Snowball Shootout Topic

I've figured it out. . . Its short for:

nowballs Chance In Hell That Any B-Rated, Insignificant Conference Takes Over Upstate's Reign, Now or Ever. . . .  Yaaaaayyyoooo!!!

Or the "SCIHT A BRICK TOURNEY" for short

we could even take the upstate out, and rename it the Shoot a brick tourney, if you all like. . . .
10/4/2011 1:20 AM
shoot, forgot a K in there

guess its the "sciht a bric tourney"

oh well, close enough
10/4/2011 1:22 AM
What does it mean?  I think one of the Upstate guys must of coined this phrase for their sexual preferences.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing for whomever just not one that I participate in.     
10/4/2011 8:32 AM
I'll be referring to it as the Gangbang in perpetuity. Why mess with a name that good?     
10/4/2011 8:44 AM
Forgive me for laying down a bit of logic here, but this is not the same tourney as before.  Feel free to bask in fond memories of the one-of-a-kind Gangbang/Peacemaker, but that tournament died, and now we have new competitors and a new format.  Hence the name change. 

And for those who don't care for the name, it was decided by voting.  Feel free to substitute your favorite nicknames, however undignified, but the trophy is gonna say SNOWBALL SHOOTOUT.  Indeed, all caps.  And with little bronze snowflakes gracefully surrounding the trophy's central figure - a giant snowball made up to look like a hoops ball. 
10/4/2011 11:12 AM
Sorry to pee on your parade but SNOWBALL SHOOTOUT is a dumb nickname for a basketball tournament.  I could understand it if we were playing ice hockey.  Regardless of what you guys voted to name the tournament the trophy will always reside in the Upstate.
10/4/2011 8:39 PM
For now, yes, the trophy resides in the Upstate conference.  This means you are responsible for spit-polishing the snow/basketball trophy at least once a week.  As for peeing, you can keep that to yourselves, or among yourselves, or however you folks from upstate prefer it.  
10/5/2011 1:30 AM
Agreed--snowball shootout is lame.  What are we, a bunch of 4th graders? 

Actually, maybe we shouldn't answer that.

Regardless, it is what it is and at least the level of competition is elite, even if the name is not!
10/5/2011 3:15 PM
As meaningless as this is I thought it is in the best interest to let everyone know that Case Western has replaced Chicago vs Adrian in week 10.  Now instead of winning by 28 the Upstate will win by 28.  FYI
10/11/2011 10:50 AM
Okay, I just adjusted the schedule.
10/11/2011 11:17 AM
OK, time to bang some gangs together. or something. Upstate Rules!    
11/16/2011 5:47 PM
I'm catching up on this thread a bit late...and something is quite apparent already. Those Upstaters may know how to win, but they certainly do whine a lot. Looks like it may be up to us Minnesotans to shut them up a bit next season...

Snowball Shootout results will be posted shortly.
11/17/2011 11:49 AM
Snowball Shootout, aka Gangbang* Season 2 Results

Consolation Match: Midwest versus Minnesota
Macalester at Beloit (74-66)
St. Norbert at Hamline (Week 8) (49-75)
St. Mary’s (MN) at Lake Forest (61-79)
Carroll at St. Scholastica (somehow this game was never scheduled)
Gustavus Adolphus at Ripon (Week 8) (77-61)
Monmouth at St. Olaf (69-81)
St. Thomas at RHIT (77-75)
Lawrence at Concordia, Moorhead (83-65)
St. John’s at DePauw (49-71)

Due to a scheduling error, only 8 games were played. Minnesota wins 5-3

Championship Match: Upstate versus Michigan
MBBC at RPI (75-86)
Hamilton at Finlandia (88-75)
Calvin at Washington (70-72)
Brandeis at Albion (92-74)
Adrian at Case Western (62-74)
HWS at Kalamazoo (79-68)
Hope at Clarkson (66-67)
St. Lawrence at Eureka (51-70)
Alma at Skidmore (70-57)

Upstate wins 7-2

* Unofficial name posted to satisfy the Upstate folks...and goose. 

Next season Minnesota will take its shot in the Championship Match at dismantling the Upstate juggernaut. Michigan and Midwest will fight for the leftover bragging rights in the Consolation Match.

Thanks to all who participated! Now, let's get working on the conference rankings, so we can finalize the Shootout schedule in the next week.

P.S. Thanks also to Paul and Rogelio for filling in for me while I was getting married...and soaking in the sun on my honeymoon. You guys are awesome.
11/17/2011 12:25 PM
congrats on the wedding, pep. and thanks (to you and paul and rogelio) for the organizing efforts.
11/21/2011 8:31 PM
Thanks wronoj! And it's my pleasure to help organize the tourney. I'm just happy we have such a great community of coaches in Wooden that like doing this sort of thing. It's part of what makes HD so fun!
11/21/2011 8:41 PM
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