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Being a Yankee fan, I like Gardner in CF, Granderson in LF, and then they should go out and get a power bat for RF.  Let Vernon Wells go.  Ichiro can stick around and be the 4th outfielder.  RF in Yankee stadium is probably one of the easiest to play because if the ball is over your head, it's probably a home run.  You just have to focus on getting to the balls hit in front of you and down the line.  Point being a great bat with a crappy glove can work out there.  Ichiro is good defender, but his value is less because he plays right field.
9/10/2013 12:41 PM
I don't know that Granderson will be back.  George's boys seem pretty set on getting below the cap.   With Tex, A-Rod and CC, they really can't afford another 10m+ salary.   Especially if they're going to try to bring Cano back(and I don't think they will). 
9/12/2013 8:44 AM


9/12/2013 9:40 AM
It is frustrating to watch Cano sometimes because you are correct, he does not hustle down the line.  He seems to turn on the jets for a ball in the hole, or if he knows he has an extra base it.  If he gets a grounder anywhere near a fielder, he dogs it.
9/13/2013 4:19 PM
I would welcome Robinson Cano to not hustle his way to a .309/.384/.515 line on my team any day of the week.

From Calcaterra:

Joe Girardi has been asked about Cano’s habit of not running out 4-3 grounders at full speed all the time and Girardi says he doesn’t care. Nor should he, given that Cano is the one superstar he’s got who has been consistently healthy and given that the dude is hitting .307/.386/.510.

Maybe the failure to give 110% when it doesn’t matter is bothersome to people, but I’ll take that line and some occasional jogging over a guy who busts it down the line in the course of making far more outs or a guy who pulls a hamstring in the name of empty, showy hustle.

9/13/2013 4:33 PM
It's called maximizing your potential.  Currently, without even trying, Cano is a great player.  I just wonder how much better he would actually play if he DID try a little more. 
9/13/2013 5:06 PM
Posted by winner77 on 9/13/2013 5:06:00 PM (view original):
It's called maximizing your potential.  Currently, without even trying, Cano is a great player.  I just wonder how much better he would actually play if he DID try a little more. 
How do you know he isn't trying? Because he doesn't bust his *** down the line on a routine grounder?

Pointless hustle isn't going to make anyone better. How ****** would you be if he pulled his hamstring sprinting out of the box for a three hopper to the second baseman?
9/13/2013 5:09 PM

It's less that and more getting doubled up for ******* around up the line.    The runner from first is busting his *** trying to break up the double play.   Cano is lollygagging up the line.    How would I feel if Gardner broke his ankle breaking up a DP ball that Cano hit?   Kinda ******.

FWIW, I don't really care when he hits a three hopper to the 2B and the 2B triple pumps while Cano takes a leisurely stroll to first.   Nothing gained, nothing lost either way.   But he does it on DP balls. 

9/13/2013 7:09 PM
Also, FWIW, we're always going to love the guy that dives for balls he can't get.  
9/13/2013 7:10 PM
And, as we talk ****, he gets a bunt DOUBLE against the shift.   Hustle all the way.
9/13/2013 7:17 PM
If he's doing it on the double plays, that sucks. Assuming, of course, that they would have been close plays had he hustled.
9/13/2013 7:33 PM

In reality, it doesn't matter if they would have been close.  The runner is busting HIS *** to break up the double play.   If nothing else, Cano owes it to him to hustle down to first.    Players don't have to play for the fans, the media or even the coaches.   But they better play for their teammates. 

And, yes, he doesn't bust it down the line on what should be routine DP.   Nonetheless, the runner from 1st is busting it on what should be a routine DP.

9/13/2013 7:58 PM
No argument from me on DPs. He should hustle if only to make up for the fact that he ****** up royally by hitting into the DP.
9/13/2013 8:44 PM
The problem with not busting it on that 4-3 groundout is on that 1% time when the 2nd baseman bobbles it and gets Cano by a step, it looks bad.  If your counterargument is "He's hurting himself long-term by not saving his body on mostly meaningless plays"...I understand.  It's still frustrating watching someone not do something simple like "run" when he plays a game for a living for millions of dollars.  And on a DP, yes, definitely run, every time.  There's a great chance the guy running from 1st is doing everything he can to make sure you're safe.

The other aspect of this I noticed is Cano's fielding.  He's brilliant in the field.  But if there's a ball to his right, you can be sure he's backhanding it rather than getting in front of it.  And if he muffs it, you're thinking he could have tried a little harder.  But he's so talented, he really doesn't need to most of the time.  
9/16/2013 9:16 AM
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Ichiro's 3000th Hit - 142 to go! First Ballot HOF! Topic

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