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Sorry for the delay.

Phoenix Pitchers
9/27/2012 1:22 AM
1. ace1430 - NY Bombers
2. staindman - St. Louis Superstars
3. Yaz_Benders - Sacramento Sluggers
4. flash1821
5. dahsdebater - Portland Power
6. kneeneighbor - Pittsburgh Prospects
7. 11kwyetman28 - Atlanta Speed
8. frozen_rope - Philadelphia Platoons
9. triflex- Boston Beaters
10. eman7400- Anaheim Aces
11. chris_son- Indianapolis Fielders
12. donaldjtrump- Louisville Live
13. BastanRedsox- Santa Fe Slammers
14. topgun11- Oregon Open
15. The Taint- Baltimore Bunters
16. onubears4656- Chicago Competitors
17. korris10- Phoenix Pitchers
18. Bilfert- Detroit Duo
19. joshkvt
9/27/2012 9:25 AM (edited)
Remaining Franchises

National League East
Rhode Island Slammers - A small franchise with a few home run hitters.
Cap: $40 million, Park: Citizens Bank Park, Projected Wins: 50
AAA Limitations: Unilimited
Be in the Top 10 for team homeruns.
Have one hitter with 30 homeruns.
Have one AAA player with 16 homeruns.

National League Central
Cleveland Cream Puffs - An expansion team with a small payroll.
Cap: $40 million, Park: Humphrey Metrodome, Projected Wins: 30
AAA Limitations: 6 or fewer on active roster at any time
Have five pitchers with 100+ IP and ERAs under 6.00.
6 players with 300+ AB each
Win one game against the St. Louis Superstars

National League West
Cheyenne Clutch - An exciting small-payroll team famous for 9th inning wins and late runs.
Cap: $60 million, Park: Memorial Coliseum, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Finish the last 20 games of your schedule over .500.
Finish in the Top 10 in team RBI.
Win 5 games in the 9th inning.

American League East
Massachusetts Mediocre - A poor hitting team with average pitching.
Cap: $40 million, Park: Jack Murphy Stadium, Projected Wins: 50
AAA Limitation: At least 5 starters
Have two pitchers with 150+ IP and ERAs under 4.
Have a closer with at least 10 saves.
Finish in the Top 5 in Rookie of the Year.

American League Central
Cincinnati Classics - A regular team with regular stats.
Cap: $60 million, Park: 3Com Park, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
No position players can bat over .330 with 300+ at-bats or hit 40+ homeruns.
4 SP with 35+ starts, no one else with more than 5
At least 1 all-star.

Dallas Double Plays - An average team with great middle infielders.
Cap: $60 million, Park: Shibe Park, Projected Wins: 70
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
Make no more than 10 errors with a middle infielder.
Both starting middle infielders must have 500+ at-bats and a .300+ batting average.
Both starting middle infielders must have 20+ homeruns or 120+ RBI.
Note: MIF must play at least 90% of their innings at 2B or SS

American League West
Los Angeles AAA - A rebuilding franchise with many AAA players.
Cap: $30 million , Park: Hilltop Park, Projected Wins: 40
AAA Limitation: Unlimited
AAA player Top 5 in Rookie of the Year voting or on all-star team
Have a AAA player with 400+ at-bats and a .300 average.
Have a AAA player with 150+ IP and an ERA under 4.00.
9/27/2012 9:27 AM (edited)
I took Detroit.
9/27/2012 9:28 AM
Thanks for the update above Bilfert! I'll get the first page updated this afternoon, and will send out a league # today.

Here's where we stand, needing one owner to replace flash1821. 11kwyetman28 is taking a second team, meaning we're full again when we get one owner for that vacancy. To accommodate two-franchise owners, that new owner will have to choose from the remaining National League teams — Rhode Island, Cheyenne and Cleveland. The Taint will pick one of the two left after that, and my NL team will be the one that's left.

Four owners' second franchises will fill out the AL. They will choose their second franchises in a draft using reverse order from the earlier portion of the draft (I'll take the last remaining team). Those picks can be made any time, in order, choosing from Los Angeles, Dallas, Cincinnati and Massachusetts.
1. eman7400
2. 11kwyetman28
3. Yaz_Benders
4. joshkvt
9/27/2012 2:30 PM (edited)
We need one owner to take Rhode Island, Cheyenne or Cleveland, and we'll be full.

Rhode Island chicks dig the long ball. Cheyenne might have the easiest goals of any team in this league. And Cleveland is the perfect franchise for your inner ony LaRussa. Not much in this game more fun than beating some $80M/$100M payroll teams with your measly old $40M. Not to mention the end-of-season joy of adding $60M from the waiver wire.

Don't be stupid,
Be a smarty,
Come and join
The USA party!
9/27/2012 1:55 PM
hey josh you still havent picked a team yet you shouldnt get the scraps in both leagues i dont mind at all if you pick first of the 4 teams that are left
9/27/2012 2:43 PM
Give me the Cleveland Cream Puffs.
9/27/2012 3:02 PM
I agree with eman go ahead and pick Josh
9/27/2012 3:58 PM
That's the spirit ConansDad, thanks for filling us up!

I'll snag the Dallas Double Plays for my first team then. Waiting for the previous league # from support so I can set up the league and link it. If I don't get that by this evening, I'll set up a new league and they can be linked after we start.

NL Teams remaining: Rhode Island, Cheyenne. I'll take whichever The Taint passes on.
Al Teams remaining: Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Massachusetts
AL Picks: 1. eman7400; 2. 11kwyetman7400; 3. Yaz_Benders
9/27/2012 4:01 PM
ill take cincinnati classics 
9/27/2012 6:24 PM
I'll head down I-91 10 miles and end up in Mass. and get my heart broken again
9/27/2012 8:32 PM
Yaz gets the AAA then, and we just need The Taint to pick from Rhode Island and Cheyenne. If anyone wants a second team before they choose, post here and one might give up his spot.
9/27/2012 9:36 PM
I'll go with the Clutch.  Will be fun to try and win 9th inning games.
9/27/2012 11:09 PM
staindman - St. Louis Superstars

kneeneighbor - Pittsburgh Prospects
topgun11 - Oregon Open
onubears4656 - Chicago Competitors
korris10 - Phoenix Pitchers

Any teams not entered by noon ET Saturday will be made available to anyone who wants to take tnem.

10/4/2012 6:42 PM
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USA Federation Returns * FULL AND PLAYING Topic

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