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soft bump. Drury still looking for love...
7/23/2011 1:55 AM
W. Alabama has become available after their coach was lured away by the bright lights of the big city... They've had a nice run and are a solid B-. Ready made team to compete in a real up and coming conference nearly full of humans looking to fill up and take on the best. Weve got a challenge with the CCAA which we are thoroughly getting our ***** kicked in (we'd like some help with that, ok?) and sometimes I even put write ups in our forum thread...
7/23/2011 9:15 AM
So fatigue has caught up to one of our fine coaches, and a couple of other schools remain vacant. There is interest (I've been site-mailing a couple coaches who might be taking over) so if you want in, act fast! Or slow - really whatever you're comfortable with - I don't want to pressure you in any way...can I get you something to drink? I promise not to spike it HAHA...that was awkward...lol

8/22/2011 2:34 PM
Well folks, last chance this season to get in on a real hot commodity. 2 spots remain after zhawks has returned to WiS and taken the helm at W Alabama. Montevallo and Drury remain, and while Drury is a labor of love, Montevallo was very good very recently. If you're a coach with D 2 eligibility for Knight, what can we do to convince you to give the Heartland a shot?
8/27/2011 6:13 PM (edited)
8/27/2011 6:24 PM
well now... that looked a lot nicer when the forum didn't make it small...
8/27/2011 6:24 PM
Its that time again folks!

Season 41 is winding down in Knight. Right now there are 2 openings in the Heartland. If you've been watching this thread with any interest over the past months, you'll notice that the conference has grown from just a handful of humans toiling away in near obscurity to a thriving people place!  With only 10 D 2 games left (Final 4s of PIT and NT) to be played, the Heartland sits atop the conference RPI rankings, and ought to finish as #1.  We placed 5 in the NT (best result - W. Florida (#1 much of the season) lost a heart-breaker to perennial Heartland stomper dwoelflin at New Mexico Highlands of the Northern Sun). Montevallo, one of the 2 simmy schools, is still alive in the PIT. We're a fun conference with some decent CC banter, a conference challenge with the CCAA, and lots of programs on the rise. We'd love to find folks for our remaining openings, but either way we intend to continue to improve and stay atop the D 2 conferences for some time to come.
9/22/2011 11:06 PM
So after 6 seasons of relatively successful human guidance Montevallo fell back to the evil sim empire last season. In response, she made the PIT Final Four (and counting). Both former coaches had some success, the latter recruiting a nice bunch of players, most of whom remain. The program only loses 2 from this team that even as a sim is in a Final 4. The Falcons are a quick entry into the upper echelon of what has become the #1 conference in D 2 Knight. How could you pass that up?
Team Reserved
9/23/2011 2:27 PM (edited)
Poor Drury. The Panthers have not had any human love since season 7. Despite that, they were a somewhat respectable 9-18 last season, even stealing 3 wins in conference.  Only 2 scholarships this season, but 5 juniors (a couple of which might be worth keeping) means you can turn over most of the roster in 2 seasons. In 5 you'll be competing for the CT crown! (Or not, but hey, it could happen, right?)

This is not a rebuild for the faint-hearted. Do you have the balls for it? Think you are hot ****? Prove it. Here's your chance. Its a nearly full conferece, currently #1 in RPI with very few chances left for that to fall. This team is probably the worst in the Heartland, can you change that? Do you have what it takes? Show me.
9/26/2011 3:06 AM (edited)
Prior to reading this post, I put in a reservation to Montevallo yesterday evening.  Knight was were played when I first started HD and if somebody doesn't get accepted there, I suppose I will be taking over that program.  Playing FCP in that conference seems to be awful risky.
9/23/2011 1:08 PM
Posted by wansingk on 9/23/2011 1:08:00 PM (view original):
Prior to reading this post, I put in a reservation to Montevallo yesterday evening.  Knight was were played when I first started HD and if somebody doesn't get accepted there, I suppose I will be taking over that program.  Playing FCP in that conference seems to be awful risky.
Sweet! That means you'll get them cuz they won't show up on the job search if reserved.
9/23/2011 2:07 PM
info updated, and welcome aboard

Drury is still available folks. C'mon, there must be some hot D 2 coach out there who can turn them around?
9/23/2011 2:28 PM
If not I might just move there.  OPSU's recruiting zone is. . not that good.
9/23/2011 3:15 PM
Veteran campaigner a_in_the_b has bravely taken one for the team and has moved his offices from bucolic Goodwell, OK to the sprawling metropolis of Springfield, MO and will assume head coaching responsibilities for the Drury Panthers. Officials at OPSU are heard to be asking, "wtf, pardner?"

Rockhurst is also under new management so welcome afatrain to the Heartland as well. Montevallo is indeed reserved and unavailable on the jobs list, so that leaves only 1 opening in the #1 D 2 conference in Knight last season.*  OPSU is not a complete rebuild. Perhaps a few individual tweaks and adjustments, but I still feel ab was on the right track out there in the panhandle, so this could be a great way to join the fun!

9/26/2011 3:13 AM
So last season I wasn't able to do my conference predictions, but I had for the previous few. Here is my write-up for the Aggies before season 40 (we just finished season41). 


Oklahoma Panhandle State Aggies Goodwell, Oklahoma. A_in_the_b


Season 39 Prediction: 14-15. PIT 1st rd


Season 39 Result: 7-20, 5-11 (208 RPI)

With another rebuilding season under his belt and a newly minted fab 5 recruiting class that represents the nations 30th best, a_in_the_b is making great strides with this perennial cellar dweller. The Aggies will look to the senior tandem of guard Charles Phillips and center Emanuel Stephens for their primary 1-2 punch and for much needed senior leadership. By tourney time the freshmen might be experienced enough to help ab win a couple games in the post season for the first time since SIMAI season 1, assuming of course that a daunting non-conference slate and the rigors of banging heads with the Heartland night in and night out leave OPSU in position to make a post-season appearance. I say book it.

Season 40 Prediction: 16-10 (17-12) NT 1st rd.

(season 40 actual - 16-13, RPI 94, PIT 1st)
Ok, so I over shot a little bit, but season 40 found OPSU in the PIT, so they came through on that post-season bid prediction. The team fell back slightly in season 41, missing the post season again. I'd like to point out however that the previously mentioned #30 recruiting class are now juniors next season. While they may be a little light on defense, there are some ballers there. The league is tough what with the 11 humans and all, so this won't be easy, but we also put 7 in the postseason this year (earned about $5200 each in post season cash) and had the #1 conference RPI. The place is really coming together - if you have any interest in coaching D2 in Knight in a competitive but fun environment I don't see how you pass this up!
9/27/2011 7:53 AM (edited)
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