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Recruit #2: Peter Posey

Posey is the far more ready guard in this class.  He'll have to contribute in a backup roll right away, as we are pretty low on guards this year.  Posey's 3 highs are all high-highs, so expect to see him on some all-ACC teams.  
7/8/2013 5:25 PM
Recruit #3: Pete McDermond

McDermond is going to be very solid.  His Reb-Def-SB are all high-high and the way he's developing this year, it looks like his LP might be high-high as well.  His potential actually hinges on where his athleticism goes.  If it's on the high end of average (So he gets to low to mid 80s) he could be a high quality 4 year big man.  
7/8/2013 5:28 PM
Recruit #3: James Brooks

Another project, I'm looking forward to Brooks' future.  High-high BH potential means he could have at least decent enough perimeter skills to play the 3.  IF I can develop him into a 3, he'd be an absolute force on the boards from the 3 spot, as well as being a top notch defender.  Unless that high-high LP explodes, I think we're looking at an extremely high quality role player.  
7/8/2013 5:30 PM
Recruit #5: Matthew McKenzie

My second 5 star and first "super recruit" at NC State, I'm very pleased with getting McKenzie.  He'll start at PF this year and with his 96 WE, he'll be a much better even by the end of this year.  I'm hoping he'll stick around for 3 years as his perimeter skills aren't uber-elite.  Not a whole lot to say about him other than I'm very happy to have him.  
7/8/2013 5:33 PM
This year was much better than I expected.  We finished sub-.500, but with another win or two (depending on who it was against), we would've made the NT.  We ended up with a 1 seed in the PI and went to the PI final four.  Normally, this is below my standards for what I want with this program.  The thing is, we had a short rotation this year (only 9 guys) and 5 out of the 9 rotation players were freshmen.  We maintained our A prestige going into recruiting, which is a nice result.  Here's the squad: 

8/5/2013 5:43 PM
Recruit #1: Raymond Glaude

I look at Glaude as a SG/SF hybrid type guy.  We needed SFs, so he's a good help, especially if some of my other SG prospects don't totally pan out.  I'm looking forward to his scoring ability.
8/6/2013 12:33 AM
Recruit #2: Aaron Topper

Topper is a good recruit, but he has a 21 WE.  He'll start right away at SF so I hope he will develop into the player he could be.  His potentials should help him be a good scorer, hell be a great rebounder for a 3 and a great defender with his ath-def.  I'm very excited for Topper's development.  He can also be a backup 4, which will help if McKenzie leaves early after this year.  

I really like these two.  As I said, I needed help at SF and I got two SF hybrids who are going to be EXCELLENT defenders.  
8/6/2013 12:38 AM
Our season has ended, once again without a NT victory.  We had a disappointing season, going 17-9, then 1-1 in the CT, and getting a 12 seed.  We faced 5 seed Kansas and they hit a 3 at the buzzer to win by 2.  It was hard to get so, so close and not get that win.  We do only lose Albert Fowler this year (although I'm writing this before EEs).  Fowler was a great player over his 4 years, he was 1st team all-conference once and 2nd team all-conference once, he finished 8th in school history in points and 4th in assists.  I'm not sure how optimistic I am for the future.  The high potential guys aren't going to pan out as well as I hoped, so I guess I'm just going to do my best with these teams and make a conscious effort to recruit better.  Here is the squad:

8/28/2013 12:56 PM (edited)
Matthew McKenzie has declared for the draft after two seasons.  I get the feeling that at the A range of prestige, these highly rated prospects are equivalent to JUCOs.  Still, the impact is huge.  He came in and averaged 18 points per game when I'm sure he was getting doubled every game.  I think long and hard about going after another top rated guy like McKenzie, but I did enjoy having him.  I wish he had stayed 1 more season, hopefully we can make the NT again next season and keep that prestige from dropping below A-.  For now, it's at an A because we have the Final Four trip in our 4 year window, but it falls out next year.  

EDIT: He went 6th in the draft.  Teammate Albert Fowler went 24th.  Our A prestige, which was probably close to the A/A- line, while still on the A side, is probably much more solidly in the middle with those two first-rounders.  

9/3/2013 8:30 AM (edited)
Recruit #1 (and only recruit): William Roberts

The best guard in the region (although some might say UVA-bound Terry Evans), I won Roberts over Clemson.  The battle really took up all my money, but with my current guard situation, I really needed him.  I'm very pleased with Roberts and I think he'll be an excellent player over the next couple seasons (until he gets drafted early).   
9/6/2013 1:53 PM
Our season once again ended in a 1st round loss, this time as a 10 seed.  Just a disappointing season with a team that wasn't very good.  I need better players.  

10/2/2013 8:43 PM
We also lost transfer Jeff Scott, so we'll have 5 openings this year with an A prestige, so hopefully we can get some good players in here.  
10/2/2013 8:43 PM
Recruit #1: Clyde Toon

Despite being ranked so low, Clyde Toon is going to be very good.  It'll take him a season or two to get there, but damn does he have potential.  I am still trying to decide on whether or not I should RS him or our other project recruit (Clinton Kilne).  Toon is guaranteed to be an athletic freak and great defender, but with high-highs in Reb, LP, and Per, and his good perimeter skills, Toon projects out as a top notch PF, with an All-American ceiling.  
10/8/2013 11:29 PM
Recruit #2: Clinton Kline

Cline is our other project recruit.  With high-highs in BH and Spd, he'll be at least a fast athletic defender who can handle it.  Usually, I do a bit more scouting on these guys, but I didn't do my due diligence this time.  Still, I have high hopes for Kline down the road and see him, at worst, being a good defender off the bench.  
10/8/2013 11:31 PM
Recruit #3: Whitney Petti

I am really hoping he shows up on campus as I chose to go after Petti over Clemson signee Joseph Reed, who is going to be a stud, although the defense is not guaranteed, which is why I leaned toward Petti.  Petti projects out as a top notch defender and great shooter, which is the best combo for a guard, in my opinion.  If the speed and BH are on the high side of average and the passing potential is high-high, we could be looking at an NBA player.  

10/8/2013 11:36 PM
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