Appleseed I see what you trying to do in your heads in the right place, the problem can and most likely will occur with your clear the bench method when a player like beck can give you 3-4 rec minutes, once they surpass those rec minutes the bricks come. in all my teams the lowest  3pt%  of my never miss squad are those with low rec minutes. You've probably already noticed if you play beck or strickland for 6 minutes they bricked some 3pt's. my handful of bricks with Yao came with a Gervin foul out or some other reason to lower the usage or Yao played 33 + minutes. Once in a blue moon he throws up a brick I cant explain. with my teams ill play the hell out of a non 3pt shooter but i never let a 3pt shooter go over rec, if anything i play them a few minutes less to prevent over using them. I have no doubt that the right combo to success is out there just find which piece goes where. Good luck bro
9/20/2012 12:01 AM
fyi:  recommended minutes is useless.  Overusage (ie taking too many shots) is the problem with the clean-up squad idea.
9/20/2012 4:48 AM
 oh of course i dont worry about reasoning, whether it's fatigue or too much usage, all i know is it happens everytime they go past their rec mark. and thats good enough for me to strategize around it
9/20/2012 10:23 AM


  • Adjusted 3pt% in the engine for guys with very low attempts and high percentage
  • Reduced chances of a making the shot on a 3pt shooting foul.
  • Adjusted shot distribution when in 3pt offense to give a small chance to shoot for guys without any 3pt attempts. Would only be noticeable if a team has 4 guys with no 3pt attempts and one guy with just a few.
9/20/2012 1:52 PM
Now if they would just make all the other additional simple changes that would make the game more fun... 
9/20/2012 1:53 PM
wait what's this? actual....? wow - good for them
9/20/2012 3:49 PM
9/20/2012 4:07 PM
Posted by jlg1983 on 9/20/2012 10:23:00 AM (view original):
 oh of course i dont worry about reasoning, whether it's fatigue or too much usage, all i know is it happens everytime they go past their rec mark. and thats good enough for me to strategize around it
Well, if a player plays more minutes than he did IRL/82 in a game, the likelihood that he takes too many shots increases.  You'll find that lower usage scrubs end up doing this less often than the higher usage ones.
9/20/2012 4:09 PM
to quote Almost Famous : I am a golden god!!! I can't believe my tricks made WiS change the engine i am truly WOW'ed
I just wanted to find another way to win. I personally have an Ego that hates copying another man's idea or team. 
don't get too comfortable Seble your about to be hard it again with my latest installment of Sim debachatory

The 6 min of hell is over ( or is it...) 
but rest assure my mind will continually go through trial and error until i find something unique that hasn't been done or at least I haven't see done

9/20/2012 8:23 PM
Hijos la Misa a terminado vayan todos en paz!!! Amen!!
9/21/2012 8:53 AM
I noticed this had taken affect in my box scores...8-10 in game 1...then like 2-11 in game 5 or whatever...looking back, this really wasn't that big of a problem, I actually didn't mind it until I understood the entire breadth of the only benefit in the last 6 mins of the game if you're down.
9/22/2012 3:24 PM
Oh sure, the issue I try to exploit, 3 point shooting, they actually fix. I'm not sure if I'm more ticked off or shocked that they actually fixed something. Are they actually starting to pay attention?
9/25/2012 10:55 AM
The glitch is fixed. Http://
9/25/2012 11:16 AM
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