Im taking down Gboro if I have to poison the water or position a sniper.......and Im finally getting top 25 consideration!........and finally got my rpi in the 20's....been a long road to hoe.....nice job Tkim
9/11/2010 6:44 PM
Glad I could live up to the preseason expectations, tkimble.  Keep an eye on F&M next season, too.
9/19/2010 11:38 AM
Season 50 Pre-season

#1 Greensboro-They're the reigning national champion, they return nine players, and they have the best d3 player in memory in Robert Johnston.  This is pretty much a no-brainer.  

#2 Brandeis-The 14 seed that made the miraculous run to the finals two seasons ago has a surprisingly talented team.  Senior Greg Williams is a tremendous talent who has earned 1st team all-conference honors in both his sophomore and junior seasons and he'll look to top those by winning Player of the Year in the Upstate this season.  Another player to keep an eye on is ultra-athletic Joseph Housel who could be a breakout performer in the fast-break offense.

#3 Vassar-After four seasons at Coe College, coach crcummings moved up to Vassar this offseason and would like to pick up where very accomplished coachedlittlegiant0  moved up to d2.  Vassar has been to the NT the last 5 seasons, including the Final Four.  There 11 (!) returning players on this very good Vassar team, and they are LOADED with talent.  There are so many impact players, I won't even bother to speculate on them.  The only knock on this team is their defense, but their offensive firepower should be able to overcome that.

#4 Kalamazoo-They didn't make a run in last year's NT, but they were one of the best teams throughout the regular season and they return 10 players, including 5 seniors.  Senior shooters Richard Betancourt and Kenneth Russell will be hard for any defense to contain.

#5 New York U.-After going to the Final Four last year they return 8 players, including 6 seniors.  These 6 seniors are very talented and they are lead by big guy Daniel Roush and Richard Shroeter.  Junior 7 footer Shawn Timko will also play a large role on this highly ranked team.

#6 Franklin & Marshall-Another team coming off the Final Four, they return 10 players, 9 of them upperclassmen.  They are led by rebounding machine Erik Mikels and a very good perimeter oriented big man in Daniel Pierson.  Keep an eye on junior shooter Dan Capello

#7 Texas Lutheran-Coach dwoelflin will try to step in and lead this team that is on the right track.  Thomas Walser will be their best big man this season and he is the favorite to win the ASC POY award.  Junior Guard Herbert Lever is very talented so don't be surprised when he goes off this year.

#8 Rowan-They've been upset in the first round two years in a row now, but they'll look to go deep this year.  They return 10 players and are led by seniors Cody Jones and Matthew Janczunski.

#9 Westminster (MO)-Coming off a PI Final Four, they return 9 players, all of them juniors and seniors.  Senior Robert Jones and junior Larry Caperton will undoubtedly have a big impact this year.

#10 Susquehanna-This perennial powerhouse returns 9 players from last season.  Look out for junior William Milton: after his 2nd Team All-Conference performance last year, he'll look to take a big step up and lead this team to a great year.  Junior Bobby Henning can really shoot, so look out for him to light it up against zones this season.

#11 Roanoke-Coming off a run to the Elite 8, they return 8 players, including 4 starters.  Combo guard Jason Littlefield will try to improve upon his 2nd Team All-American season and be the go-to guy on this team, although some say reigning ODAC Player of the Year David Algarin should be the main feature in their offense.  One this is for sure, sophomore guard Aaron Davis will have a great impact on Roanoke this season.

#12 Chowan-Their last three seasons:
49 helloflyers 24-9 9-5 9-3 6-1 13-3 18 14 A+ CT Champion
NT (Elite 8)
48 helloflyers 29-6 10-4 10-2 9-0 13-3 1 2 A+ Conf Champion
CT Champion
National Champion
47 helloflyers 30-5 9-3 13-1 8-1 15-1 2 8 A+ Conf Champion
CT Champion
NT (Championship Game)
You have to give this team respect each and every year.  Daniel Stinson should be their leader this year as they vie for the USA South Championship, although they will have a tough road because they'll have to go through Piedmont and #1 Greensboro to get there.

#13 Hamline-Coming off an appearance in the title game, they return 7 players including the impressive Alton Breedlove and Michael McCloud.

#14 Denison-They are a boom or bust team.  They've had 4 different coaches in the last 4 seasons, but they do have 11 returning players from a team that made the tournament last year.  Junior big man Don Adams looks very impressive, but it's questionable whether he'll blossom in the fastbreak offense.  Starting since his sophomore season, senior Charles Baker has proven he can have success in the fastbreak offense.  Sophomore sharpshooter Robert Hansford will look to up his game this year and lead Denison to a North Coast Conference title.

#15 Colorado-Despite having two down years in a row, they snuck into the tournament last year by winning the So. Cal. Conference Tournament.  They do return 11 players this year and have an impressive bunch of players.  Don't be surprised if Colorado and Ted Harmon make a big splash this year.  Consider them my sleeper.

9/26/2010 1:40 PM (edited)
awesome job tkimble, keep up the good work.
9/25/2010 4:36 PM
Awesome.  But we've got 10 guys back, not 9.  Dustin Davis redshirted last year and won't contribute much this year, but looks to be a player down the road.  We're also going to see if Darling can get to a 700 overall rating this season.  Awesome on offense, can't defend my grandmother.
9/26/2010 10:38 AM
Posted by mcauley on 9/26/2010 10:38:00 AM (view original):
Awesome.  But we've got 10 guys back, not 9.  Dustin Davis redshirted last year and won't contribute much this year, but looks to be a player down the road.  We're also going to see if Darling can get to a 700 overall rating this season.  Awesome on offense, can't defend my grandmother.
My bad, I'll change that.  I see a big year from F&M.
9/26/2010 1:39 PM
I probably had a legit beef being left off last season, but I'll need some luck to poke my head into the bottom of the poll once or twice this season. Great stuff tk, thanks again for doing this.
9/27/2010 7:04 PM


Always look forward to your ranking TKIM........finally some respect for Chowan......I picked up some serious guys this year....and BTW, I changed my Defense last year and still got to the Elite 8......I've got G'boro's number anyway.........I wonder how your list will jibe with the computer.....gonna be a good one this year!   great work

9/28/2010 2:13 PM
Just got the practice thoughts email - Darling is definitely going to be over a 700 player.  The only question is how far.   He could get to 750 as a junior.  I've got crappy players on my DI team with another ID that didn't get that far.  If only he'd just play some defense...
10/1/2010 6:10 AM
#1- G$ (10-0, 2)--They have the most talented team and the most talented player and four championships in the last seven seasons.  Need I say more?

#2- That Catholic School (10-0, 1)--The former powerhouse took a little longer to adjust to the new engine, but it looks like they are back on track.  They run a very effective press and have beaten some very good teams so far this year.

#3- Big Apple U (9-1, 8)--This team is very good with four dominant players, the leader of which is Austin Brough.  Their only loss this year is in double overtime and even though I probably shouldn't take it into account, they did blow the doors off #15 Transylvania in the exhibition games with both teams playing their normal lineups.  

#4- That Baptist School (9-1, 4)--They closed the non-con with two fantastic win and their only loss was a 1 point loss in OT with the other team hitting two FTs at the buzzer.  Also, their press +5 slowdown is very tricky.

#5- Brand New Dice (10-0, 45)--Pre-season #2 has taken care of business so far this year, but has only been tested once and that's just not enough.  Still, they are very good.

#6- R&R (10-0, 63)-- I switched them from F&M to R&R because that's exactly what their schedule has been.  I know they're good, but the 335 SOS isn't doing anything to help them.

#7- Somewhere in Ohio (10-0, 16)--They have three great wins, no losses, and Marcus Wolf.

#8- Saps (8-2, 3)--They're 5-2 against top 50 RPI opponents and look like a pretty good team.  Not sure how Matthew Wideman does it, but he has been fantastic this year.

#9- That Lutheran School (9-1, 5)--After losing their first game to #8 Millsaps, they've run off 9 in a row led by Herby Lever and Tommy Walser.

#10- Another Lutheran School (8-2, 14)--Their two loses are to teams who are both undefeated and they did beat #3 New York U (in 2OT).  Their monage a trois of Fuhr, Randolph, and Kaya give them the capability to win on any given day.

#11- My Team (7-3, 6)--Not really sure what to make of us right now.  We have three loses, but they're all on the road at top 5 RPI teams.  We won all the other games, but we never really played anybody great.  We have a good RPI, but by my own admission I scheduled to inflate the RPI.  Time will tell whether we belong or not.

#12- Kazoo (7-3, 31)--Very much in the same boat as Roanoke, but they lost to Roanoke in a tight game.  What scares any coach playing them is they have seven (!) different guys averaging between 7.5 and 10.2 ppg.

#13- Some artsy liberals (10-0, 30)--Joseph Hanson and John Thomas can really play.  They also have a very nice win over Swarthmore.

#14- Those rebels (10-0, 12)--10-0 team with an RPI of 12 has to be higher right?  Well they haven't played any humans yet and besides Paul Castelbury their team is pretty unimpressive.

#15- Tranny Town (10-0, 9)--They haven't really played anybody and their best wins are against sims and humans who don't play against anybody else good.  They're team doesn't impress right off the bat and Kenneth Finley is a great shooter, but just not a great player.  They very much mirror the team above them.

#16- Coldorado- (9-1, 132)--In Ted Harmon I trust.
10/7/2010 5:26 PM
Very fair assessment of F&M, err, R&R.  They said the same thing a few seasons ago and it resulted in a 4 seed and 6 NT wins :)
10/8/2010 5:16 PM
I finished, went to edit out a typo, hit backspace...and instead of deleting the the typo my browser took me back a page, deleting the entire rankings, so I'll give the rankings and the gist of what I said the first time...

#1 Greensboro-They are very good and Robert Johnston is very good.  

#2 New York U-They have 1 loss and it was in 2OT to another good team.  4 different guys are averaging over 15 ppg and Austin Brough is really good.

#3 Texas Lutheran-25 wins in a row, #1 RPI, and they shoot 55% while giving up 41%.

#4 MCLA-Undefeated and they have a lot of talent, but they haven't really been tested.  When they do get tested, I think they'll win.

#5 St. Mary's-Seven guys averaging over 9 ppg, no one over 12.5 ppg.  No great players, but a great team.

#6 Swarthmore-Another very good team and Albert Jaconski is good.

#7 Franklin & Marshall-Marc Darling is fantastic offensively but can't defend my grandmother.  Another team that gets contributions from everybody.

#8 Roanoke-My team so I might be biased, but without two last second conference losses we'd have a shot at a 1 seed.  Littlefield and Algarin are going to kill people.

#9 Vassar-Supremely talented.  If they figure it out, they could easily make the final four.

#10 Brandeis- Two of three losses were to #2 New York U and they have two good guars.

No I didn't forget you Marantha Baptist Bible, Susquehanna, Moravian, and Defiance, I just think these other teams are better.

10/16/2010 5:22 PM
just as long as you're not forgetting us tkimble.  And by the way Moravian is still interested in that tournament if you ever get it going again. 
10/17/2010 2:41 AM
nice thread, tkimble.  getting close to NT time to see how your rankings hold up.  By the way, I still trust in Ted Harmon.
10/17/2010 8:39 AM
bump, can we get this restarted?
12/31/2010 8:04 PM
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