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"I believe an objective (albeit imperfect) system is still better than a subjective system with arbitrary numbers being assigned"

who thinks this is better? certainly not your customers.....i understand it can be kind of a slippery slope when you start making changes like that but we would be satisfied if it was just a few key changes.....you can understand that you are probably turning off potential customers when they start to build a team and then see the greatest defender of all time is only a 70....kind of kills a lot of the whole "what-if" thing

"what if bill russell in his prime had the chance to defend shaq in his prime?....only we limited bills defense and shot-blocking because it wouldnt be fair to jason collins....what if?"
5/4/2012 11:11 PM
With PE and D-ratings so f'd-up, you might as well just give players fake names, because it's really nothing like a true "what if" now. 
5/5/2012 12:29 AM
And these are big reasons as to why I choose to not play. It's just too frustrating that these simple things can't be fixed.
5/7/2012 6:49 PM
Posted by seble on 5/4/2012 9:21:00 PM (view original):
A couple of notes:

- There's literally no possible system for effectiveness or defensive rating that will please everyone.  Sure we could go through and subjectively change some guys, but that goes against the statistical nature of the game and wouldn't be based on any factual data.  I believe an objective (albeit imperfect) system is still better than a subjective system with arbitrary numbers being assigned.

- Height and weight are factored into effectiveness, in case that wasn't a widely known fact.

- I understand that seeing anything less than 100% is a turnoff for most coaches here, but in reality, effectiveness in the upper 90% range is not going to be big deal in game results. 

- Just to clarify, there were no changes to any of the formulas or logic for players this year.

- It's easy to adjust listed positions, so if you see any of those that are off just send in a support ticket and we'll review those.

In my opinion, your Bill Russell defensive ratings undermine your credibility. Since you link to basketballreference.com, it might be helpful if you read the link below from their 8/23/10 blog on which players have played for the best defenses. It's common basketball knowledge that Russell anchored the Celtics defense. From his nba.com bio: (1) Now Russell brought a new level of defensive artistry, intimidating opponents with blocked shots and proving that it didn't take a scorer to dominate a game. (2) Bill Russell was the cornerstone of the Boston Celtics' dynasty of the 1960s, an uncanny shotblocker who revolutionized NBA defensive concepts. 


5/9/2012 2:14 PM
I think my favorite is Serge Ibaka. 6'10, leading shotblocker in the league...100% at SF and 97% at C. lol.
5/11/2012 9:08 AM
All-Defensive Teams were released today...
5/23/2012 6:36 PM
You are all just wasting forum space with any comments directed towards making the Sim better.  I am still trying to figure out how you can be a 30 point favorite and then lose by 30.  Obviously there are days when somebody hits the wrong button.  I would be happy with being able to make more adjustments to being able to coach a team and having it actually work. THERE... I have wasted space and my time.  After about 3 posts it is pretty obvious this thread hits the **** can anyway.
5/24/2012 3:20 AM
What's the chances syble never gets around to implementing the new d ratings into the database?  I'd say about 90%.
5/27/2012 9:52 PM
I hope you're wrong on that one. I am hoping they get done in the next few days and my draft team will look nicer!
5/29/2012 11:37 PM
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