glad to see Youngblood on there somewhere, but he won't play a minute at SF this season. He's my #1 PF all the way.
12/1/2011 9:58 AM
Posted by dacj501 on 12/1/2011 9:58:00 AM (view original):
glad to see Youngblood on there somewhere, but he won't play a minute at SF this season. He's my #1 PF all the way.
tianyi isn't using Foster at SF either.

But they are better SF's than the actual ones.  There just aren't many good SF's in the NAC right now. (Not really in D3 either.)

I'm at least playing my SG Wills at SF.

Mount Ida's John Mertens wasn't too much behind Youngblood and he is a SF.

Castleton's duo would come next but both would be a bit of a stretch.  Both Matt Salem and Donald Johnson are nice well rounded players but they lack the dominance in a category or two that my silly formula favors.

For what it's worth, Youngblood was #5 for both PF and C.  He could have shown up a lot in any of those spots, I just plugged him in at SF.

12/1/2011 2:50 PM
Even with my real lineup come CT time, when I can disregard the FR start promise, Foster won't be starting at SF. Davidson would be the starting 3. 
12/1/2011 4:37 PM
Season #53
School Coach Conf.
Top 25
#4 Husson tianyi7886 0-0 9-1 1-0 8-1 3-0 9-1 W9 2 7
#20 Lasell carlbuzz 0-0 9-1 0-0 9-1 0-1 9-1 W9 37 206
Johnson St. bieberfever 0-0 8-2 0-0 8-2 0-0 8-2 W1 57 222
Becker ixolabrat 0-0 7-3 4-2 3-1 0-0 7-3 L1 65 54
Elms tyber90 0-0 7-3 2-1 5-2 0-2 7-3 W2 51 96
Castleton St. rdb03161987 0-0 5-5 0-0 5-5 1-2 5-5 W3 11 2
South Standings
School Coach Conf.
Top 25
#3 Mount Ida mizzou77 0-0 10-0 2-0 8-0 0-0 10-0 W10 5 19
#6 Thomas kujayhawk 0-0 9-1 1-0 8-1 2-0 9-1 W1 3 9
Maine, Farmington teamkf 0-0 7-3 0-1 7-2 0-0 7-3 W3 117 306
Maine, Presque Isle dacj501 0-0 5-5 1-3 4-2 0-2 5-5 W2 193 245
Salem St. jodester22 0-0 4-6 2-5 2-1 0-0 4-6 W2 305 287
Maine Maritime Academy jazzcog 0-0 4-6 0-0 4-6 0-0 4-6 L1 201 320
12/9/2011 12:02 AM
End of #53
School Coach Conf.
Top 25
#5 Husson tianyi7886 15-1 28-4 8-1 16-1 7-3 8-2 L1 1 2
#21 Lasell carlbuzz 12-4 24-7 6-2 15-3 1-7 7-3 L1 17 16
#23 Castleton St. rdb03161987 9-7 19-14 4-4 10-8 4-10 7-3 L1 10 1
Elms tyber90 6-10 17-15 8-6 8-7 0-8 4-6 L1 54 10
Becker ixolabrat 5-11 16-16 7-7 8-7 0-7 7-3 L1 64 15
Johnson St. bieberfever 3-13 12-16 1-7 10-8 0-7 2-8 L1 109 48
South Standings
School Coach Conf.
Top 25
#8 Mount Ida mizzou77 16-0 29-2 10-0 16-0 4-2 8-2 L1 2 12
#6 Thomas kujayhawk 13-3 28-5 7-2 15-2 7-3 9-1 L1 5 3
Maine, Presque Isle dacj501 5-11 10-17 3-9 7-7 0-8 4-6 L2 150 43
Maine, Farmington teamkf 4-12 11-16 1-8 10-7 0-6 1-9 L7 136 69
Salem St. jodester22 4-12 9-19 4-11 4-7 0-7 2-8 L1 196 42
Maine Maritime Academy jazzcog 4-12 8-19 1-7 7-11 0-6 3-7 L5 159 38
1/5/2012 1:57 PM
Husson     12,000   E8
Lasell          6,000   2nd Rnd
Cast. St.     15,000  F4
Elms             5,000  PIT Ch. Game
Becker          4,000  PIT F4
Mt Ida            9,000  S16
Thomas      12,000 E8
                 $63,000 smackers
1/5/2012 2:04 PM
Looks like 60,000
         #48   70,000
         #49   61,000
         #50   50,000
         #51   80,000
         #52   76,000
         #53   63,000
7 season average of $65,714
Time to pick it up a little again.         
1/5/2012 2:34 PM
Did not realize the extent of the greatness of this conference when I signed on. As I look through the resumes of the teams and the coaches all I have to say is be gentle as you rip me a new one.
1/16/2012 1:52 PM
Beginning Season #54

1. Becker    #9 12 47 48 44 46 37 40 47 44 36 62 79 55 C+ 585
2. Lasell   #18 12 53 52 40 45 30 40 34 41 35 51 74 55 C 549
3. Thomas   #3 12 57 47 42 55 31 37 29 36 34 50 71 54 C 543
4. Castleton St.    #6 12 50 50 36 49 31 34 35 43 42 52 71 46 C 540
5. Mount Ida    #10 12 43 50 34 46 28 39 42 43 43 49 70 46 C+ 532
6. Husson    #23 12 47 45 42 42 32 31 32 37 36 48 73 65 C 530
7. Salem St. 12 30 45 40 33 29 47 39 38 35 58 73 60 C+ 529
8. Elms 12 48 37 41 52 30 31 33 37 35 48 74 55 C+ 521
9. Maine, Farmington 12 34 50 36 24 27 39 40 40 36 47 75 66 C 516
10. Maine Maritime Academy 12 41 46 34 36 26 36 35 40 34 52 71 62 C 512
11. Johnson St. 12 41 46 39 41 27 32 37 39 29 50 72 57 C 510
12. Maine, Presque Isle 12 44 41 34 43 26 29 31 36 40 58 73 54 C 510
1/17/2012 9:43 AM (edited)
Thomas Recruiting Season 54

Overall Grade: B

No long rambling description of recruiting this go around.  Scouted prior to recruiting ... found a handful of targets ... was down to three by the end of cycle 2 of recruiting ... did nothing else and those three ended up signing.

To keep things balanced I needed two guards and one post player.  I achieved that.

I needed at least one of the two guards to be able to play point guard for me.  I'm not sure how great either will be but each can play point guard if I really have to do it.

I wanted the post player to be a scorer and I probably did not accomplish that.  I signed a player with high-high potential in low post but since it starts at 19 I doubt that will lead to developing into a threat in the paint.

Probably leaning toward B+ in quality; I nicked myself a grade for leaving all of the NAC tourney money (and then some) on the table.  I had been burned -- or at least singed -- when I had gambled the past few times and I played it safe this time around.  I kind of doubt there is greatness in any of my three signings.  These are Sweet 16 type players, I'm not sure as seniors these guys will be good enough to go beyond that.

So with that said, here are the season 54 recruits ...

Anthony Lockwood

PG | 6'0" | 185 lbs. | 2.58 GPA
The Winchendon HS | Winchendon, MA
Athleticism - 58
Speed - 52
Rebounding - 6 (low)
Defense - 61
Shot Blocking - 1 (low)
Low-post - 1 (low)
Perimeter - 32 (high)
Ball Handling - 39 (high)
Passing - 39 (high)
Work Ethic - 32
Stamina - 51 (high)
Durability - 45
FT Shooting – C, 67.9% (high)

Bruce Sawyer
PG | 5'11" | 169 lbs. | 2.4 GPA
Coosa Christian HS | Gadsden, AL
Athleticism - 52
Speed - 57 (high)
Rebounding - 1 (low)
Defense - 40 (high)
Shot Blocking - 1 (low)
Low-post - 16
Perimeter - 15 (high)
Ball Handling - 64
Passing - 41 (high)
Work Ethic - 33
Stamina - 83 (low)
Durability - 57
FT Shooting – C+, 70.1%

Richard Kimble
C | 6'10" | 243 lbs. | 3.0 GPA
Mountain Valley HS | Rumford, ME
Athleticism - 34 (high)
Speed - 14 (high)
Rebounding - 61 (high)
Defense - 28 (high)
Shot Blocking - 60 (low)
Low-post - 19 (high)
Perimeter - 1 (low)
Ball Handling - 10
Passing - 10 (high)
Work Ethic - 73
Stamina - 67
Durability - 43 (high)
FT Shooting - C-, 63.4% (low)

Anthony Lockwood -- Solid guard.  Unlikely to be great.  Lockwood has a fantastic combo of ATH/SPD/DEF as he comes to campus.  Unfortunately all of the categories are average potential.  The ATH and DEF are (almost) both at 60 so that will be just fine even with the moderate growth.  The 52 speed rating is going to be more of a problem.  Assuming that gets to 60, he still is going to be slower than a number of guards in the NAC and press defenses might take full advantage of that.  All three of the guard skills are high potential and start at acceptable levels.  I don't know if the 32 perimeter or the 39 passing is high-high or low-high.  To be a point guard I really want the passing to be high-high.  And the 32 perimeter needs to be high-high if he's going to be allowed to shoot.  I don't expect both to be high-high but I really need one of them to be.  The ball handling is high-high so worst case scenario with full development is 50 PER, 70 BH, 60 PA.  That's not a great guard -- probably not even good -- but hopefully acceptable.  Work ethic is a real problem with Lockwood so that worst case scenario might be an optimistic projection.  I need to find games where I can give Lockwood extra minutes so that hopefully he starts his senior year with a work ethic above 40.

Bruce Sawyer -- Solid guard.  Unlikely to be great.  Sawyer has a fantastic combo of ATH/SPD/DEF as he comes to campus and a couple of those categories are high potential.  I don't know what type of high potential the SPD rating is but the DEF is high-high.  So on paper at least a 60 ATH, 75 SPD, 60 DEF player.  That will work although I'd prefer a tiny bit more speed to help compensate for Lockwood's (relative) slowness against elite teams.  Ball handling is just average potential but with a starting rating of 64, that's perfectly acceptable.  Passing is the same as Lockwood, high potential and I'm not sure what type of high potential it is and the answer will determine if I have a point guard or not.  Perimeter is high-high, I'm not sure what to make of that since it starts at 15.   In fact, I'm wondering how much time I should even spend developing the work ethic since just like Lockwood (noticing a theme here?), Sawyer is work ethic challenged.  I'm not sure how a category that will grow super slow no matter what since it is in the teens will develop with such a low work ethic.  Pretty sure I have to try to development but I see myself quite angry for the decision 4 seasons later.  This problem is exacerbated by the poor GPA, I'm going to be giving way too many study hall minutes for a player that needs to be spending the time working on his game on the court.

Richard Kimble -- The Fugutive is a very safe recruit and upon scouting he'll be better than just a safe pick.  Potential is high-high in ATH, SPD, RBD, DEF, and LP.  (I do know passing is just low-high.)  I'm not sure what to make of the 19 low post rating but unlike Bruce Sawyer I should be able to see how good it is since Kimble has 73 work ethic.  Even if it maxes out below 50, I'll still have myself a very nifty defender and rebounder so I'm plenty happy with having two players from Maine on my team for what is probably the first time in 25+ seasons.
1/17/2012 12:08 PM

Team Offense: Flex
Team Defense: 2-3 Zone

Likely Starting Lineup, (Season 53 Stats)
PG: John Bradley, Sr (18 GS, 16.3 pt, 3.4 ast, 1.0 stl)
SG: Cory Bjorklund, So (15 GS, 3.1 pt, 0 FG3A)
SF: Lee Brown, Jr (15 GS, 10.1 pt, 2.9 reb, 41 FG3%)
PF: Eric Kerney, Sr (33 GS, 3.9 pt, 6.7 reb, 1.3 blk)
C: Bryan Vaden, Jr (0 GS, 6.6 pt, 7.9 reb, 1.8 blk)

1st guard off the bench: Dennis Myers, Jr (2 GS, 2.7 pt)
1st post off the bench: Clinton Schweiger, Sr (0 GS, 4.8 pt, 4.5 reb, 1.1 blk)


The Season 51 recruiting class of Bradley, Kerney, and Brown is one of best in Thomas history and with two of the three preparing to graduate, season 54 will be Thomas' best chance to make the Final Four in the next few seasons.  The class of 51 is complimented by a very strong group of post players.  Just how good Thomas fairs in North Atlantic play and how deep a postseason run the Terriers can make will likely be dependent on how well two third year guards (Bjorklund & Myers) can step up their games after showing little in their first two seasons.

Defense is expected to be Thomas' strength.  Last season Thomas had one of the better defenses in the North Atlantic and with 9 returning from that team it should continue to be good; however, the three that graduated averaged a 70 rating in athleticism and a 75 rating in defense so Thomas will be unlikely to match last season's success.

On the offensive end, Thomas may struggle.  Several on scholarship at Thomas were signed for their rebounding and defense with scoring being a secondary factor.  To the extent that Thomas can shoot from the perimeter will likely determine if the Terriers have an effective offense.  Thomas only returns one player that shot three pointers last season and while some of the guards are developing perimeter skills, those skills are not likely to be developed (if at all) until the end of the season.  Thomas is also really going to be hurt by a lack of ball handling and passing skills that will lead to too many turnovers and also hurt in setting up the few scorers on the roster.

The NAC South is young so Thomas should not have any problems winning the division.  Thomas will also have a leg up on winning the conference championship due to the teams in the North beating up on each other in home-and-home play.


John Bradley will be the glue that keeps the Thomas together.  Bradley is the only player on the roster that has real strengths in ball handling and passing.  He can't shoot but he's got a sneaky low post game that combined with his exceptional speed makes him a really good scoring guard.  Bradley's low post still has room for growth (~15 points) and still has some room for defensive improvement.  Every thing else is pretty close to being maxed out.

Cory Bjorklund doesn't deserve to be starting but he'll be the starting shooting guard ... for at least season 54.  Part of this is that he should be an ok threat from outside as the season progresses.  He's no longer high potential in perimeter shooting but his 63 perimeter rating will finish around 80 -- a real disappointment since he was signed to be a long distance gunner.  But the reason why he's starting is so that he never plays at the point.  His 49 ball handling is poor and his 28 passing rating is by far the worst for any Thomas starter since I've been coaching.  The ball handling can get a bit better and thankfully the passing rating is high potential still.  Bjorklund is maxed out on defense but he can still get a bit better on that end due to the average potential in speed and athleticism.  Bjorklund is starting this season but might get lapped sooner rather than latter by the guys on the bench.

Dennis Myers will be first off the bench and while there is nothing special about him, he should be starting over Bjorklund.  However, Myers (somewhat) ability to play the point has him serving in a backup roll instead.  Depending on how players develop this season, Myers might move into the starting lineup.  He's the best shooting guard on the roster now and his perimeter rating is still high potential.  He also has some room to improve his ball handling and passing.  Speed, athleticism, and defense are maxed out but all three are at ok levels.

Bruce Sawyer will be expected to play a lot as a true freshman.  While he doesn't have much potental, he is much better to take the court than a number of D3 freshman will be.

Small forwards

Lee Brown is no longer high potential in anything but the 600 rated player still has a decent amount of growth in him.  Brown's athleticism is finally starting to max out, joining the shot blocking and perimeter shooting ratings that maxed out in high school.  Everything else can still grow a decent amount.  That does mean his rebounding will be a bit subpar as will his low post game but he looks to be an outstanding defender and pretty good with ball in hands for a small forward.  His guard skills may come in quite handy since the actual guards for Thomas don't have many at season's beginning.

Robert Holt is not yet ready to see the court as a redshirt freshman but will be forced into the roll of Brown's caddy.  He should be an ok player when he's developed but right now he's a long way from that.  Athleticism is maxed but nothing else is and many of his skill categories still have room for high growth: speed, shot blocking, perimeter, ball handling, passing, stamina.  Even by season's end, Holt probably still is not going to be ready to play serious minutes.  He's an ok project, but still a project at this point in his career.

Post Players

Eric Kerney won't come close to filling his potential but he's still a very good player.  I got greedy with Kerney and tried to max him out and with such a low starting work ethic (30) that just wasn't going to happen.  I spent a season and a half trying to develop his high potential perimeter and passing and those were minutes that should have gone elsewhere.  Kerney still has 18 points of growth in the low post but since he only improved 12 last season and the last points are hardest to get, he's probably going to finish with a 60 low post rating instead of 70.  As it is, Kerney will be a good defensive player but he won't be any threat on the offensive end.  As good as Kerney is on the defensive side, he still has room for growth in his rebounding, defense, shot blocking, and stamina.  If I had handled his first 1 1/2 seasons better, he'd really have a chance to be something special this season.

Bryan Vaden makes a return to the starting lineup.  He didn't deserve to start as a freshman but it was promised to him and he did deserve to start last season although Kerney got the nod to improve his work ethic.  Coming off the bench, Vaden led the team in rebounds per game and blocks per game.  He's shot 51% from the field his first two seasons so he's going to be counted on to provide the scoring since Kerney lacks that talent.  Vaden is already a finished product with his high work ethic.  Only his defense and passing have some room for growth.  Everything else is just about maxed out.  With the 98 rebound rating, he should be among the NAC leaders and the 73 athleticism and 82 shotblocking should also have him close to the top of that leaderboard as well.

Clinton Schweiger looks set to hold a dubious mark in the Thomas record books.  Unless injury strikes, he will be the first Thomas player to practice for five seasons and never start a game.  Most Thomas recruits start by the time they are seniors, but Schweiger won't be able to do that even with the extra year of practice.  Part of that is because he's not a great player but it also is because Kerney and Vaden are two of the better recruits Thomas has landed in the post.  As it is, Schweiger should be one of the better 6th men in the NAC and maybe in D3 as a whole.  Kind of surprising that he still has some room for growth in his rebounding and ball handling but everything else is maxed out.  With his 81 low post rating, he'll be a scoring threat off the bench and the 80 rebounding, 60 defense, 60 shot blocking should be plenty good on the defensive end.  

Al Brogden barely played as a freshman, except for one game where he accidentally started.  When he did play, it was simply for cover and often out of position at small foward.  In season 54, he will be the 4th big in the rotation.  For a true sophomore, Brodgen does not have much potential left.  His athleticism is still high potential but that's it for big growth.  His shot blocking and low post are already maxed in the upper 50's limiting both his offense and defense.  Brodgen sort of looks like the player he is .... a recruit that was signed late in recruiting a full day late due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

1/17/2012 12:09 PM

Our lone recruit for this season:  Albert Timmerberg  High potentials in ath, spd, reb, def, sb, lp, stm, dur.   Normal in passing and FT shooting.  Low in per and bh

1/17/2012 3:44 PM (edited)
Becker Team Outlook Season 54
Team Offense: Motion
Team Defense: 2-3 Zone
Likely Starting Line-up
PG: Erik Sullivan (Sr)
SG: Clyde Hasson (Sr)
SF: Phillip Drew (Jr)
PF: Donald Conyers (Jr)
C: Gene White (Sr)
1st Guard off the bench: Larry Borges (Jr)
1st Post off the bench: Elmer Barnard (Jr)
Potential Redshirt Player: Lloyd Callaway (So)
Becker looks to rekindle some of the magic of the 3-year run from seasons 49-51, where a sweet sixteen and elite eight berth were accomplished and the excitement was running high. Season 54 opens with high expectations of competing for the North Division Crown, Conference Title, and the Big Dance.
Year 3 of Coach Ixo’s rebuilding plan finds the squad laced with upper classmen, and decent depth at all positions. While Becker may lack they ultra elite player, there is very little drop off between the first and second squads. This depth should allow the team to play at a more up-tempo pace and endure any injuries that might occur.
Team ratings place Becker near the top of the conference in Rebounding, Shot Blocking, Perimeter Shooting, and Ball Handling; while being in the middle of the pack in terms of Athleticism, Speed, Defense, Low Post, and Passing. Nationwide, the squad has top five Perimeter Shooting, and top ten Blocking and Ball Handlings skills. The squad expects to be able to step on to the court most nights one equal footing talent wise, and now it’s up to the coaching staff to devise game plans that put the kids in a position to succeed.
Offensive Outlook
The squad possesses enough balance to be able to adjust game plans to either pound it down low or shoot from the outside. The guards have some penetrating ability even if they lack top-flight athleticism or speed. The big men have some decent athletic ability to go along with minor perimeter skills. The outside shooting of Clyde Hasson; the slashing ability of Eric Sullivan, the athleticism of Gene White, and Low Post play of Donald Conyers, will give the squad a dynamic and balanced attack and will allow the coaching staff to focus on potential mismatches on game night. Offensive rebounding should give the team a few more possession each game, and that can spell the difference between winning or losing in the tough and competitive NAC.
Defensive Outlook
The squad will primarily play a base 2-3 Zone, but can go to 3-2 Zone when faced with a superior outside shooting opponent. While the zone can hide some of the weaker defensive players, the team can through out a line-up of Borges (42), Hasson (64), Callaway (65), Drew (63), and White (59) and play very solid defense in a slow down game.  Rebounding should be a plus for the squad as all six big men can hit the boards effectively.
Schedule Outlook
The non-conference slate is very competitive with 3 Top-25 matchups and 7 road games. While the team will be looking for optimum line-ups, we are expecting a record of 8-2 or 9-1. The North Division is stacked so protecting home court will be key, and any road win will be worth its weight in gold! 11-5 or 12-4 is realistic goals for the conference, and the team is expecting to be ranked in the top-25 all season long in hopes of securing a top-4 seed in the National Tournament.

1/17/2012 8:11 PM
My lone recruit...not much to write home about, but what can you do?

Adam Gurganus.  Highs in DEF, BH and Stamina.  Lows in ATH, SPD, REB, SB, LP and PER. 
1/17/2012 8:22 PM
The outlook for Mt Ida this season is...well, not very good.
We are rebuilding from a let-down in the NT where we just didn't finish off what was nearly a perfect season.
Our goal is 14 wins and the NT as always.
Our #10 ranking did however make me laugh.

Nuff said!
1/18/2012 12:51 AM
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