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Fair enough. Upstate certainly is the undisputed king of conferences right now. But, I sense a change coming. Last season's less than impressive win in the Shootout was the start of that process.

Enjoy the throne while you can!
2/24/2012 12:34 PM
Midwest wins!
2/25/2012 10:07 AM
Snowball Shootout Season 4

Championship Match- Upstate vs. Michigan

MBBC at Washington (75-91)
Brandeis at Hope (73-68)
Finlandia at HWS (106-108)
RPI at Calvin (67-68)
Eureka at St. Lawrence (100-91)
Skidmore at Albion (70-72)
Adrian at Case Western (62-49)
Chicago at Kalamazoo (62-49)
Rockford at NYU (55-58)

For the second year in a row, Upstate squeaks by with a Shootout Championship.

Upstate wins 5-4.

Consolation Match- Minnesota vs. Midwest

Beloit at St. Olaf (98-81)
Macalester at St. Norbert (86-78)
Lake Forest at St. John's (77-75)
Hamline at Carroll (54-56)
Monmouth at St. Mary's (85-74)
St. Scholastica at Illinois (74-78)
RHIT at GAC (61-53)
Augsburg at Ripon (77-90)
Depauw at St. Thomas (65-67)

Midwest wins its first Shootout match a very convincing fashion.

Midwest wins 7-2.

Next season Midwest will challenge 4-time Shootout Champion Upstate in the Championship match.
Michigan will play Minnesota in the Consolation Match.

Thanks again to all who participated!

2/25/2012 3:43 PM
Thanks for organizing this pep!
2/25/2012 3:49 PM
No problem. It's my pleasure.
2/25/2012 5:36 PM
Here are the Midwest rankings for next season's Snowball Shootout: 1) St. Norbs 2) Beloit 3) RHIT 4) Lake Forest 5) Illinois 6) Carroll 7) Lawrence 8) Monmouth 9) Grinnell
2/26/2012 9:08 PM
Minnesota's rankings:

1) Macalester, 2) Hamline, 3) St. Olaf, 4) St. Mary's, 5) GAC, 6) St. Thomas, 7) St. Scholastica, 8) Bethel, 9) St. John's
2/27/2012 3:17 AM
Upstate rankings
1. HWS  2. Brandeis  3. Washington  4. RPI  5. NYU  6. Hamilton  7. Chicago  8. CWR  9. St Larry
2/27/2012 10:38 PM
Snowball Shootout Season 5

Championship Match- Upstate vs. Midwest

1. St. Norbert at HWS
2. Brandeis at Beloit
3. RHIT at Washington (MO)
4. RPI at Lake Forest
5. Illinois at NYU
6. Hamilton at Carroll
7. Lawrence at Chicago
8. CWR at Monmouth
9. Grinnell at St. Lawrence

Consolation Match- Michigan vs. Minnesota

1. Macalester at MBBC
2. Finlandia at Hamline
3. St. Olaf at Calvin
4. Hope at St. Mary's
5. GAC at Albion
6. Eureka at St. Thomas
7. St. Scholastica at Adrian
8. Kalamazoo at Bethel
9. St. John's at Alma

This is the final schedule. As always, please let me know if any problems arise when scheduling these games.

Next year will officially be our 5th Shootout. It has been an honor to be a part of something like this with you all for five seasons and running. Thanks to all for making this tournament work!

2/28/2012 2:43 AM
pep, if you really cared about the Gangbang, you'd have made us our own website... like this:

2/29/2012 9:01 AM
That website is pretty freakin fantastic. Unfortunately I have neither the skill nor time to put one together for the gangbang/shootout. But, I would be ecstatic if someone else stepped up and did it.

Wronoj? :)
2/29/2012 7:06 PM
That's pretty sweet!
3/1/2012 9:20 AM
I, as isack24, competed in the first ever Nyack Invitational.  It was definitely a fun deal.
3/1/2012 10:39 AM
we should get whoever made it to simply make a copy with a changed name and then change the details. Isn't that relatively easy to do?

(not a computer person)
3/2/2012 9:08 AM
I'm sure they could do that. But, the problem is we would have to update the information each season, and that would require some knowledge of HTML...or whatever language they are using these days.

I'm sure it'd be easy to do for someone with experience creating/maintaining websites though. Any volunteers?
3/6/2012 2:03 AM
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