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Steven Holder SG 2.82 60.0 66.4 36 59 12 26 11 17 34 55 31 48 59 56 444
Eric Schweiger PG 2.00 70.0 65.0 41 55 6 41 1 30 50 54 22 55 85 38 478
Robert Tucker PF 2.74 57.0 66.3 76 18 58 47 43 30 12 15 14 24 75 35 447


Steven Holder:  H/H in Per and BH. I don't know if LP, Pass, St, and Dur are are H/H or normal H.    He was recruited for one reason and one reason only, to be a scorer. If he can increase his defense beyond 47, then he will also be a solid defender for us as well and may have some PG skills to go with it.  His Speed/Ath/Bh/Per/lp potential could make him a nice scoring guard but will have to see how it shapes up.  Worse case, he can hold his own, best case, he is very efficient inside and out.

Eric Schweiger:  H/H in speed, defense, bh and per.  He will be a scoring machine who can also guard the opponents best scoring guard.  Ath will top out a little lower than ideal, but with high end speed, per, and Bh, he should be a double figure scorer 3 of his 4 seasons here.  The coaching staff is excited to see how far his H/H can go.  Although CNU missed the top SG target, he was a close second and made the decision to avoid the battle with Westminister an easy one.

Robert Tucker: H/H in Def and LP.  This guy is a redshirt target and hopefully he'll take it.  Ideally, he'd play for a year to get the WE up and then RS, but CNU is fully stocked at LP this year and so he gets the RS treatment this season.  The coaching staff loves his Ath and Lp/Def potential.  With rebounding topping out around 80, CNU envisions Tucker being a force down low on both ends of the court, hopefully picking up some post-season honors.  The only concern is his W/E, but with already great and capped out Ath and no stamina issues to worry about, the coaching staff will go easy on his conditioning and have him hit the defensive, rebounding, and lp skills hard, hopefully getting everything we can out of him despite the low W/e.

All in all, this is an A class.   It doesn't have the game changer, once every 4 years player we were hoping for, but everyone recruited will be a big contributer and all have an outside shot and garnering some post-season awards.  The only dissappointment was the inability to find the game changer.  With 2 seasons of post-season money and 3 schollies, the recruiting net was thrown far and wide but those players either didn't exist where we looked or wouldn't talk to us.  CNU is confident, however, that it will be able to build on last seasons success and looks to be a perennial NT participant.

7/6/2012 9:56 AM
Team Overall Ratings after subtracting WE and DU (since they are basically meaningless in terms of skill level)
This is a slightly more accurate portrayal of how good the teams are.

Palm Beach Atlantic - 465
Christopher Newport - 445
LaGrange - 432
Oglethorpe - 425
Greensboro - 420
NC Wesleyan - 417
Methodist - 412
Piedmont - 412
Shenandoah - 412
Ferrum - 411
Averett - 391
Chowan - 360
7/8/2012 10:46 AM
This shows the average of the overall ratings of the top 8 players on each team. This gives an idea of the strength of the teams core players. This does not subtract WE and DU though

Palm Beach Atlantic - 610
LaGrange - 605
Christopher Newport - 597
North Carolina Wesleyan - 584
Methodist - 569
Oglethorpe - 569
Shenandoah - 565
Piedmont - 562
Greensboro - 558
Ferrum - 551
Averett - 510
Chowan - 493

7/8/2012 11:00 AM
With 5 openings this season the La Grange coaches knew that they had some work to do in order to bring in a solid class for the future success of the program. Scouting the usually southeastern states the coaches do each year the La Grange scouts were somewhat disappointed in the level of talent, or lack there of. 

With the higher amount of funds than usual head coach skinzfan36 decided to send scouts to many states in various regions of the country. In order to not miss out on the few good local recruits La Grange pounced early on in the first cycle. They went after 4 guys right away. This included a SR juco point guard from just 40 miles away but a DII school also showed up on him so we decided to cut ties with him early on. We were successful in getting on the considering list for the other 3 players as well. However, 2 of these players would have 3 schools showing up on them after the 1st cycle.

This situation worried the coaches some, but we did have a distance advantage over all the other teams involved in both situations (in addition to also having more open scholarships). So the coach decided they would move forward with both of these battles. A little while later a scout came back from a trip to New Mexico with a diamond in the rough that skinzfan36 knew he had to get. 

When signings came around we were able to sign 2 of the players right away including the guard from New Mexico. La Grange was still involved in battles for their other 2 recruits while still having 3 schollies open. They eventually won 1 and then later on the other battle was finished as well. 

With 4 players secure and FSS now cheaper skinzfan36 decided to scout a few more states to see if there were any decent leftover players. They were able to find a few they like and eventually settled on a small forward with good upside from North Carolina. Here is the individual recruit breakdown for this seasons class:

Edwin Crumpton PF 2.63 70.0 58.9 41 28 36 34 32 80 28 36 17 32 48 40 452
Toby Durham C 2.42 66.8 53.8 44 22 58 30 56 45 30 9 11 56 66 21 448
Ralph Farrington PF 3.40 70.0 59.5 52 45 52 57 48 67 10 29 26 44 62 29 521
Mark Poole SF 2.52 45.1 66.0 43 46 17 32 13 13 57 48 22 44 52 53 440
Kurt Washington SG 2.63 51.7 64.5 26 49 11 44 1 10 67 30 56 29 62 66 451

Edwin Crumpton PF Hattiesburg, MS - Crumpton was the first recruit La Grange locked up. He may be the most game ready of the freshman as he has good scoring potential from the get go. The coaches hope to provide him with a decent amount of PT early on so as to improve his WE and skills quicker. He should eventually develop as a solid all around player once his rebounding and defense improve.

Kurt Washington SG Ruidoso, NM - La Grange went way out west for this gem of a player. With only a 29 WE the coaches are hoping that Washington will be willing to accept a redshirt season this year. This will be crucial to his development. There really is not much of a need for him in the lineup this year. If he accepts the redshirt there is a high chance he will be a 4 yr starter. He offers high potential in several key categories and could eventually be a dominant scorer. There is no telling how high his potential is yet as the coaches could not get an exact measure of where his high level development skills will end up.

Toby Durham C Cochran, GA - Durham looks to be a solid PF/C prospect. From right in our backyard we went after him early, but PBAU and Wisconsin Oshkosh also end up on his list. PBAU seemed to back off and go after other targets right away but Oshkosh did not back down. It took until early this morning to win the battle for Durham. He will be a bit of a project but has high potential in all the key categories for a big man so should eventually develop into a force down low.

Ralph Farrington PF Panama City, FL - the 3rd and final "Ton" to join this class, Farrington is a JUCO with 2 years of eligibility remaining. We also had to battle for him, this time against conference mates PBAU and Shenandoah. This battle was alot tougher than the other as Shenandoah seemed very intent on getting Farrington for a long time. He was finally locked up shortly after the battle for Durham ended. Farrington will be a key cog in the La Grange lineup immediately. He is already fluent in the zone defense we run as that is what he played in junior college. He will provide solid minutes off the bench, primarily at the SF position due to his nice all around game.

Mark Poole SF Wilmington, NC - the final piece of this class was Mark Poole. The coaches are not sure where Poole will eventually fit in as his REB is pretty low for a small forward, but he may also not have the requisite BH and Pass skills to play SG. Eventually will probably see time at both as he will be a nice scorer and defender down the road.

Coach skinzfan36 said he was quite satisfied with this class of 5 and he really believes that in a few seasons they could lead La Grange to great success. Only time will tell.

8/6/2012 6:12 PM (edited)

Palm Beach Atlantic Recruits:

Although at first glance the recruit talent level appeared down this year, PBAU finished with a decent class that should help the team remain strong into the future.
DANIEL SIDES - CENTER - Daniel Sides out of Orlando passed under the radar for PBAU early in recruiting because of his 12 speed, which is not fast enough for a pressing team. Other than that he is quite solid and has tons of upside, including in speed.  Coaches are hoping that he will take a redshirt so that his speed and stamina can increase before he sees court time.  He will still be a backup to Ryan Treece most of his career, but the team tends to play at such a fast pace that all 12 players generally see a decent amount of court time. It is possible that he could exceed a rating of 90 in Rebounding and 70 in SB and LP, so he will be a very solid player.

VICTOR SPENCER - SF - Hometown favorite Victor Spencer from West Palm Beach was also buried in the FSS reports because of his overall 394 rating, including just 55 Stamina. However, with all potentail at high except for Athleticism and Perimeter, he has the potential to be a very strong player once he matures. Coaches are a bit skeptical of his 31 WE,  and there is some debate on the staff if he might be a more likely redshirt candidate than Sides.

RYAN TREECE - C - Ryan Treece from Coral Springs looks like he could be one of the stronger centers to play at Palm Beach in several years. An athletic center, with a rating of 66, he should be one of the best defenders in all of college basketball with a rating of 79 with high-high improvement, so he should hit 100. He's not much of a scoring threat, but coaches see him becoming a low post scoring target within a couple of years.

Daniel Sides C 3.28 66.3 65.1 38 12 62 49 44 45 13 10 16 55 61 35 440
Victor Spencer SF 3.12 41.5 67.3 35 49 32 39 14 35 8 31 18 31 55 48 395
Ryan Treece C 2.39 52.1 62.6 66 25 52 79 35 29 13 9 20 41 65 37 471

8/7/2012 8:59 PM (edited)
North Carolina Wesleyan Battling Bishops: 

Old ball coach rockafe11a came out of retirement and is looking to take over a solid team and bring them back to their hey day. At one point during coach rockafe11a's previous tenure the Battling Bishops were able to string together 9 consecutive seasons of making at least a 2nd Round appearance in the National tournament with a few Final Fours and a National title back in season 30. He seems to have been satisfied with the core group he has to get started with as he only signed one new player and left an open scholarship to work with next season. When asked about the return rockafe11a had this to say "It is great to be back. Looks like we have a great group of coaches. In the old days we had a very good conference, however since my departure it appears to be even tougher. It will take a bit, but hopefully we can find the right guys and get this program back amongst the elite."

NCW's lone recruit is 6'3" Ron Shin out of the Bronx, NY. He is an elite athlete with a chance to be the most athletic player in D3, as well as an absolute lock down defender. I mean this guy loves to shutdown opposing wings. His offensive game relies only on fast break and open opportunities, and he has a long way to go with his perimeter game. At this point he looks to primarily be used at the SF position with hopes his athleticism will offset his lack of rebounding and passing skills. Definitely not a game changer, but a nice pickup for the new regime.

Ron Shin  SG   2.9 42.2 62.2 70    51     1  63     1   1 19  39 21  36  70  38  410

8/7/2012 1:49 AM (edited)
James Gates PG 3.02 48.8 64.3 41 57 1 56 1 1 59 55 53 29 68 44 465
Ernest Leftwich PF 3.11 33.8 60.6 23 16 48 23 25 26 10 23 24 33 65 74 390
Charles Winner SG 3.33 61.1 70.4 32 48 12 25 11 32 37 42 61 64 57 30 451

This recruiting class is a mixed bag for CNU.  With a loaded frontcourt and some holes in the backcourt, CNU went strong after several wing players right away.  Unfortunately, every one of those players was also appealing to D2 schools.  Undeterred, and with the freshly minted A+ prestige, CNU decided to make a stand on James Gates.   That stand would prove costly and would limit CNU's recruiting for the rest of this season.   Ultimately, CNU was able to secure 3 players and fill some holes.  Next year will be a very  important year as CNU now heads into that season with 6 spots to fill.  The hope on campus is that the 6 underclassmen this year will keep CNU competitive the following year and it won't turn into a major setback for CNU.

 James Gates:  Gates is the gem of this years class.  Battling Simmie from D2, Gates was took a large chunk of CNUs recruiting budget.  It was decided early on, however, that Gates would be secured no matter the cost.  He was the top target heading into recruiting, so the coaching staff offered Gates a guaranteed starting spot and playing time.  The coaching staff is very high on Gates.  The expectation is that he will become the greatest scorer in the history of CNU (not a terribly high standard but still).  With H-H athleticism and Per and high in Speed, Gates should be a scoring machine for at least 2 if not 3 years, especially once our trainers get him a bit more motivated

Winner:  We loved this guy's name and his skills.  While he won't reach the heights of Gates, he should be a very solid guard for years to come and has the potential to develop into a very good player with high-highs in multiple categories and a great work ethic.

Lefwitch:  What can we say, he was a cheap grab to fill a spot down the road.  He will receive little to no playing time this year (the staff is contemplating a RS but aht alters next year's recruiting so may not do so).  He has high potential in a lot of categories so he could turn into a player but really, he is is projected as a 4 year bench support player.
8/7/2012 7:53 AM (edited)
Piedmont Lions Season 51 Recruiting Class (The New Piedmont Era):

its coach patsrule755's first time on the recruiting trail in the usa south conference he did not look for the stellar recruiting class this season with only three schollys
open this season he just wanted to fill two schollys with good potiential players nothing special but guys who can help build a foundation for this peidmont team moving foward to next years recruiting class where coach patsrule755 hopes to bring in a solid recruiting class already have gotten his feet wet the year before and also he is going to have 5 open schollys. but back to this year here is the piedmont recruiting class for season 51 in the new era at piedmont. 

 Gilbert Hefner C 3.0 51.3 67.4 32 14 66 24 80 72 3 10 15 38 68 11 433 
     Sidney Lajoie C 2.8 48.2
69.8 31 18 68 29 50 32 31 24 25 58 37 431

Gilbert Hefner: Hefner is a 7'1 250 pound big man who i think will be a great force in the paint on offense once his Athleticism gets to where i want it to be.he will also be a good rebounder once his Athleticism and rebounding get to where i want.i expect him to put up points mostly off the bench because of his bad defense rating but all in all i think he will be pretty good for piedmont in our new era.

Sidney Lajoie: Lajoie is a 6'7 207 pound big man who i think will be a solid defender/rebounder towards the end of his career when his rebounding,Athleticism,defensive ratings get to where i want them to be if they do get where i want them to be i think he can be a future staring center nothing special but a good starter but could also depend on him taking a redshirt because of his low WE. but if he takes a redshirt and also depending on my future recruiting classes i think he might be starting caliber towards the end of his career.
8/7/2012 10:45 PM (edited)
CNU Recruiting Season 52

Well, we entered recruiting with possibly the largest budget in all of D3 (6 schollies and all the largest conference bonus money).  You wouldn't know it looking at the class, though.  The coaching staff is satisfied with the recruits but are disappointed they missed out on 2 or 3 elite players in what should have been an ideal recruiting cycle.  It wasn't for lack of effort.  The staff immediately targeted 2 potential studs in D2, but neither would even answer our phone calls.  this proved to be a patter n all recruiting.  Even with an A prestige (guess that drop from A+ really hurt) the coaches had more rejected recruiting efforts than any prior season at CNU.  That really put a crimp in the plans.  Based on who would talk to CNU we did great, getting most of the top targets, but it was frustrating to have so many reject our overtures
Houston Bridger PG 2.90 48.0 72.2 61 70 16 40 11 13 54 56 64 25 69 56 535
Patrick Jenkins SG 3.40 44.9 72.1 76 42 23 58 7 44 46 29 20 77 69 39 530
Average   2.64 56.4 66.3 53 35 37 43 28 33 30 32 23 46 67 44 476
Steven Stone C 2.03 63.3 51.6 55 9 73 46 56 42 1 15 8 73 54 35 467
Christopher Hurd PF 2.19 66.9 62.1 35 26 48 40 51 47 27 15 12 21 83 46 451
Alexander Phoenix SG 3.05 45.3 75.9 53 46 21 51 13 14 27 57 23 24 73 41 443
David Schroeder PF 2.25 70.0 64.2 43 19 46 25 31 39 28 21 16 58 55 51 432

9/8/2012 9:29 PM
CNU part 2:
The coaching staff identified 2 main areas of focus - PG play and rebounding and mostly addressed both

Bridger - Brought in to immediately address PG needs.  He will start day 1 and likely start all season at PG.  As a JUCO, he is already well versed in our defense but needs some guidance on our offense.   He has high potential in D, Per, and BH, and decent growth at Speed.  Sadly, those will likely never be realized with his W/E
We tried to offer him a redshirt during recruiting but that turned him off so we gave him the start instead.

Jenkins:  We are interested to have our coaches get a look at him because we know nothing about him.  He is a transfer from a lower rated school, but it appears that school may have been intentionally tanking it as it cut 3 players with zero recruiting money available.  In any event, he will be a solid SF backup at worst.  The best part of Bridger and Jenkins is that they are both Juniors so will have a 5 player class plus 2 seasons of bonus money very soon.

Stone:  The gem of the class.  Ath is pretty much capped out which is his only negative.  He has room to grow at RB, high defense, high high lp, and the w/e to quickly grow in these categories.  He will start from day 1and will be a nice force down low with Tucker.

Hurd:  The head coach dukenilnil has a friend with this name back home so we had to recruit him.  That said, he is high in Ath/Sp and high/high in rebounding with some decent defensive growth so he'll be a good rebounder and solid defender role player for us

A. Phoenix:  This guy is interesting.  His LP is h/h, but with a low start.  If it gets respectable, he could be a decent scorer.  Regardless, he'll be a very solid defender and with his highs in Aht/Sp/Reb, will be a nice SF for many years

D. Schroeder:  One last role player.  Some growth at Ath, high/high in speed/reb.  Again, a solid role player in the lp for us.

The coaching staff is excited about 2 years from now when these guys are sophomores.  By then, they should have the knowledge to really help the team and the current roster has 2 studs on it, including the presumptive best player in CNU history in Gates so that season should be great.  The challenge will be once again making the NT with a young roster.
9/8/2012 9:38 PM
North Carolina Wesleyan Battling Bishops:                                 

The Battling Bishops are in the process of learning and recruiting for the Fastbreak/Press system. This year's class is stacked with talented athletes that can lock down on the defensive side of the ball. However, they are lacking in many core basketball skills and will struggle to be effective on offense when they aren't causing turnovers and getting out on the break. Overall the class rates out to a 6/10. The Bishops will need to find some efficient scorers and rebounding help next season to round out this young core and take the next step up.

Donald Johnson  PG   2.83    49   60      1    53     1    1
    29   37
59  29 78  20  417
Donald Upshaw  PG   2.57    59   51      1    55     1  15     28   38 32  47 82  23  432
Dewayne Mauldin  PG   2.55    48   54    17    49     1    1     16   52 29  50 77  17  411
Marvin Brewer  PG   2.00    69   39    12    66   10  10     33   20 10  30 68  43  410
Allen Duncan  SF   2.00    60   12    48    57   32  46       9   11 17  28 56  54  430
Steven Huff  SF   2.75    51   35    31    44   10    9     11   24 34  56 70  41  416
Proj. Averages   ----   ------    68   59    26    69   16  20     33   44 39  40 85  46  545

*High/high projections not included. 
9/10/2012 12:33 AM (edited)

Christopher Newport had an unexpectedly exciting recruiting period. Coming into season 53, CNU thought it was returning all 12 players from last years team. Due to conference post-season success, though, CNU had a nice stockpile of cash. So, Dukenilnil sent some scouts out locally (mostly within 100 miles of campus) to see if there was anyone nearby who'd be a good fit for CNU.
Not expecting to make a change, Dukenilnil headed for the golf course. As he was approaching the turn, however, his cell phone went off with texts, calls, and messages. The scouts had found a guy they thought could be special. Coach Duke put the pedal to the medal and raced that cart to its full 15 MPH back to the clubhouse.

Coach Duke was immediately intrigued by Heise. Heise, however, was exploring his D2 options and did have one D2 team express early interest. CNU went hard after him and gave the big sell. He wanted on board, but first, we had to find space for him. As luck would have it, Chris Hurd had been uncertain he wanted to play the game anymore. Coach Duke and Hurd talked it over and Hurd decided his heart wasn't in the game anymore. CNU agreed to move his scholarship over to academics so he could pursue his new passion in quantum mechanics and this opened up the scholarship for Heise.

To say the least, the coaches are very high on Heise. He is very raw as a big man, but has ridiculous potential and a strong w/e. He agreed to take a redshirt to learn the system and hone his skills a little. We anticipate him being at a minimum, a 3-year starter. We at CNU are guessing this is a one time occurrence, snagging a recruit in a cycle when we didn't have any openings at the start, but he has the potential to be a special player.

CNU was disappointed he didn't get any top class love, but his lower reb/lp starting cores were probably the reason as they tend to overlook potential

Athleticism 69 - decent improvement; expect it to hit high 70s
Speed 17 - low
Rebounding 39 - high/high; should hit 67 at a minimum, which is good enough for man with his athleticism
Defense 52 - decent improvement; expect it to hit 60
Shot Blocking 36 - high/high; should be in the 60s
Low-post 15 - high/high; based on past experience, LP is one of the h/h categories that often can see 50+ improvement; we are hoping that's the case here; if not, he'll still be a nice defensive and rebounding/passing player
Perimeter 26 - average
Ball Handling 25 - low=
Passing 21 - high/high; should hit upper 40s+, which is useful in our offense
Work Ethic 51
Stamina 67 - high
Durability 69 - low
FT Shooting C - average; hopefully can get to B- but more likely C+
10/11/2012 10:00 AM
Palm Beach Atlantic ended up with a very good recruiting class despite tremendous adversity. It looked like one of the best classes ever for the school, but the new coach at Florida Tech decided to try to persuade three of the four recruits to attend there just before signing. Two of the three decided to go to FIT instead, but the most highly prized recruit, Gerald Smith decided to stick with is original plan of attending PBAU, especially after being promised a starting spot on the defending National Champion Sailfish team.

GERALD SMITH - SG - Melbourne FL - Gerald was the prized recruit of the class because of his starting Athleticism of 62 with high improvement. He also has a starting defense of 55 with high-high improvement, so he should be above 80 in Ath and def, and he will end up with close to 80 speed. Because he will start from day one, he should develop quickly, especially with his 55 WE. He is mnot much of an offensive threat at the moment with only 28 PE, but he has high potential in that area as well.

James Hill - PG - Fort Myers FL - Hill could develop into a very quick PG with great ballhandling and passing skills. It all depends just how high the high-high goes for Speed, PE, BH and passing. He starts at 56 speed, 38 perimeter, 57 ballhandling, and 37 passing. He will not play much this year, and may be a redshirt candidate.

Tyler Montgomery - SF - Miami FL - Tyler was the first recruit to consider PBAU, and actually had his scholarship rescinded right before signing, only to have it reissued after signing. He could be a great player with high potential in every area except Athleticism and speed. He is another redshirt candidate for this year.

Richard Arnold - PF - Fort Pierce, FL
. Richard Arnold was recruited late, after two very good PFs abandoned PBAU for Florida Tech after the signing period began. However, at this poiunt in time, Arnold is a better player than the other two were, but he does not have the upside. At 6'11" he has natural rebounding ability (starting at 65 with average potential. He is fairly green, but the 30 ATH could go very high as it is high-high. His low post of 21 will mean he will not be much of a scorer, but the Sky is the Limit for his inside scoring ability.

Considering the last minute defections, the Sailfish did as well as could be expected. It may be a bit of a rebuilding year with 4 freshmen and 4 sophomores, but hopefully the fact that young players last year played over 10 minutes a game, will help the team to still be competitive in the ultra tough USA South.

10/11/2012 7:51 PM (edited)
Piedmont college recruiting season 53 sighed one player.  This is Swany's second season at Piedmont there was only one open scolarship.  Swany has just recently taken over Piedmont and is trying to return them to their glory days.  This recruiting class was solid, Jerald Graham is a 6'4" 204lbs point guard out of south carolina, this player should turn into a solid shooting guard for Piedmont with high/high perimeter.  Graham will be redshirted his first season because Piedmont already has five guards.  Piedmont will have a lot of talent this season, their goal is to make the National Tourney this season.  This recruiting would probably be a 6/10 considering that only one scholarship was open it was very successful and Swany did not have to battle for any recruits.
Athleticism 36
Speed 64
Rebounding 21
Defense 27
Shot Blocking 20
Low-post 1
Perimeter 57
Ball Handling 38
Passing 18
Work Ethic 50
Stamina 73
Durability 46
FT Shooting C-  high
10/11/2012 8:15 PM (edited)
With just one scholarship, Palm Beach Atlantic was looking for the best available player. This year, Division 2 teams recruited heavily in Florida, so there were few available players, but PBAU settled on Brad Tuck - A D2 rated SF from Belle Glad Florida.  He may be more suited for Guard as opposed to PF because he has very little inside game, but he should end up with over 75 speed and over 50 ath and nearly 60 Reb, around 60 PE and 80 BH. Should be an interesting player that can play several positions. He accepted a redshirt, since the team already has 3 SFs and he realized that he needed to improve his overall game to earn minutes on this very deep team.
11/14/2012 4:04 PM
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