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Lincoln (C-):
3-24 (0-16, RPI 229, SOS 127)

Ok, so whadda want me to say? No scholies and 9 freshmen…just think about the advantage you could have when they are all seniors! Think of the IQ! They run motion/press and had some players make nice ability gains this season (average gain per player = 43). Might actually be a kinda fun team to try to resuscitate. 

4/16/2011 1:09 AM (edited)

St. Edward’s (C+):

19-9 (8-8, RPI 137, SOS 262)

Last season was the first simai season at St Ed’s in a long time. They’ve got a solid if unspectacular history (only one season finished in the top 25, an Elite 8 run by tommyamaker – must be before he ran off to Harvard – back in season 26). 3 departing seniors and only 3 simmy players on the roster; definitely worth a look. 
4/16/2011 1:14 AM

Drury (C-):

15-12 (9-7, RPI 133, SOS 190)

Last but not least is Drury, not Dreary as I always read it. It is actually a pleasant looking campus (in pictures on their website anyway).  They are a pretty decent sim, with a few halfway decent simmy players and 4 open ships. Motion/press again – see if press still works, or come and shake things up – all in all a nice spot in an up and coming conference – with your help.
4/16/2011 1:20 AM
In addition to the heartland, the Northern Sun has 6 openings as well. We have an interconference challenge going with Heartland but if they get more coaches than us then it is going to slat the challenge in their favor. Come and help us out in the Northern SUN. I can't offer the same $5 as dacj can but wouldn't the chance to beat him be worht the so called price of admission.

BTW I am Madpad78 as well and have UM-Crookstone. Plus who would you rather be in a conference with. Weena (Northern Sun) or dacj501 (Heartland)

Again guys come and help us out.
4/16/2011 8:09 AM

St. Edward’s (C+):


19-9 (8-8, RPI 137, SOS 262)

Last season was the first simai season at St Ed’s in a long time. They’ve got a solid if unspectacular history (only one season finished in the top 25, an Elite 8 run by tommyamaker – must be before he ran off to Harvard – back in season 26). 3 departing seniors and only 3 simmy players on the roster; definitely worth a look. 

St. Edward's is no longer available. And then there were 4.
4/17/2011 4:54 AM (edited)

Incarnate Word (C):
15-12 (8-8, RPI 110, SOS 120)

Only 3 scholarships this season, but the sim equivalent of a title shot season as 6 seniors return. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you. 6 quality humans on the non-conference schedule looking for their easy win safe RPI bump simmy game, but you can be their party-pooper! Plus the name is really cool…it somehow sounds dirty!

Only 3 teams left, and time is running out. 

4/18/2011 12:41 AM
Thanks to everyone who helped get us to 3/4 capacity. I'm taking myself out of the paying folks to play business for a while now. Still hope we fill up completely, but it will have to be the old fashioned way for a while. Offer is temporarily on hiatus.
5/7/2011 2:20 PM
Ok, so while there may not be any financial incentive to join the Heartland, we're still a real nice community that is looking to accept 3 new members. We'd love to fill up entirely to make us even stronger. Help us take a shot at our turn atop the Knight D II landscape!
5/19/2011 2:55 AM
Time is running out to make your move. Active CC, interconference challenge games, mentoring, what more could anyone ask for. 3 spots remain, with 1 coach in the pipe starting at D III looking to move up and join us asap... if you've ever thought about making this move, now could be the perfect time!
5/20/2011 10:44 PM
Hi folks, me again!

Post-season play concludes tonight, so its time to bang the drum for the Heartland, D II Knight's most up-and-coming-conference!*

Currently 3 schools are open, however a D III coach is set to take over Lincoln. Montevallo may be available, if the current coach finds the bright lights of D I too dazzling and wanders off into the sunset (he's indicating he's looking). Montevallo finished the season #8 in the polls and coach khook19 has done a great job building up the program. They lose a good senior class, but should sport around an A-/B+ prestige and have a number of open ships. Definitely a program on the come and a great opportunity - and maybe khook will change his mind and agree with me

There are 2 other vacant programs, and I'll give a brief detailing of each in separate posts - that way someone can just click on quote and excitedly claim their new team!

6/17/2011 5:24 PM (edited)
North Alabama Lions (Florence, AL - D+) 12-16, 129, 39.

The Lions have never made the postseason in Knight. They sport 4 openings, and the returning players are sort of serviceable. I’d cut Williamson and Carter, and try to fill the 4-6 openings or take a couple walk-ons.

6/20/2011 2:48 AM (edited)
Drury Panthers (Springfield, MO – D+) 8-19, 248, 274.

Drury hasn’t had a double digit RPI since season 5. They have 2 walk-ons and 4 graduating seniors, as well as a senior who came in as academically ineligible, then played 0 minutes his first eligible season. Theoretically he’d have a season of eligibility left, but its my understanding the player needs a 2.7 GPA to return for that 5th yr, and this winner is sporting a 2.6. That’s a good thing though, coz he sucks and you’d rather he left… looks like 7 openings then…the program needs some TLC. The rest of us promise to be kind and only run slowdown against you for a season (not an actual promise!) Are you man enough?
6/17/2011 5:25 PM (edited)
Ok folks well, jobs starting filling just a moment ago. North Alabama and Lincoln were both filled, leaving only Montevallo and Drury open. I know that a talented coach has applied for Montevallo, so Drury may be the last train leaving the station. Its not that bad a program folks

Coaches looking for some banter and interplay, coaches who seem to give a damn, inter-conference rivalry, season predictions on our forum thread and a great place to be a part of the growth of a conference, there's very few spots left...
6/20/2011 3:12 AM (edited)
Hey, if I was willing to take on OPSU, someone should be willing to take on Drury.  After all, Drury has two postseason appearances on its glittering resume and TWO seasons with double digit RPI's.  Positively a powerhouse.  Fill Drury, and we have that rarest of things, a full conference.  DOn't pick Drury, and, my friends. . . the only sim school in a near full conference is bound to suffer terribly.

6/20/2011 10:23 AM
Well folks, time is running out on jobs (finally) and the Heartland sits with 11 humans and poor, lonely simai at Drury. Please come along and displace this reluctant holdover. We're mostly very nice people and won't kick sand in your face OR steal your cotton candy (maybe just a little...thanks!)  Its a great bunch of coaches, and we'd love to find one more (but we'll even take mediocre or bad coaches...and then we'll help you get better!)

In all seriousness, I've been pimping this fine lady for over 4 months now. We went from 4 humans to 11 in that time. I'm sticking at Valdosta St for as long as I play WiS, and will keep banging the drum for the Heartland til they put me in a box. A coach could do a lot worse than to join up and be a part of the fun...

Hope to see you soon, Mr (or Ms) mystery coach...
6/21/2011 8:39 PM
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Rare, A prestige opening D2 Heartland, Knight Topic

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