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If the HD updates are anything like the beta board for GD makes the update over there sound (or the clusterflop that was GD1 to GD 2 for that matter), do we really WANT them messing with the game?

(rhetorical question, obviously there's stuff that can be tweaked over here to improve the game, but we need to be vigilant that they don't f-up a good thing, too.)
8/2/2013 6:27 PM
Posted by tarvolon on 8/2/2013 5:36:00 PM (view original):
I like HD the way it is. I don't really care that they haven't been rolling out update after update. Are there things that should change? Absolutely. And I hope positive changes will be made out of this. But even if there aren't, I like the game as is, and I have 10 bucks I didn't have before. 

I ain't complainin
The game would be MUCH better if they addressed D1 recruiting and lack of firings. The Big-6 is ultra powerful right now. That makes the game less fun.  

DII and DIII still rock. 

8/2/2013 7:45 PM
I'll believe it when I see it.  WIS no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to these matters.  The fact that they wasted all that time on that other stuff before WIS got priority is pretty ridiculous...FOX sports real fantasy games are far and away the worst of any of the major companies.  The proof will be in the pudding.
8/2/2013 9:22 PM

Honestly, *yawn*...

"As most of you know, we were purchased by FOX Interactive Media back in September, 2005.  Starting in January, 2009, we also began making games for FOX Sports Interactive Media (specifically,  While our staff size was reduced, we created a variety of interactive sports games for our parent company:  Baseball Hot Streak, Basketball Hot Streak, Football Survivor, Frank’s Picks, Tune In To Win, Fantasy Auto Racing and, most recently, Fantasy Football Commissioner.   "

8/2/2013 9:30 PM
Meanwhile, I don't see my 10 bucks in my account yet. I really hope they make prudent improvements and not overly dramatic upheavals.
bbunch- +1.  DI recruiting and job process overhaul. That would do it for me.

8/2/2013 10:39 PM
Man this one was really dug up from the dead.
8/2/2013 10:45 PM
The GD beta, although free, is one of the most frustrating things on this site. It feels like little work is being done. HOWEVER, HD doesn't need an engine overhaul like GD, so I doubt there would be anything similar.
8/2/2013 11:46 PM
Posted by blackdog3377 on 8/2/2013 10:45:00 PM (view original):
Man this one was really dug up from the dead.
Yipes, I totally missed that the original post was pulled from Sept. 2011...guess I'll stop watching for the $10 that I evidently spent so long ago.
8/2/2013 11:49 PM
They still haven't rolled out that "mocked up" simleagues baseball redo, or given us the new and improved SimLeagues LIVE client.  Which we desperately need.
8/3/2013 1:57 AM
Haven't we heard this same speech before?
8/3/2013 2:24 AM
Old thread, try to keep up.

(I had that same response when I read the OP)

8/3/2013 4:33 AM
Wow... Don't I feel the fool! Shows you how hungry we are for some attention. It is what it is.
8/3/2013 8:52 AM
Ooops. I guess I don't get ten bucks then. My bad. 

stine, you made your point. 
8/3/2013 10:30 AM
Hoodwinked...I knew something was up when it was talking about the first week of the fantasy football season being over.  It still amazes me how/why/that FOX Sports invests time and resources into such ridiculous things as Rob Riggle's weekly NFL picks (can't stand that guy anyhow) to supposedly generate ad dollars through hit totals and the like when they have a one of a kind site with 10+ games that people actually pay to play.  FWIW it also bugged/bugs me how much they worked/work on FC Dynasty, again because no one pays for it...I'm not a CEO or anything, but their business model seems backwards.  I don't think they realize how red-headed stepchild they've made this site...I basically think they don't advertise WIS AT ALL, which is a shame for everyone involved, users/customers included.
8/3/2013 9:27 PM
I remember back when it was a big thing that FOX was acquiring WIS (as I'm sure anyone who has been here for many years also remembers).  Many of us were excited because we thought it would mean FOX using their mutli-media platform of web, television, etc. to advertise the site, which would mean more members and a much better experience.

I'm still not sure why that hasn't happened. It's not like FOX doesn't have the resources to get it done. It wouldn't cost much to run simple ads on their other websites, especially FoxSports, which with proper placement would easily drive a lot of traffic to this site and get some people to play the games.

There ARE people out there who would play these games A LOT if they only knew the site existed. Word of mouth was the biggest thing years ago as far as I know, and unfortunately that seems to still be the case. I came to the site through word of mouth, as I was on another site's message board and someone posted about how they loved WIS. I visited the site and joined shortly thereafter.

Think of all the people who would see an ad on one of FoxSports pages properly placed and designed to get people to visit WIS. Many of them would do so and would become aware of the site, and many of those would join and play. Maybe they already do SOME of what I'm discussing here, but I think it could be done more and better.

I'm really not being critical here; I just want the same thing I think they want, which is more people on this site and playing  the games. Just get the word out that the site exists and what it does and you WILL get more people here playing the games.

8/5/2013 11:19 AM
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The long awaited WIS mea culpa...updates coming... Topic

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