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Non-Conference State of the Team:

As to be expected with a team with 4 freshman starters and 7 freshman and sophs receiving 17+ minutes, non-conference was a bit of a rollercoaster. The good news is we were competitive in every game but one. The bad news is, we played a soft schedule so the conference play will be a challenge.

While not exactly the Fab 5 yet, our non-redshirted freshman are beginning to buy into the system and we are starting to see some solid improvements for everyone and a change in work-ethic attitude. Realistically, we are still a year or 2 away from being competitive in most conference games but what y'all see from CNU in conference play is a scrappy team that won't give up. At the end of the season, our record may not look very pretty, but I am confident we'll have the foundation set for future success.
4/9/2012 1:30 PM
Posted by andersaa on 4/4/2012 2:29:00 PM (view original):
Just to let everyone know I have reserved Averett for next season.
This is great! Andersaa is a great coach - former coach of Coast Guard and one of the all-time winningest coaches in Phelan - Welcome!
4/12/2012 7:30 PM
A very interesting player:

When I drafted Lewis Giannini, a freshman PG he had an overall rating of 422, and terrible BH and P but his stats, starting Ath, and potential intrigued me. I redshirted him to give him extra time to improve, and as a sophomore he is becoming a solid player for me playing 16.7 MPG and averaging 7.8 points, 1.6 rebounds, 1.6 steals, and shooting 53% from the field. He is still improving and still has high potential in PE. He's still not really totally suited for any one position, but he's a solid all-around player.

Ath 50 High
Spd 44 High High
Reb 17 Avg
Def 43 High
SB 14 Avg
LP 24 High High
PE 11 - High High
BH 27 High High
Pass 15 High High
WE 50 Avg
Sta 70 Avg
FT C+ High
Motion: F
Full Court Press: F

CURRENT STATS: 16 games into his sophomore year. He was also redshirted for a year.

Ath 71 (+21)
Spd 77 (+33)
Reb 15 (-2)
Def 60 (+17)
SB 26 (+12)
LP 40 (+16)
PE 39 (+28)
BH 43 (+16)
Pass 36 (+21)
WE 55
Sta 72
FT B+ (Up one letter)
Motion: A-
Full Court Press: A-

4/12/2012 7:51 PM
Recruiting Profile for Averett   Season 48

I went nation wide with my search to rebuild Averett into a powerhouse. With 5 openings I decided to grab  team that will start in 3 years. Two guards,  two wings and a big.

G Herbert Dotson NJ
He is solid fundamental PG with good passing already. Once he develops his shot he will have more respect as a scorer. Needs to learn our system.

Eric James SD
The very fast scorer stood out in South Dakota, he is playmaker with knowledge of our system. If he can come close to the 4.2 apg he had in HS we will be a solid player. He is a horrible defender

Wing Gary Thomas WI 
Thomas would probably be in D2 if he did not have horrible grades. Should do alot of scoring for me in the future. Once he learns the motion offense he will be a go to guy.

WIng John Arthur MN
A project kid with sub 400 overall(Only because of a very low durablity rating). He will not have anything in the post but has rebounding potential and will be a great shooter.

Post Frank Synder AK
The key to the whole thing. Since everyone else is a shooter Synder's ability to  rebound and pass out of the motion offense makes him the biggest recruit we signed. He is already the best shotblocker and rebounder on the team.

Overall a good looking bunch that could all play in the future. Most will get backup minutes  this season, Synder and James already knowing the sysem will get them into games faster then the others.

5/2/2012 2:51 PM
Palm Beach Atlantic had its second straight stellar recruiting year, picking up three excellent guards. Recruiting was capped by the last minute signing of standout Juco PG Donald Retana who had been considering Division 2 Lynn University. The coaching staff had to make a very tough decision in letting go of third string PG Eugene Rutledge to make room on the roster for Retana, but Rutledge immediately started showing up on the radar of some Division 1 schools and appears to be headed to Division 2 Holy Family. We wish him nothing but the best.

Donald - PG Retana is an already well developed Point Guard out of Broward Community College in Davie, Florida. He is extremely fast, second on the team to current senior starting point guard William Corbett who is the fastest player in all of Division 3. Retana is the third fastest player in the USA South Conference, and should become faster over the balance of his career. Retana starts out as the best passer in the USA South conference as well. While his ball handling is above average now, scouts tell us that this area of his game will probably show MAJOR improvement, as will his perimeter game, which is average. His defense and stamina are slightly below average.

Bobby Wilfong - SG. scouts took a look at Bobby Wilfong out of  Fort Lauderdale, they felt that he had the potential to be an All-American at the Division 2 level, and that he could possibly contribute at Division 1 with a redshirt season under his belt. His entire game is very solid right now, but scouts see the potential for him to become one of the most athletic and fast  shooting guards in Division 3. He also looks to become a great ball handling shooting guard with above average passing, shooting and defensive skills.  TYhe coaching staff intends to ask him if he might consider redshirting him so as to maximize his sky high potential.

Jerry Garrett - PG. Jerry Garrett was a target of Palm Beach right from the start and was also considering LaGrange who saw great potential in him. But the thought of staying fairly close to his home in Naples and possibly starting for a Championship caliber team by his junior year made him commit to PBAU shortly after recruiting started. He is the total package - Athletic and fast, a great outside shooter, good ball handler and decent passer. Based on his high school coaches recommendations, PBAU staff feels he can be another one in a long line of legendary point guards once he develops. In past years he would probably be the highlight of the recruiting period, but this year he is just one of three standout players. Future Stars felt like he would be a Decent Division 2 player, but PBAU staff feel like he can be one of the better point guards here.

This was the second huge recruiting year in a row for the university after a bad year which had fans wondering if coach Chapelhillne had lost his touch. Expectations are now sky high for the forseeable future.

5/2/2012 7:52 PM (edited)
State of the team:  Recruiting take 2 of 4
CNU has just completed its second recruiting cycle in the 4 year turn around plan.  While this class in unlikely to receive the national recognition last years #11 ranked class received, it remains a solid class for CNU that has contributors at post, wings, and guard levels.
Perhaps more importantly than who CNU recruited, however, is the state of the recruiting funds.  Fundraising has been at record levels here at CNU and we appreciate the support.  By successfully filling up the available slots this season, CNU will have some carryover money next year.  Even better, this year's team has 0 seniors.  Thus, all of the projected incoming money from our recruiting drive will carry over from next season into the season beyond.  Thus, we fully expect to be flush with cash in 2 seasons when stage 4 of the 4 year plan begins.  The key to success will be raising our national relevance from our current irrelevance (C-) to perhaps something more respectable like B- or so such that we can attrack a higher caliber of recruit.
Now on to the individual recruits:
Inman -  He comes in with some speed and a decent handle but lacking in defensive awareness and athleticism.  The good news is that our scouts project him to have sizeable gains in athleticism and defense and to continue to develop as a pass first guard.  At a minimum, Inman will be a solid backup point guard wtih some potential to start
Yeldelli - He is your classic big-man oaf.  He should have above average athleticism but will always be a bit slow, my scouts tell me.   He will also never develop any post moves.  That said, he shoes great potential to be an outstanding rebounder and as close to a lock-down defender as we can have.  He'll do the dirty work that others avoid.
Johnson - This is an interesting dude.  He played C in high school, but our scouts project him as a SF.  He's rebounding really holds him back from being a college level post-player.  He does, however, have a lot of room to develop both in the speed and athleticism department and could be an outstanding secondary ball-handler on the wing.  He's a bit of a project, but we feel by mid-way through his junior year, he should have sufficient speed and athletecism to be a solid starting SF for us.
Well, its off to start scouting the rising juniors (a pretty easy job considering league rules prevent us from even knowing their name for another season
5/3/2012 7:56 AM
N. Carolina Wesleyan - Season 48 recruiting Trail

After 4 very disappointing season's for Coach Shagnew6913, it seems like he has finally found his ability on the recruiting trail. The fans and the alumni have been growing overly tired of the disappointing seasons for NCW and with Coach Shagnew6913. But with this recruiting cycle it seems that he has finally learned from his mistakes and should have NCW on the right path moving forward. Even with have a C- Prestige the past few seasons it looks like he has still been able to grab a few decent recruits, and with this season's recruits it should really help improve the foundation for NCW moving forward.

PG - Roger Swain - : Swain was the first recruit identified by coach Shagnew6913, and with him committed early he turned his attention to filling the other 3 openings. But after seeing Holy Family fight and claw its way to Swain and seeing that he was going to have to battle for his services it looked like he would lose out on his prized soon to be starting PG. But with a little finesse and patience Swain saw the errors in his way and decided to fully commit to NCW. Originally being on DII radars, it seems that he will be a DIII all-american when his career at NCW comes to an end. Scouts are saying that they will see major improvement in Defense, Perimeter shooting, as well as his passing and ball handling abilities. Shagnew6913 is expecting Swain to sit behind Folkes for a year and learn the offense and being the full time starter in his Sophomore year.

C - Mark Edgin - : Edgin was another recruit that was on coach Shagnew6913's radar fairly quickly. With NCW set to lose all 3 of their starting big men next season, this spot was a high priority this season. Edgin brings with him to NCW an already outstanding rebounding ability. He is not the most athletic or defensive sound recruits in NCW history, but scouts praised his ability to vastly improve in both of those areas. They also stated that he will great improve his already outstanding rebounding ability and down low skills, but what really intrigued coach Shagnew6913 was his very high work ethic and his increased chance to improve on his ball handling skills which will make him a threat down low in the paint. Shagnew6913 expects Edgin like Swain to learn from Senior starters Varley & Gamache and again be starting by his Sophomore year.

PG - Gregory Schroeder - : Coach Shagnew6913 scoured the ranks for shooting guard prospects this season, but could not find anyone that really intrigued him for the position. Then along came Schroeder's paperwork from a scout in East Flat Rock, NC, and what really popped out with Schroeder was a very fast, and athletic Point Guard who averaged 22.3 pts/game in High School. Reading through the scouts report, again coach Shagnew6913 noticed that he would vastly improve on his speed, defensive ability, as well as his perimeter game and ball handling duties. Although his passing ability will be subject to discussions, coach Shagnew6913 does not envision Schroeder handling the 1 spot, but rather stepping in when needed and taking over for Pickett in the 2 spot, again in his Sophomore season. Only thing that really concerns the coaching staff at NCW with Schroeder was his work ethic, but Shagnew6913 does not see a problem with it, as he will improve over time with more and more playing time.

5/3/2012 11:12 AM
Greensboro College set out on the recruiting trail this season looking to shore up some offensive weaknesses. While athleticism and defense will always be staples of Coach funngun's teams he realized he may have overlooked offensive weaknesses in order to get the most athletic defenders he could in years past. This upcoming year could be a tough one for Greensboro but Coach funngun is optimistic for the future with this group of youngsters joining the program.

PG John Powell - : Powell is a nice PG recruit out of Memphis, TN. Greensboro is hoping he can help shore up some ball handling weaknesses in the backcourt as he boasts a lot of potential in that area. He also projects to show major improvement in his athleticism, speed, perimeter, passing, and stamina while developing into a good but not great defender. Powell will definitely be a solid guard for Coach funngun's squad once he gets some development under his belt.

SG Robert Hicks - : Hicks is out of Cayce, SC and is the other guard that Greensboro brought in with this class. He looks to also help out with ball handling and passing duties showing major growth potential in those areas. Scouts also saw that he has high potential for growth in his athleticism, speed, defense, and stamina. While he will probably not be much better of a shooter than he is today his other abilities make him a very viable option in the backcourt and one that Coach funngun is happy to have on board.

PF Steven Hooks - : Steven Hooks is the wild card of this recruiting class. Hailing from Carrolton, AL he is listed as a PF but Coach funngun sees him getting more time at the SF spot. He comes in with some very raw ability in key areas (especially defensively and athletically). However, he shows *tremendous* room for growth in his athleticism, speed, defense, shot blocking, perimeter, ball handling, and stamina which prompted the Greensboro staff to take a chance on him and develop him for the future. He may be a prime candidate for a RS but Coach funngun hasn't figured that out for sure yet.

C Kelvin Reddish - : Kelvin Reddish is a recruit from Knoxville, TN that was identified early on by Greensboro's staff and Coach funngun is happy to bring him in with the other freshmen. While his ability in the low post may not see much, if any, improvement Reddish may still be able to help out Greensboro inside. What really drew Coach funngun's attention was Reddish's athleticism, rebounding, defense and shot blocking. He shows major room for growth in all of these areas and should be a really nice defensive big man in his time at Greensboro College. He also shows a lot of room for growth in his passing ability and also his level of conditioning which should be bonuses for him.

C - William Ruybal - : William Ruybal was a late addition to Greensboro's class and one that Coach funngun is lucky to have come across. Coming out of Mayville, ND Ruybal may have been overlooked by some schools in the recruiting process. He also comes in with a lower level of defensive ability but after seeing that he has massive room for growth on this aspect of his game Coach funngun pulled the trigger on recruiting him. He also boasts high growth potential in his athletic ability, low post, rebounding and stamina. Greensboro is very excited about Ruybal and Coach funngun thinks that he could develop into a dynamite athletic low post scorer who can also rebound and defend.
5/4/2012 1:49 AM
Coach Irrev0cable had a challenge to find good big men after losing 3 serious contributors off of last year's Elite 8 team. Now that recruiting has ended we hear that the coach is very pleased with his recruits. All of them will be required to play significant minutes their freshmen years, which may hold Ferrum back some this year. Senior Kyle Cuffie will slide over to SF as there is no true SF on the roster, which means a freshman will start at PF for Ferrum. This will be the first time coach Irrev0cable has started a freshman since Jeremy Martucci came on board 2 seasons ago.

C - Jessie Walden: He has been chosen as the lucky freshman to start for Ferrum this season. His low post game, while not having any more upside, comes in as very advanced for a player his age. He will never have an elite low post game, but at 67 overall he certainly can help down low. He will have the benefit of playing alongside monster senior C Christopher Grandstaff who is hoping to become Ferrum's all-time leading rebounder and shot blocker. Walden also brings in advanced rebounding skills for someone his age, and he has A LOT of room for growth in the rebounding area. If coach Irrev0cable decides to make him a 4 year starter he should set the school's records for career rebounds. Walden doesn't come in as a great defender, but with massive upside he should not be a liability for long. Walden also offers average upside on athleticism and shot blocking.

PF - Louis Watanabe: We hear this guy was coach Irrev0cable's top priority in the recruiting process. With high/high upside in practically every category he should end up as one of Ferrum's highest rated players of all time. This year, however, Watanabe will be a work in progress. He is a poor defender, but offers massive upside on defense. He is not a good rebounder or good in the low post, but offers sky is the limit upside in the low post, and HUGE improvement on rebounding. He will be forced to play for Ferrum this year due to need, but next year coach Irrev0cable would like to redshirt him to maximize his sky high potential. It will be a rough year for the true freshman, but by next season he should really contribute a lot to the Ferrum program.

SG - Brian Hundt: We hear this guy was the other top priority for coach Irrev0cable. Hundt comes in as a very good defender, and with massive upside he should be an elite defender throughout his career. Hundt will likely never be a great offensive player, but with average upside on the perimeter and sky is the limit upside on low post he should at least be able to score some points. He also has tremendous room for growth with his athleticism, which should help keep him relevant on offense. With high/high upside on ball handling and passing coach Irrev0cable would like to slot him in as a PG his junior year once Jeremy Martucci has graduated. Until then he will likely split time at PG and SG. Hundt has a good work ethic, and already has good stamina so he will be able to stay on the court.

C - Roy Godines: Godines was a player that coach Irrev0cable went back and forth on for a few cycles before finally committing. Starting off at only 413 overall coach was hesitant to bring him on board. After a few scouting reports it was determined that Ferrum really needed this guy. Godines offers good rebounding as a true freshman, and still has some upside. Godines offers huge upside on athleticism and defense, and sky is the limit upside in the low post. If the scouting reports are accurate Godines could be starting for Ferrum next season once Grandstaff graduates. Godines won't be a liability on defense as a freshman, and with huge growth potential on defense he may leave coach Irrev0cable no choice but to start him, especially if his offensive game comes along quickly. Did we mention that Godines is expected to see *significant* growth with his outside shot as well?

PF - Isaac Frye: Coach Irrev0cable wasn't even looking at Frye until after an entire day of recruiting. With no other options looking that enticing coach did some scouting reports on Frye. With high/high upside on athleticism and defense, and sky is the limit upside in the low post Frye offered enough upside that coach Irrev0cable felt he could offer him a scholarship. Frye is not a great rebounder and never will be. With big upside on speed Frye may eventually slot in at SF to maximize the value of Frye's good but not great rebounding ceiling. Frye is likely destined to be a guy who plays anywhere from 10-20 minutes per game, and will likely always come off the bench. His athleticism and defense will keep him on the court, and if his low post game significantly improves as expected it is possible he could start for Ferrum his senior year. Every team needs those "contributors" and that is what coach Irrev0cable hopes for from Frye.
5/4/2012 1:36 PM
Palm Beach Atlantic had a bit of an off year this year in recruiting. The normally stellar prospects in Florida just were not there this year, with a few exceptions that were quickly pursued by Division 2 teams. Early on it was decided among the coaching staff that the search needed to be broadened to Georgia, and that search resulted in standout prospect James Neff out of Athens. The other three players signed this year were all from Florida.

James Neff - SG  James Neff out of Prince Avenue Christian High School in Athens was far and away the most talented player signed in the class. Scouts had him projected as a possible Division 2 All American. Indeed, he also attracted the attention of Division 2 Augusta State. but the Palm Beach staff decided that it was worthwhile to guarantee a starting spot for this top calibre player, and Neff decided to take them up on the offer. Coaches expect him to be a very fast Shooting Guard that will also play as the Small Forward position. He is already a good outside shooter with the potential to be one of the best shooters in Division 3.

Paul Casey - PF Paul Casey out of Melbourne Central Catholic High School was an early target of PBAU despite the fact that he is not as athletic as some of the recent players to play the power forward position at the school.  Though he will probably never be a star player, he has well rounded skills and good potential to improve. Coaches are hoping that he could be a very good rebounder for the team by the time he graduates.

Thomas Keller - PF Out of Middleburg High School in Middleburg, Florida, Keller called the coaching staff shortly before signing asking about the program, and after a bit of research on his skills he was extended a scholarship. Keller, though he is a power forward will actually be better suited to a small forward, though he will plat both positions. He will be a solid all around player and looks to be a nice low post threat, but also quite fast, especially for a power forward.

Thomas Fortune - C Holy Cross Academy in Miami, Florida. Fortune was an early target because he already has nice rebounding skills, and though his athleticism is not that great now, it should develop nicely. He will need to learn both the offense and defense.

6/2/2012 11:48 PM (edited)
Despite what was a lackluster crop of recruits in the southeast region this year coach skinzfan36 believes they were able to pull in a very nice class, maybe the best in a couple of seasons. The group is lead by one of the top priorities going into recruiting Frank Chavarria, who comes from just across the border in Montgomery, AL. La Grange had to fend off fellow Georgia basketball school DII Paine for the services of Chavarria.

Frank Chavarria - PF Chavarria comes in as the gem of the class and the talk of the town in La Grange as the preseason is about to begin. Fans may need to temper their expectations though as he will not be an immediate impact player, this is a guy all about potential and a big work ethic though. With High-High potential in athleticism, speed, defense, and passing along with high potential in rebounding and ball handling Chavarria should make for an interesting player. He will eventually be able to play both SF and PF, and could have a big advantage at SF with a 70+ rebounding rating likely. His moves in the post may never get much better but the coaching staff believes he will eventually be a big part of this team.

Cameron Caplinger - PG Caplinger comes from nearby Hawkinsville, GA. Another high motor guy, Caplinger is already a nicely developed pass-first PG. His advanced passing and ball handling skills will suit him well at this young age. He should improve drastically in his ball handling and his passing shows high growth as well. Despite only a 40 defense, he will eventually make for a very capable PG who could possibly develop a decent 3 point shot as well.

Joseph Green - C The La Grange coaches went after Green right away to lock up a DIII level recruit. However, La Grange coaches were quite surprised the recruiting services had him ranked down there as he offers alot of potential. His low work ethic could slow his development some and if we had the depth up front he would certainly be redshirted but the coaching staff believes they will need his services right away. Green is a very athletic center with the ability to grow substantially. He should also become a great rebounder and defender for this squad.
6/3/2012 1:36 PM
Chowan coming off a run of success in the last 2 NT tourneys had Coach Blue excited at the programs prestige bump.He decided to stay out of Chowan's home state and went far and wide for his 5 recruits.Although this class may not show right away,coach believes the talent is there.Headed by 2 possible D1 recruits but solid D2 players and 2 D3 All American futures,this class has all the signs for future greatness.

Gary Ohl - SG From Lansing,Mi. : The scouts found this star athlete still riding the bus to school and was sold.The star of this recruiting class with great athleticism already, should improve dramatically in speed, perimeter and ball handling.He will be a stellar defender in the press with a 56 rating already to go along with that speed and athleticism.His drawback may be his passing,but in the future they wont want him to be giving the ball up very often.Some question the young stars work ethic, but Coach Blue will have him in the lineup early so he will have to get better on the fly.

Rickie Owenby - SF From Silver Spring,Md. : Coach Blue had an early in conference battle for this exciting all around forward.He saw early Rickie's potential and went after him hard.The scouts were worried he might see an offer from a D1 school and rated his potential as great in ath.,rebounding,defense,shot blocking,low post and perimeter.Although he will never be a great outside shooter he may improve enough to show a threat.With his great classroom work and high work ethic he should be able to concentrate most of his efforts into his basketball and not study hall.

Edmund Clements - PF From Gary,Ind. : Edmund should end up being one of Blue's more athletic forwards with a little speed and all around game.The coach wants him to concentrate on his rebounding and low post moves to better fit the rigors of playing down low.Another recruit with a work ethic question.But Coach Blue will use this smart players time in practice wisely and shove him a lot of minutes to compensate.While the juries still out,the scouts are already thinking D3 All American for the future.The one drawback on this forward is his liking for giant tattoos which Coach Blue has publicly despised.But apparently the talent looked better.

Jason Greene - C From New Haven,Mo. : Another of the scouts future All Americans.Jason has a strong inside game already and will rebound enough to contribute already.But the key to this recruit will be Blue's ability to improve his athleticism and rebounding quickly.The sky is the limit in these areas say the scouts.But they also called him a slightly less hairy Teen Wolf,so the coach has to wonder about this scouting trip.But he saw enough to go after him and with all that hair he knew he wouldn't be getting any tattoos.

Marc Battle - SG From Windsor,Va. : This player is the classes wild card and could be the difference from NT team to NT challengers.With a strong work ethic and great high school GPA the coach took the chance.Well not right away.He had to see him up close and personal so he flew to VA and caught a workout.He came away impressed and kept muttering the words-Tremendous and Significant.He must have been talking about his potential as the scouts rave about his high potential in Ath,speed,perimeter,ball handling and passing.His stamina is college ready and he will have to use that to start with,as he will be logging some key minutes with this years team.
6/3/2012 10:00 PM
Averett season 49 Recruiting

I did not have alot of time to recruit so did it all on the last day. I had 4 starters and 80 % of my scoring returning so I can concentrate on depth.

Picked up Howard Johnson "named by creative concierge parents" to play big in the backup center position. His potential is high REB, LP, PASS, STA and DUR. Only low is in  BLK. He has no idea how to play in our system so he probably will not start until maybe his junior season.

Then I searched for high pot. guys that would take a redshirt. I found Gene "Preacher man" Scott He is not ready to play yet. But has high pot. in ATH, SPD, DEF, LP, PER, PASS, and DUR. Which is good because a guard with 18 spd is awful. He is low in REB, BLK, BH, and STA. Which I guess means he does do anything average. One day he will play but it might be 4 seasons from now.

This was not a good class, but I would call it average. I picked up compliments to my current team which was the goal, but they wont change my teams win total any time soon.
6/5/2012 12:36 PM
This year, Palm Beach Atlantic decided to try to balance their class by recruiting two JUCO players, David Figueroa and Israel Monroe. Freshman George Tucker has tons of upside and should be an outstanding player by the time he graduates.
Overall Rating:
David Fiqueroa PG 3.36 57.1 72.1 60 74 11 39 1 11 64 54 57 37 71 23 502
Israel Monroe SG 2.35 61.8 64.8 57 62 36 39 23 12 52 52 38 47 75 60 553
George Tucker SG 2.70 56.5 65.3 35 46 19 30 15 12 26 39 32 56 67 69 446
Average   2.80 58.5 67.4 50 60 22 36 13 11 47 48 42 46 71 50 500
7/5/2012 7:40 AM (edited)
Name             Pos. GPA  FG%  FT%  A   SPD REB  DE BLK LP  PE  BH   P   WE  ST  DU TOT
Michael Best  PG  3.08   53.0  62.8  30   52   12    16   13     1    23   48   41   91   83   26  436
Brett Gilmore PG  4.00  42.0  66.1   40   60    7      37    1      1    60   42  17   36   46   58  405
Henry Goree   C   3.44   55.4  63.3  63    14    34   58   12    33  14     9    11   66   71   46   431
Johnny Key      C  2.55   59.7  52.6  53   28    55    29   41    20   11   14   10  44   50   54  409
David Lester PG  2.87  46.3    66.5  46   59    4     40    1      11   41  36    22  62   58   49   429
Ian Toscano   C   2.79   47.0   66.8  39   21   55    28   56    42    1    13    1    81   71  10   418
      Average          3.12   50.6   63.0  45    39   27    34   20   18   25   27   17   63    63   40   421
Well lets see if that came out right.I am happy with the class.Got a late start and got hammered late on a couple.
Just noticed the stamina on some of my players as I was coloring.Starting pretty low.Oh Well.
7/6/2012 12:47 AM (edited)
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