Hamilton Hospitalized With Case of Pneumonia Topic

Posted by MikeT23 on 7/8/2011 8:11:00 AM (view original):
OK, worst living human not involved in a holocaust?
. . . and not named Casey Anthony . . . I'll go with that.
7/8/2011 8:19 AM
She was not guilty.   Quit being so judgemental.
7/8/2011 9:00 AM
Oprah is worse.
7/8/2011 11:48 AM


7/8/2011 12:03 PM
Lets not forget he killed that man with the man's son watching!
7/8/2011 12:10 PM
Posted by MikeT23 on 7/8/2011 12:03:00 PM (view original):


Only with Oprah.
7/8/2011 12:21 PM
More fun with Hamilton.

Dude has some problems during the NFL playoffs.
2/3/2012 1:36 PM
Drinking rampage!!!!!
2/3/2012 1:52 PM
His press conference that just ended on MLB network was pretty honest and forthright. I give it up for the guy. He's got some demons and at least he's fighting them. I know from my own struggles with various addictions just how hard it can be to try to walk away from something that is SO EASY to let be a part of your life. I wish the guy well. I think it took some GIGANTIC nuts to sit up on that platform today and speak from his heart. How many of us are going to apologize so profusely for having 12 beers? Harold Reynolds made a great point when he said, "When you're the most popular athlete in Dallas, and you walk into a bar and have a beer, well you know you've got a serious addiction." I don't think ANY of us can put ourselves into that guys shoes. Not a ONE of us...
2/3/2012 2:52 PM
None of us can walk in his shoes.  That's why none of us would even be expected to apologize for 12 beers. 

That said, you have to have some self-control.   Something that says "This is bad" BEFORE you do it.    He either doesn't have it or just ignores it.  I can't believe that someone who has gone thru what he's been thru doesn't have it.  He KNOWS where the path leads yet he stumbles right down it.   Worse yet, there are plenty of people out there who can't wait to say "I HAD A BEER WITH JOSH HAMILTON!!!" so he's going to be helped down the path.   The key is staying out of the situation.    If that means "Don't go into a bar alone" because you can't trust yourself, then don't go into the bar.   It takes more effort to open a door than to walk past it.

I said in another thread that I don't know if I feel sorry for him or if I'm ****** at him for being so weak-willed.
2/3/2012 3:54 PM
I'm shocked nobody jumped on Mike's obvious moke attempt there. 
2/4/2012 10:44 AM
He's just not trying anymore.

Wait...didn't he just accuse Hamilton of that?
2/4/2012 9:24 PM
Mike hasn't been at his best lately.  He needs to bust out the old "JETER = BEST SS EVER!!" chestnut to get his mojo back.
2/4/2012 9:44 PM
You spelled "EVAH" wrong!

Oh...and "OVERRATED"
2/4/2012 10:01 PM
Yeah, I forgot he spells it that way.  My bad.
2/4/2012 10:56 PM
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Hamilton Hospitalized With Case of Pneumonia Topic

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