announcing the addition of nyaggie98 as my sidekick/cohost randomly on future shows. The shows are always better with a cohost so if you haven't listened in awhile these should be good.

blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones < all my archives are available by scrolling down my showpage. If they dont say HBD in the show title theyre not HBD. Listen to anything else at your own risk.

hbdnews.blogspot.com < HBD news blog

There are codes for the global chat many leagues use all over this thread. Just copy/paste the code to you blogs html gadgets. There is also a show button that leads to my showpage. If its blinking red Im live on air. Either way clicking it leads to my page. You can join the chat on blogtalkradio during live shows as a guest, but if you get an account you can try radio and chat for free with an email.

I also have an itunes icon. You can listen through that, my page, my player - all codes and links available on my blogtalkradio.com page 24/7/365
3/9/2011 1:17 AM (edited)
3/9 Anyways it looks like nyaggie98 is excited to try some cohosting so we're going to go with that. The name may be subject to change but it looks like we'll stick to HBD for the time being.  Some of these shows have gotten nearly 400 downloads, some 4. Im not sure what to make of it. The shows that went wild have nothing special about them.

The shows will run from 9-10pm Pacific time Sun-Thurs. The podcasts are there 24/7/365. If you want us to cover your league - just ask. All Star game is what we aim for (Day 37) to do them. Radio can be found here: blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones If the episode doesn't say HBD in it then it isn't hardball dynasty.

Our blog is here: hbdnews.blogspot.com

Clarkson has requested us to cover them - we'll do that asap - next few days. There are global chat ( about a dozen or more leagues share this chat which can be installed on your leagues blog) and my radio button that flashes when Im on air and also leads to my radio page anytime by clicking it. - Those codes are all throughout this thread. If you need help doing it just sitemail me.

3/9/2011 9:34 PM (edited)
Ok this routine starts up today. nyaggie98 and I will do a daily show. It will generally include leagues that are at the all star break. The material will vary. It will run from 8-9pm Pacific time. (11-12mid eastern)

Riley & Sandlot (Day 37-Worldview) look like they will be up. With an hours time it'll probably be one or the other. I'd go 2 hours but you guys hate that. Lets see how this goes.

Anyone who would like to pitch into the radio fund (Cost 40 per month) please paypal 1$ to [email protected] on Paypal. I can't have more than 40 regular listeners and I dont think it would kill anyone to help out for the time and effort. Thanks for any help.

So the schedule is Sun-Thurs (maybe more if it goes well) 8-9pm Pacific. It should include aggie most of the time or he will at least be in the chat. We use blogtalkradio.com chat for the live show.

Please take a minute to sign up for blogtalkradio.com it only takes an email. You can try radio for free and be able to chat in the chat during live shows. You dont have to sign up for blogtalkradio to be in the chat but you can't support my show by following it either. That is the best way to support the show other than help pay.

Sign up for blogtalkradio.com for free. Click the heart on my player at blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones - Copy/paste the player to your blogs html gadgets - you can choose different kinds - the code is right on the bottom of the player. 

Thats about the size of it. Other than that do nothing, sit back, and check out the show! Remember that previous podcasts are always available on my show page or knucklebones radio on Itunes. 24/7/365 Chat is only available during live shows on blogtalkradio.com.

There is a chat in this thread that is global and has a bunch of leagues sharing it for trades or whatever. Find it on one of the pages of THIS thread and copy paste the code and follow instructions to install. A fun addition to any leagues blog. If you need help just sitemail me.
3/13/2011 4:28 PM
Looks like I will fire up Sandlot mostly because I dont think we've run them before. 
3/13/2011 10:44 PM
Sandlot complete - www.blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones/2011/03/14/knucklebones-sports  Another day 37 tomorrow, another league on radio. If you support one show, you support them all. I run individual leagues because you guys ask for it. I hope you will listen even when its not your league. Even if you do it with the volume off ;) 

3/14/2011 1:15 AM (edited)
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