Here's my last recruit information:

Oscar Flores:
athleticism: limited upside
rebounding: big upside
shot blocking: limited upside
perimeter shooting: limited upside
ball handling: limited upside
passing: limited upside
stamina: limited upside
ft shooting: big upside

3/21/2011 5:17 AM
Here's my one freshman.  Not even bothering with the two senior transfers because (1) they are roster filler and (2) they have no work ethic so what you see now is (hopefully) what they will finish.

Donald Dunkley:
work ethic: 53
athleticism (21): big upside
speed (19): limited upside
rebounding (77): big upside
defensive fundamentals (29): big upside
shot blocking (71): limited upside
low post (43)
perimeter shooting (1): big upside
ball handling (14): big upside
passing (25): limited upside
stamina (73): big upside
ft shooting (D-): big upside
3/21/2011 9:23 PM (edited)
A few thoughts before the NAC goes 12-0 tonight.

1. Bossman/jammer/newmoon continues to bring good recruits to Husson.  I was kidding last season when I said that Husson was having their best season ever just to get under mizzou's skin.  But seriously, last year's team was a terrific turnaround.  They were mostly a one-man show last season and lost Ken Marcus to graduation but I think they will continue to be quite good this season as well.  And I'm going to go out on a limb right now and say that Husson is going to make a run at the NAC North next season.  They will have six seniors and while Elms will be fielding a balanced class, both Castleton and Lasell will be young.  Conference championships can be kinda meaningless but even if Husson doesn't get there, it's been one heck of a turnaround by Bossman.

2. I can't believe dacj signed Ronald Bushway with C prestige.  Do you have to battle?  I was trying to keep up but I missed a ton of recruiting cycles this past go around other than quickly glancing for dropdowns on my phone.  I was really tempted to go after him with my A+ prestige but decided that I'd try and do better even though it kills me to finally have a player I like in Maine and let him go.  I was afraid with his low starting rating that he'd be available to all of D3 and I didn't want to battle over him, especially since I was hoping it might be one of you guys that jumped in the mix.  I wouldn't collude by doing this, but I was tempted for a split second to post on the message board that one of you better go after Bushway.  I was really, really happy after the first cycle to see UMPI had jumped on him.  And I would have typed that entire paragraph without knowing that Bushway has four high/high potential categories and all four are core for a big man.  Just a terrific recruit, especially with the prestige.

3. Don't think anybody else comes close to Bushway in the UMPI class but it's a very solid group that should accelerate a turnaround.   The defensive ratings are outstanding and the speed and athleticism is good enough that it's going to be really tough to score on UMPI in a couple of seasons.

4. I think UMF has the best class I've seen since Coach Floyd made his comeback.  (Although I'm not sure how many comebacks this has been at this point.  Five??)  I didn't think he'd be ignored by D3 teams, but I had Melvin Byrd as a backup option in case things went terrible in recruiting.  (And I say terrible, simply because I didn't want a guard.)  I think Byrd will quite good and I am happy he is in the NAC.  I'm not thrilled with any of the other UMF signings to be honest although I think they should all be able to contribute -- I just don't see any stars in the mix besides Byrd.  But all five recruits are going to be bringing things to the table.  I think it has the potential to be a fun recruiting class in that it really allows for some coaching to take advantage of rebounding strengths versus scoring versus defense.

5. William Rose could be the conferences next great scoring machine.  That type of potential could be deadly from out deep if the perimeter high potential is high/high.  I agree with Bob's viewpoint that the other two are pretty good all things considering.  They should both be able to contribute but probably aren't going to be stars -- although both have enough high potential categories that you never know.

And a few Thomas thoughts since I know you are all dying to know what I think about my team.

1. Recruiting mostly sucked.  The logistics of being away from home are never fun but this time it was terrible.  As I stated earlier I really wanted to adjust my class structure so that I wouldn't have a team that returned all 12 next season since I thought that would create some big playing time issues.  So I wanted to recruit two senior transfers and one big man.   The big man couldn't have gone any better.  Donald Dunkley was my primary target and I gambled that he would drop down to me eventually.  I typically go "all in" with a guy like him when I go across the country because I can't afford to scout him repeatedly and decide I don't like him.  So it was a bonus to discover that his defense potential is high/high.   He won't be an offensive threat but I think he should be very good on the defensive end and as a rebounder.  But the signing of seniors was terrible.  I did it once before 20 seasons ago for a similar reason to balance my classes.  I've never wanted to sign a senior (or any transfer) otherwise.  I didn't realize how much competition there was for the seniors.  I jumped in on two the first cycle.  I "got" one of them but the other was also flirting with a D2 and a D1 team.  And I posted earlier how I ended up losing the one I "got" to another D1 team.  I jumped in on two other seniors and ended up having to "battle" for them and I just gave them away when the other team kept on recruiting against me.  I finally did get two players that will hopefully never see the court but the biggest reason I wanted to sign them was to take a good part of my $15k in recruiting and have carry over money.  As it is, I only had about $3k left after all the lost battles I had.

2. I'm sort of surprised to be ranked #9.  I have no real seniors and we will be young.  I like my chances of getting to the postseason and think the team might have matured enough to keep my streak of making it the second round of the NT alive, but right now my team is not all that good.  We are just too young.

3. Along those lines, I scheduled a lot of Sim AI for the non-conference and hoped I could go 8-2 or 9-1 in non-conference.  (Kills me that I scheduled Anna Maria to go up against HalfAstros like I do every season and then he quits his team .... I never schedule that game otherwise since I'll get destroyed with my young bunch.)  I scheduled my two rivalry games with Anna Maria and Connecticut but everything else was mostly Sim AI -- 7 of the 10.  Except I now look and see that I'm going up against 10 human coaches.  I must have selected some pretty good Sim AI teams to have pulled off that trick.  Was there a promo I missed?

4. Couple of things from the player thoughts email.

(a) Edward Hager will be a beast if I can fill his potential.  I had to give him a bunch of study hall last season which is always tricky for small forwards so I choose to not give him any practice in his average potential categories of rebounding and perimeter.  He dropped a couple of points over the season but I still was shocked to open the player thoughts email and see that both categories now have high potential.  In total he has 10 high potential categories after his redshirt season.  With just 30 work ethic I'm not sure I'll be able to max him out (pretty sure I won't) but everything is high potential except for his low potential in speed and average durability.  He is a minimum 700 overall player and 800 wouldn't be impossible were he to max out completely.

(b) Robert Sim has little potential left except for the low post.  I was expecting a lot more out of him.  He should be a decent bench player but I hate signing guys that I never end up starting and it looks like he probably will be one of them.

5.  This could be a very interesting team for Thomas and I mean that in a train wreck sense.  I think I should be ok in the big picture but the only player on my team that knows how to pass is the senior transfer that has F IQ in my offense.  My defensive ratings are the worst they have been in a long while.  That is a bit because of youth but primarily because I haven't been giving it the priority I should in recruiting.  I've had a top defense for several seasons in a row right now but we might be a mess on the defensive end.  And while I have a couple of high potential player that might be able to develop into something by the end of the season, right now I don't have any low post game at all.  If things go poorly, I might blow the postseason -- especially if the NAC gives me a beating this season.

6.  I'm hoping that the train wreck can be avoided based on the preseason games.  Didn't set depth charts and I did quite well even if I was playing some pretty bad Sim AI teams.  My biggest fear was going to be depth since I have a nine man roster  (and two senior transfers) but I did pretty good preseason going just eight.

3/21/2011 9:54 PM (edited)

1.Sims - high- spd,lp,per,bh,pa,ft
3.Burns- high-spd,reb,lp,bh
4.Ennis- high-ath,reb,lp.sta

3/22/2011 4:05 PM
Pre-Season All North Atlantic Conference Teams (Season 48)

First Team
Pos Name  School Yr.  Pos.  A  SPD  REB  DE  BLK  LP  PE  BH  P  WE  ST  DU  FT  TOT
PG Christopher Oliver Elms Sr. PG 67 73 1 68 2 23 57 55 65 89 83 77 B+ 660
SG John Strong MMA Sr. PG 41 82 7 38 13 12 79 82 72 73 98 50 B+ 647
SF Mike Chenault MMA Sr. SG 56 69 47 66 42 53 25 60 48 72 76 59 B+ 673
PF Joey Wolk Lasell Sr. PF 66 54 79 40 44 90 1 14 41 68 68 59 B- 624
C Dikembe Abke Lasell Sr/5 C 33 36 97 43 73 90 33 16 35 40 69 76 B+ 641

Second Team
Pos Name  School Yr.  Pos.  A  SPD  REB  DE  BLK  LP  PE  BH  P  WE  ST  DU  FT  TOT
PG Jeffery Ahmad Mount Ida Jr. PG 57 73 2 68 3 1 51 71 63 40 76 59 B- 564
SG Jean Gates Elms Jr. PG 31 85 1 43 5 2 72 82 71 70 83 58 C+ 603
SF Michael Miller Thomas Jr. C 51 53 86 30 60 39 23 64 47 74 71 67 B- 665
PF Wilford Turpin Thomas Jr. C 71 49 75 65 54 56 1 36 24 68 74 65 C+ 638
C Sean Harbin Husson Jr. C 66 23 61 73 72 75 1 15 1 72 73 51 B+ 583

Third Team
Pos Name  School Yr.  Pos.  A  SPD  REB  DE  BLK  LP  PE  BH  P  WE  ST  DU  FT  TOT
PG Michael Lee Castleton State Jr. PG 36 89 4 27 4 1 70 72 75 55 82 75 B+ 590
SG Michael Barnett MMA Sr. SG 52 58 24 35 6 33 99 51 37 60 89 38 B+ 582
SF Luis Perry Elms Sr. PF 63 54 37 62 32 56 52 33 47 69 84 63 B- 652
PF Jeffrey Wisner Lasell Sr. PF 62 27 77 69 40 80 1 38 1 80 87 47 B+ 609
C Marcus Johnson Husson Jr. PF 58 24 79 67 59 63 1 1 25 41 79 47 B 544

3/22/2011 6:35 PM
I updated my recruit info based on the player thoughts, and used tinyurl to get a better address. Martinek is now included as well (not that he's very good...)
3/23/2011 10:15 AM
And for the record, this is only my 2nd comeback.
3/24/2011 2:08 PM
The season is progressing about how I thought.  The youngster are having to grow up fast.  With 2 FR averaging a combined 14.9 ppg and 14.4 rpg and starting 3 SOs and a FR, the next two seasons look promising.
3/29/2011 2:03 PM
North Standings
  School Coach Conf.
Top 25
  #8 Elms tyber90 0-0 10-0 6-0 4-0 0-0 10-0 W10 20 142
  #10 Husson bossman2345 0-0 10-0 2-0 8-0 0-0 10-0 W10 3 33
  #14 Castleton St. rdb03161987 0-0 9-1 0-0 9-1 0-0 9-1 W1 29 145
  #13 Lasell carlbuzz 0-0 9-1 3-0 6-1 2-1 9-1 W2 36 166
  Johnson St. Sim AI 0-0 4-6 2-4 2-2 0-0 4-6 W2 312 324
  Becker nz00 0-0 3-7 1-3 2-4 0-0 3-7 W1 111 16
South Standings
  School Coach Conf.
Top 25
  #3 Maine Maritime Academy jazzcog 0-0 10-0 4-0 6-0 0-0 10-0 W10 18 136
  #9 Thomas kujayhawk 0-0 9-1 0-0 9-1 0-1 9-1 L1 1 4
  Salem St. larry_d 0-0 8-2 6-1 2-1 0-0 8-2 L1 165 306
  Mount Ida mizzou77 0-0 6-4 1-2 5-2 0-2 6-4 L2 34 25
  Maine, Presque Isle dacj501 0-0 5-5 3-2 2-3 0-0 5-5 W1 240 281
Maine, Farmington teamkf 0-0 3-7 0-4 3-3 0-0 3-7 W1 212 121
3/31/2011 1:17 PM
The N.A.C. Program Power Rankings

Rank  - Team - Prestige - Current - NT  5 yrs - Classes - Outlook

  #1    Thomas         A+           542           19            2 4 3 3        A+ = Great, good season current, 7 Sr/Jr next season.   
   2     Castleton       A+           558           18            2 2 3 3        A   = Very Good, good season current, then 5 Sr/Jr, then 7
   3     MMA                A+           545           13            6 2 1 3        A   =  Very Good. Great now, then good, then Great
   4     Lasell             A             527             7             4 3 1 4        A   =  Very Good. Great now, very good next 2. (109 W's)
   5     Elms               B-           545             7             4 4 2 1        B   =  Good, 8 Sr/Jr =  real good. then decent, (87 W's)
   6     Husson          C+          529            1              2 6 2 2        A   =  Bit of a wild-card. Very Good now, Then Great, then = ?
   7     Mt Ida              C+          530             0             0 5 3 2        B+ = Decent now, then 8 Sr/Jr = great? then ? (109 W's)
   8    Johnson St     C-           471             0             2 1 3 2        D   = Until a human helps out,,, this is the conference B*tch
   9    Presque Isle   C            462             0             1 2 3 5        C  = Rebuilding, 2 seasons away? (69 wins in 5 seasons)
  10   Farmington     C-           470             0             1 0 5 5        C  = Rebuilding as well, still 2 seasons away, (48 wins)
  11   Becker             C-           474             0              0 1 5 6       C  = See above teams, NZ has 0 Sr &1 Jr.  (46 wins)
  12   Salem St         C-           457             0              2 2 3 5       C  =  See above as well, 8 underclassmen (34 w's)

I thought I'd put this together to sort of track the progress inside the conference.  Most of it is strictly #'s and not much of my opinion. I ranked the teams in order of success the last 5 years. Thomas has made the NT every year, won 133 games, and played 19 NT games, making a championship game and a final four. Castleton St would be an ever so slight second,,, maybe opinion here since C St has won 140 games in that time, but is one NT game behind (18), of KuJ.

Really about as close as you can find for a tie at the top right now. (I probably also give the nod to KuJ as he is a season ahead on RDB in the rebuild), if you can call it that at the top level of Allen DIII, more of a speed bump than a rebuild for these two.

The bottom 5 have one PIT appearance between all of them, (belonging to Johnson St.) and thus the #8 belongs to them. The first team to have some stability at the coaching spot and win some Non-Conference games will quickly jump out of that bottom cluster as soon as one of them makes the post-season.
4/11/2011 12:21 PM (edited)
You knew I couldn't do this without my opinions getting in the way... so here they are....LOL!

I put KuJ on top due to his success, as well as being the Grandpa of the NAC.  He was here when  Jr, Elmo, and I first decided to make this place home.
Actually we landed in a near empty conference in season #20 and KuJ joined us in season #21. Floyd then came along in #22 and Beachwhale in #23 (a bit cranky), RDB being just a pup came along in #25.

There have been seasons where RDB would have to have been the top program and KuJ a close second... however, again, due to being here since dirt was invented, as well as currently being just ever-so-slightly ahead of Castleton St (at least in age/IQ, on paper), I give the nod to KuJ.
That being said, who-ever goes the furthest in the post-season this year will have to be #1, LOL.

The next group is MMA / Lasell. Jazz hasn't been here long but the MMA program has been very successful non-the-less. Lasell is just a very solid program, but just slightly behind the MMA program in success and definitly behind them come NT time. Carl has been at the helm of Lasell since Jr and I left the program in season 32. So Lasell has had an excellant coach at the helm,(in some fashion) without an open season since #20, LOL. (Jr from 20-29, me from 29-32, and Carl ever since. So Lasell has some decent history of stability and success. MMA has been great even if their coach hasn't been the same person for long.

The next group is Elms / Husson.
Tyber has been here (season #36) since nearly back to Elmo's day. He has had very good success with the program, (couple E8's and a Final4), but he has slowed down a little the last 5 seasons, and thus allowed the Husson program to draw closer to catching him. Once a solid member of the top-5 in the NAC, now he is in peril of allowing Husson... or possibly even Mt Ida to creep up on his program. Husson has been sim coached and wondering aimlessly since yours truely allowed das-turdly, NickDiesel to take over the program as I was trying to drop in behind myself and pick em up with another ID. As such, Nicky-D so tainted the reputation of the Black-Hawks, that I couldn't lower myself to comming back to Bangor to try to repair the damage. (actually newmoon had em reserved and they wern't available, but the other story sounds better). Newmoon/Jammer/Bossman, which I believe to be all the same person. (correct me if I'm wrong), has done an awesome job altho lives the dangeous life of losing his work each season by dropping back in with a new ID. (history here says once you have a successful program you'll lose it to cherry-pickin). However, Bossman has built a team that even tho I continue to feel it is overachieving, it continues to rack up the wins. (sooner or later that over-achieving... just becomes really darn good). It will take several seasons at or near this level to surpass Elms on the list, but as far as currently good programs... Husson is playing superb.

Mt Ida, is in a class all it's own. Sadly enough this just happens to be about the #7 spot in the conference. They have a similar, non-impressive last-5 history to Husson, except Husson is ahead of us at this point. The FCP has just gimped us far worse than expected, and thus we are going to need another season of IQ improvement to get to the level of what running man or the zone would have us at by now. Not an essay or whine on the FCP here... just a passing comment on what has become my frustrating mistake in taking over this program. Next season will prove to be Mt Ida's make-it-or-break-it season for running the press. With 5 seniors and no excuses from our IQ's we will either prosper, or back up and regroup. Several are still running the press with success, but if it takes me having to make an all-out commit to it... I may pass. My HD interest is far to casual right now to spend the time I use to cracking the code to run one defense... only to watch it nerfed again about the time I think I have it.... opps,,, starting to sound much more like whining than commenting MuHaHaHa.

and now..... Th' Cluster...
4/11/2011 2:56 PM (edited)
Th' Cluster.

This group of 5 teams is really only a smidge below Mt Ida over the last 5 seasons. Ida has been to the PIT 3 times and won 88 games during that time, and these 5 have one PIT appearance and the best has 20 less wins. Therefore, I rated all of them below Mt Ida's success.
All 5 have an overall team rating about 50pts below the 7 above them, so there's some talent differences right now to overcome.
Johnson State has one PIT and 60 wins the last 5, and therefore they rank #8. Sim-coached, but with 6 scholys to fill next season, a good coach could have them up and running in short order.

Presque Isle, I ranked next due to the 69 wins and the fact that they have only finished below .500 once in the last 5. Dacj, who I expect to stay awhile due to the level of competition here, is as agressive as talented, and I believe will have them climbing the ladder through the middle of the conference very soon.

Farmington I dropped in next, due to the fact that they basically backed up and retooled completely the last 2 seasons. Coach Floyd is here (like myself), out of boredom at the DI level. He has returned to his roots and is a bulldog. He simply will not be happy with what Farmington has done the last few seasons and will have them up and running well, even if it is 2 seasons away due to the youth movement.

Becker has had minimal success the last 5 (winning 46), however if NZ hangs around, he is headed in the right direction. With 11 underclassmen he has recruited, growing up under his eye, he should be formidable as well in 2 seasons.

Last but far from least is Larry D at Salem State. He was kind enough to take over one of our most woeful programs. However, he quickly gave the green light to shoot once across mid-court to Jack Wilson, and he has become the conference wild-card. He may not beat alot of us,,, but no-one without 2 lockdown perimiter defenders will sleep well knowing they have him to play overnight. His team is also very young and if he sticks with us for awhile, he could move up quickly as well.

My overall opinion of Th' Cluster is anyone who sticks 3-4 seasons and works at it can jump up outa there and be somebody in the NAC... and in Allen DIII,,,, that somethin'

* disclaimer, like I said above, this is a little more my opinion, rather than fact, and this is an overview of the Conference Program Power Rankings, not a ranking of the current best team.
4/11/2011 3:35 PM (edited)
oooh I'm aggressive. I like it! 

Nice job mizzou
4/11/2011 4:57 PM
In a couple of seasons, I expect to give most a good game and should win my share.  After that, it's Rebuild Part II.  Only this time I'll even out the classes.  Due to my much too conservative recruiting strategy (for lack of a better word), I have been reluctant to take walkons.  As I learn to better evaluate talent, I should be able to better spot players who will fit my system and not have to go with the take 5 or 6 and hope one's good.
4/11/2011 8:46 PM
Final Standings
  School Coach Conf.
Top 25
  #6 Husson bossman2345 13-3 29-5 9-1 14-2 8-5 8-2 L1 3 1
  #14 Castleton St. rdb03161987 12-4 24-7 6-2 15-3 4-6 8-2 L1 6 4
  #19 Lasell carlbuzz 12-4 24-7 9-2 12-3 7-7 6-4 L1 12 11
  Elms tyber90 9-7 21-9 11-3 8-4 2-9 5-5 L1 20 12
  Becker nz00 5-11 8-19 4-8 4-10 0-9 3-7 L2 145 16
  Johnson St. Sim AI 1-15 5-22 2-12 3-9 0-10 0-10 L14 260 65
South Standings
  School Coach Conf.
Top 25
  #1 Maine Maritime Academy jazzcog 16-0 35-0 12-0 14-0 12-0 10-0 W35 1 6
  #21 Thomas kujayhawk 11-5 23-8 6-2 14-4 3-7 5-5 L1 8 3
Mount Ida mizzou77 9-7 16-13 6-5 9-6 1-11 7-3 L2 39 9
  Maine, Presque Isle dacj501 4-12 10-18 5-8 4-9 0-8 3-7 L1 201 74
  Salem St. Sim AI 2-14 10-17 7-8 3-8 0-8 1-9 L9 220 84
  Maine, Farmington teamkf 2-14 5-22 1-11 4-10 0-9 1-9 L3 229 39
5/1/2011 12:33 AM
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