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Ok folks, only a couple hours left for current coaches to make the move. If you are interested in helping make the Heartland a special conference, and getting some financial incentive to boot, act now!
2/13/2011 10:00 PM
I took over Mt St. Joseph in the Division 3 Heartland Conference, sine that made that conference full, and I am from Cincinnati originally. Looked like a good fit. I want to build that one up before I move up to Division 2, but once I do, I will look at Heartland. The Gift Certificate doesn't matter. I like finding a school that interests me and coaches that like to chat and are friendly. West Florida really interests me a lot, so if it is available in a few years, I will probably go for it.
2/14/2011 2:37 PM
Signups rolling around again for Knight - offer still stands. We added a few coaches in the wake of this, and the conference was a lot more fun and competitive for it. Still plenty of good opportunities. Join us :)
3/18/2011 3:23 AM
No one loves you but your momma? WE WANT YOU!
(If everyone loves you, we still want you, but you are probably used to that...)

I know signups are a ways off for Knight, but I just sent out the first batch of $5 gift certs to the coaches that joined when I first made the offer. The conference has a budding annual challenge with neighboring Northern Sun which is developing nicely, and a number of good humans. We still have 6 simmy openings however, and my offer stands. Anyone who is thinking about a nice D II project and wants to join a fun and fairly active conference who also wouldn't mind picking up an extra fiver for doing so can sitemail me for more info, or just post here and I'll find you. 

We'd love to fill up the Heartland, and you can help!
3/23/2011 10:31 AM
I'll have to think about this.  Don't have a current d3 team in Knight, but I am eligible for all six openings in d2 Heartland due to prior teams in knight.  Have to see if I can convince myself that any of the teams in there 'fit' my preferences. 
3/23/2011 10:42 AM
Too bad St Mary's is taken - my old stomping grounds.
3/23/2011 10:50 AM (edited)
St Edward's is available, and it kinda sounds similar, right?
3/23/2011 11:21 AM
If anything, considering OPSU - a sucker for reclamation projects.  And its recruiting geography interests me, and I would likely end up with five or six schollies to play with Simmy's tendency to take at least one if not two walkons.  And the two players I would be returning would be able to rebound, because for at least the first year I would be missing shots by the truckload.

3/23/2011 11:48 AM
In other words, taking one of the six, just juggling which team to do.

3/23/2011 12:02 PM
OPSU will be coached next season.
3/23/2011 1:53 PM
Posted by a_in_the_b on 3/23/2011 1:53:00 PM (view original):
OPSU will be coached next season.
Only 5 left folks! There selling like hotcakes (mmmm hotcakes)
3/23/2011 3:36 PM
Hey everyone. Knight just crowned champions, so it must be time to pimp out my conference. 

I'm going to offer $5 Gift Certs again this time around, maybe the last time for a while. If anyone was thinking about taking me up on free money to play a game you were already going to play anyway, well, now is the time to do so. 

IF you want the $5, please sitemail me and let me know you are coming and what team. 

Conference is really getting talented. Future is bright - climb on the bandwagon while there's room...
4/16/2011 12:46 AM
I'm going to post some snip-its about each open team. I'll do each team in its own entry, in case someone can't wait to just quote the post and stake a claim!
4/16/2011 12:54 AM

North Alabama (D+):
4-23 (1-15, RPI 215, SOS 117)

Almost total rebuild, but a relatively quick one. 4 open scholarships this season, 3 more next plus a couple more maybe after cuts; a couple serviceable players to suffer through growing pains with. They run motion/man. Be the first human to coach collegiate basketball in Florence, Alabama in 23 seasons!

4/16/2011 1:08 AM (edited)

Incarnate Word (C):
15-12 (8-8, RPI 110, SOS 120)


Only 3 scholarships this season, but the sim equivalent of a title shot season as 6 seniors return. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you. 6 quality humans on the non-conference schedule looking for their easy win safe RPI bump simmy game, but you can be their party-pooper! Plus the name is really cool…it somehow sounds dirty!
4/16/2011 1:09 AM (edited)
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Rare, A prestige opening D2 Heartland, Knight Topic

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