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5/16 Canseco All Star game standings/leaders live in 10 minutes. www.knucklebonesradio.com

If the HBD show doesnt work out I may switch it to a player history show doing backgrounds/statistics on great players of the past. (from Major League Baseball & Negro leagues)

Giving it a couple of weeks before I make up my mind. My own four leagues will continue to get the hbd radio regardless.
5/16/2011 10:54 PM
Ok half way through the show no listeners. I know from experience you guys have never listened live. This is the only way I can do it right now so we'll see who wants it and who doesn't as I pass through the leagues. No stress.
5/16/2011 11:23 PM
5/17 - Going to take the night off the server seems to be cutting out. I may do something super late 11pm Pacific if it looks like they have it straightened out. Still working on storing the podcasts so you can listen whenever. I'll let people know when I get it setup.
5/17/2011 10:42 PM
Ok I gave up and went back to blogtalkradio. Rickey tonight in 1 minute! 8pm Pacific. Ill be running my 4 leagues on weekends, others by request. www.blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones
5/23/2011 11:00 PM
5/23 - Rickey finished. I will upload that to my site in about an hour. Those who have never heard the radio can check it on my site. I will leave it there until I run another blogtalkradio hardball dynasty show so you can listen. That is www.knucklebonesradio.com - I also have codes here on the previous page for my chat/players. You can also click the chat or player and get the code that way. You'll see the links on each spelled out in tiny letters - think it says get chat/get player or something similar. I guess since people seem shy but listen anyway I will cover different leagues here and there randomly. I will just post here when I decide to do them. I will still take requests.

5/24/2011 1:04 AM (edited)
After careful consideration I've decided just to cover leagues Im in. Im going to try to do shows daily at 9pm Pacific. I will miss days here and there.Im going to experiment with just doing one league but better details. On weekends I will include random and record them/upload them to my site from blogtalkradio.com.

So If I post here Im doing a show that night at 9pm Pacific/12mid eastern. It will be audio stream on my site. I may also include real life player histories in the future.

Thanks to whoever drops in and listens. I appreciate the support. Its been on and off for over a year but Im still at it so it must be worth it. What Im saying is Thanks you guys have made it worth the while.

www.knucklebonesradio.com  If you're a HBD pal of mine and have some sort of site you want to link up in my "knucklehead" section, let me know and Ill put it on there. Just need a pic and a link.
5/24/2011 3:45 AM
Going to do a little live radio in Rickey at 9pm Pacific. Can listen in any of the leagues Im in blogs or www.knucklebonesradio,com
5/24/2011 11:28 PM
5/25 9pm Pacific/12mid eastern - top 25 draft preview for USMLB (with my 12 scouting across the board) I will go into what I've done and then go into how I see each of the top 25 panning out. A good show for newbies or geniuses to pick apart. My site or any of the blogs of leagues I am in. www.knucklebonesradio.com
5/25/2011 8:56 PM
5/28 - 10pm pacific CAPB season re-cap and Buffalo highlights.  A great year just finished up with 2 of the best owners in the game matching up. examinerebb and his 4 WS vs McBain10 and his 14!!!! 18 championships between them. examaninerebb and his Buffalo team capped a fantastic season where they busted out of the gate and never looked back to give ebb his  no. 5 World Series championship. The playoffs were never any doubt as Buffalo tore their way through it, sweeping the Montgomery franchise in 4 straight. Congrats to Ebb. Check out the show tonight and stay tuned for more. This will be on both www.blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones & www.knucklebonesradio.com
5/28/2011 10:20 PM
Posted by knucklebones on 5/14/2011 6:51:00 PM (view original):
This is the code to copy/paste into your html box on your blogs if you'd like to share chats with my leagues/radio

<embed src="http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat.swf" quality="high" width="540" height="405" name="chat" flashvars="id=136187529" align="middle" allowscriptaccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://xat.com/update_flash.shtml" /><br /><small><a target="_BLANK" href="http://xat.com/web_gear/?cb">Get your own Chat Box!</a> <a target="_BLANK" href="http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/go_large.php?id=136187529">Go Large!</a></small><br /></embed>
5/28/2011 10:21 PM
Posted by knucklebones on 5/14/2011 6:52:00 PM (view original):
This is the code to copy/paste into your html box on your blogs if you'd like to add my audio stream

<!--VosCast.com Flash Player-->
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://cdn.voscast.com/player/?key=4df66cbdf49d151e8bc38520828edbf6"></script>
<!--End Player-->
5/28/2011 10:21 PM
Here are  the links you need for the radio: www.knucklebonesradio.com & www.blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones 
5/28/2011 10:22 PM
5/29 CAPB podcast is uploaded to my site and to all my leagues blogs. Just drop by any of them to listen if interested. It was a overview of the standings, Top 3 (or more) Leaders in Pitching & Hitting categories, Awards Overview, & review of the Champion Buffalo team. I plan on running Rickey League later on but that is still up in the air. Im still taking requests for live radio - Just let me know in sitemail and I'll get your league on air.
5/29/2011 12:51 PM
5/30 - Now that my live stream  seems to work well I can do radio at will with no extra costs. I will be doing end of season stuff for random leagues. I will post every day that I run the live radio. You have to be at the show to hear it. It will be on my site www.knucklebonesradio.com The site also includes a chat so you can interact during it - mention things about your league or whatever.

I will run this most days at this time or around this time. I will post the name of the league as early in the day as possible. Its up to the people to pass the word to your leagues.
5/30/2011 9:23 PM
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