Anna .... See if I am seeing how the live draft will work.  #1 .. everyone will use their own standard draft board for players and pitchers.  #2 ... you will not know which players have been drafted until you try to draft them when it comes your turn.  #3 .. that means 23 players taken and no telling how many have been taken from your own draft list  (( You could select 10-15 players ( or more ) before your next pick would go through )) ???

This is no way meant to be a complaint.  Just a hurdle that I am trying to plan for !!  This is going to be a great league.  But you will have to spend considerable time to be competetive.  And not get frustrated and feel like folding.

Good job Anna
11/9/2010 11:01 AM
Hey Anna ... got any idea how they will pick season #1 draft order ??  I hope it's total games won on our records.  As crappy as I have played I could be #1 ... HA !
11/10/2010 7:02 PM
Anna ... I'm getting interested in this league.  I have to ask you though, how many teams will you be playing?  Thanks.
11/11/2010 10:41 PM
Anna, my question is valid.  I want to have one team in this league because it sounds like an intriguing concept (which is a compliment to you).  But I see other people accusing you of playing multiple teams through alternate ID's.  So it was a friendly question that I was seeking clarification as I don't want to join if you will be using multiple ID's.  That's a fair request on my part.  For you to send me a sitemail that said this:

"ALL 24 Teams I like to play with myself - MORON! "

... is both very rude and very unbecoming of someone wishing to be a credible League Administrator.  I would appreciate it if you would apologize for the unwarranted insult.  Since I am not looking to upstage you - I'm just looking for clarification.  For the future, I don't recommend you insult the very same people you wish to join your league.


Also, please answer the question.  How many teams will you be running?  This is important to know since you do allow trades in this league.  That's a fair question regarding ethics to ask of a League Admin so that your player constintuency understand the parameters of the opposition they will be facing.  Thanks for your help!
11/12/2010 1:39 PM (edited)
Hoping to join this league, I am.  Many questions about it, have I.  Help me better understand the rules you can, hmm?
11/12/2010 6:41 PM

You do realize there is a whole thread over in the main baseball forum dedicated to mocking this league of yours.  The points raised by many of the WiS baseball veterans are very valid.  Your last post (with yet more insults) does nothing but exacerbates your situation.  If you are truly trying to alienate all the credible WiS baseball veterans, then you are definitely accomplishing your mission.  While I was definitely interested in joining this league, your unexplainable and insult-heavy behaviour has left me doubting your ability to properly administrate this league.  Insulting people right and left really doesn't put you in a good light at all.  Good luck.
11/13/2010 1:41 PM
33,000 games played - 203 full seasons - and yet you keep telling us you advertise through 4-5 exhibition leagues per day. It sure looks like you are trying very hard to get the lambs to come to the slaughter - Now who is looking like a BULLY????
11/13/2010 4:20 PM (edited)

Please be careful.  You continue to insult and falsely accuse people which continues to inspire your victims to find the flaws in your logic and truths.  Over in the other thread, they already used your own quotes to show that you *use* multiple alternate IDs.  And if you see the posted quotes below from ID's such as retiredfart and justagirl ... you'll see that all 3 of your ID's (and perhaps more, who knows) use the exact same quirky grammatical structuring and colloquialistic syntax signatures.  Since you have outright denied that you are using multiple ID's in your league ... and since it has pretty much been proven that you are ... you are being disrespectful to the team owners who actually think they are in a league where sportsmanship, fairness, and parity is implicit and they are being governed by an Admin (you) who will enforce such qualities.  That is disingenuous on your part. 

It's also odd that justagirl deleted her prior posts.  It's also troubling that you may very well be using more than 2 alternate ID's in this league besides retiredfart and justagirl.  Just be fair to your fellow players and tell them the truth.  The truth will set you free.  If you wish to play multiple teams with your original ID , just ask them and maybe they will be okay with it.  Good luck!

Read below for the evidence:

Quote post by retiredfart on 11/7/2010 2:56:00 PM:

rmarshall - Good question - I was checking it out today and with the Innings these guys pitched back then you could probably get away with 4 or 5 pitchers - not advisable but , you could . THAT IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS  ! You can grab a guy like Bill Donovan 1899  for 391 K  and SEASON # 2  he is yours  ( NO CLONES)  release the 1899 Donovan and Draft the 1901 Donovan and he is worth 12.47 M  ! LOTS OF FUN STUFF HERE !


Quote post by annakourn on 11/1/2010 7:05:00 AM:

rmarshall - Actually No ! Just the opposite. The league went from 9 to 6 while I was in Key West Fantasy Fest Week ! Thought I would come back and see about 12 teams. I was unaware of the RULES  -  that I had to get permission from  fencer024 - wylie715 -grayfoxx- bobprobert - magracefan - and Trenronjoe to start a new league .  Instead of helping with advice on Threads in the Forum they exaggerated every error I made to turn this league into a BIG JOKE ! I didn't find it funny . Oh well . There are still 6 and 1 that said they will come back if it fills . BUT does not look very promising. I will continue to try and fill it !  


Quote post by justagirl on 10/24/2010 9:00:00 PM:

You guys should try having a relationship with someone who does not have a RUBBER HEAD ! What a bunch of WORST THAN WOMAN Gossipy Crap ! WHY DON'T YOU SAY IT TO annakourn face and post her thread instead of being litlle sixth grade girls ! I have been a member for a month and I cannot believe YOU BACK STABBING LITTLE BIATCHES! Trentonjoe there is a message on the thread for you! TRENTON - NOW THERES A NICE LITTLE SLUM !
11/14/2010 12:25 PM
Anna ... I am one of the " lambs being led to salughter " !  I've joined ... paid  ... and can't wait to be butchered.  I wish the people that think you are scamming someone or are an insider for WIS, trying to, somehow make a big payday, would just stop.  In this country you don't have to spend your money on anything you don't want to.  We are all adults and trying to have some fun.  Some of these people sound like they are making a living here.  I wouldn't apologize to anyone that was just trying to sabotage a good idea.  This dracula is a " big mouth " with a computor. 

This is a good idea.  Very competetive.  Maybe it will show to have some flaws ??  But let's play this game and find out for ourselves.
11/14/2010 5:42 PM
This for dracul ..... you sounded very interested in the beginning. ( or at least you said you were ) In the exchange of questions and banter something may have gotten lost in the shuffle.  I hope not ... this could be a great game.  It could still have a few bugs ... but a very competetive & fun progressive league if you take the time to get prepared .  So, I hope we can put this league together and play.  Nothing is perfect.  Ledt's join and play and negotiate changes if needed.  OK ?
11/18/2010 2:57 PM
Indeed Rmarshall, the league concept sounds interesting and needed just minor tweaks to really make it pop.

I have Incident Ticket #96751 open with WiS Tech Support at the moment (feel free to confirm it with them).  My concern (as well as many others listed in that other thread) is that the League Admin is not being forthright and honest about the amount of teams she is playing.  So I opened up Incident Report #96751 with WIS Tech Support.  They are in the process of investigating how many teams - via alternate ID's - that she is actually running.  I'm assuming they run checks on the IP addresses that all those alternate ID's log onto to see if they are coming from the same computer and/or locale.  This is important for a number of reasons.  She stated she had ZERO alternate ID's and she only had 1 team.  If she has multiple ID's and teams entered in the league, then the League Admin is lying and cheating.  Which sets a bad precedent for the season. 

It's even worse when it comes to issues like her Trade Negating clause in the League Rules.  If 10 votes are needed amongst the 22 remaining owners to negate a trade ... and she has multiple owners ... then that vote number needs to be revised to make it fair to the players that are not running alternate ID's.   

There's other issues too.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.  Since everyone is investing a lot of money, time, and effort in this league, it's important to ensure that sportsmanship and honesty are being projected by the League Admin. 
11/19/2010 12:08 AM
I understand the concern.  I hope eveything is resolved in a manner that will allow the league to fill and play.  I too want everything to be on the up and up !
11/19/2010 1:13 PM
Anna ... I also checked w/ WIS Customer Support and they notified that there are multiple teams coming from your computor.  I wish you would have just initialy stated that  players could have more than one team in this league.  I love the concept.  I don't understand why someone with your thought process (( on thinking about this type of progressive league )) would have to lie and cheat.  It is not necessary.  Not only have you ruined something for the people that have invested their money and a LOT of time ... you have made this game very hard for you going forward.

You will be able to come up with a new name.  But, as you have seen ... there are a lot of people that study this game down to your language in type. 

I hope someone else will continue on with a similar league.
11/20/2010 11:06 AM
I feel bad for you, rmarshall.   
11/20/2010 9:31 PM


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