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Posted by gtscott11 on 11/19/2012 11:31:00 AM (view original):
Great tool.

Can we now integrate response value from messages to potential?  Or add this to the list of potential upgrades?

Id like to adjust my High = 25 to 40 if i receive a term like *dramatic*

agreed - I haven't used this for recruiting yet and I'm not sure why. I'm just starting to tinker with it seriously tonight, but this request would make me much more likely to use it regularly.

The terms that would move a "high" potential to a "high-high" potential are as follows:

ATH: *dramatically*
SPD: *massive*
REB: NOT expect HUGE
DEF: massive (without the *)
BLK: *tremendous*
LP: skys the limit
PER: *significantly*
BH: *tremendous*
ST: *dramatic*

1/21/2013 10:05 PM
what i had no Idea there was a Yatzr for HD, here I am in my 7th season might as well of been recruiting blind . well this is great i can't wait
1/24/2013 12:33 AM
Hey, I "recruit blind" and I'm proud of it ;) Not that this is or isn't a great tool, I'm sure a lot of people get a lot out of it.
1/24/2013 3:47 PM
you can definitely recruit without the tool, but im a big fan. being able to sort recruits by formulas of your choosing is huge, on automatically imported recruits, now thats nice and easy. that alone makes it worth it, and there are other valuable things in there, too.
1/24/2013 5:36 PM
yep, just purchased it myself after using the free version for a couple years.

Def worth $10. 

~I still like using excel too though to keep track of a 'timeline' of who was considered by who and when.
Downloading and exporting the recruits each cycle works for that, with the only exception being on multiples, the excel file will still list it as "multiple" even though the tool will lists each school instead of just "multiple". 

Not sure if thats possible to have the excel file pull the schools instead of just the word multiple, but thats really the only suggestion I have.

Thanks yatz. 
1/24/2013 9:34 PM
has anyone got their tool to automatically process recruit responses? immediately recruitable/backup/go to hell type stuff?
1/25/2013 11:46 AM
I only have the 1 school and I'm in D1, so I haven't even tried to mess with that billyg. 
1/25/2013 12:46 PM
Posted by gillispie1 on 1/25/2013 11:46:00 AM (view original):
has anyone got their tool to automatically process recruit responses? immediately recruitable/backup/go to hell type stuff?
yes ... in order to get it to process mails, you have to delete any mail from old seasons

This is because WIS removes the link to a player in old mails and they cause errors when being processed by the tool.

What I do is select and delete all e-mails from last season the day before recruiting starts.

Then you would open responses and put in the thing you want to be a response (it is case sensitive and) and a value that you want it to represent.

So for example

Response Message Response Value
backup option 1
sucking up my cell minutes 0
Can we set up a call 3

For me, value 0 is that the guy will not talk to me, value 1 is that I am a backup option, and value 3 are the things I get told if I can recruit.

You can cut and paste the Responses directly from a reply from a recruit.  You then assign it a value.  You can have as many Responses or Values as you want.  (I included 3 as examples).  You do not need a large quote from the recruits response, just enough to make it unique.

Yatzr has set it up so that the highest Message ID for the recruit is shown, so if you have the response in there it should show you the latest one in the tool.
2/4/2013 7:33 PM (edited)
hughes, how many responses did you find? I came up with 12 recruitable messages; 7 backup responses; 5 drop-down message; and 7 drop-dead responses. I'm sure I'm missing quite a few, just wondering how  many and in what categories so I can be on the lookout. Thanks for your posts in connection with this tool, very helpful stuff.
2/7/2013 8:52 PM
I have 28 that are value 3 (recruitable) ... 7 that are value 1 (backup option) .... and 12 that are value 0 (drop dead)
2/7/2013 11:34 PM
hughes, any chance those are contained in a config file you are willing to share? that would be pretty sweet if so... :)
2/7/2013 11:41 PM
Updated for version 1.5...just a few small fixes
2/10/2013 7:02 PM
thanks yatzr
2/10/2013 11:01 PM
Any idea on why the file wouldn't work?  It downloaded OK, but when I double click it to open it, nothing happens.  The timer icon displays for a fraction of a second and then disappears.  Any help would be appreciated.
2/15/2013 6:32 PM
Never mind.  Reinstalled Java and now it works.
2/15/2013 9:16 PM
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yatzr HD recruit tool v1.11 - Login fix Topic

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