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Great work so far on the evals Malone, very enjoyable read. I'll concede that in retrospect I could have built a better team w/o Kobe, this was my first draft and I was not thinking "big picture" until after that pick, I just saw a guy who had an ave draft position of 27.7 in the last three ODL drafts still on the board at 54 and I pulled the trigger w/o even pausing to think how it all fit together.

The above said, when I look at the other teams I think this one still has a better than 50% chance to make the playoffs, of course that also REALLY depends on what random division I end up in. It's not like I'm using a Kobe with a 45% efg or something, and this Kobe does have enough around him to win 30-35 games all by himself, add in WIS quirks like the 150 threes Dennis Scott usually going for 200+ and I still beleive this team will cost you your $10 GC bet with scud, we will see..............
8/19/2012 9:39 PM
natenoy, do u care to make a bet with me that ur team doesn't make the playoffs?
8/19/2012 9:42 PM
I for one am hoping that Nate and Ash end up in the same division. Just random bystander thoughts. Either that or Nate and NC in the same division.
8/19/2012 9:43 PM
Also, prior to Malone doing my evaluation, I'll note that I had enough money to add 08-09 Jeff Foster to the team and also 89-90 Kurt Rambis.
8/19/2012 9:45 PM
ncmusician_7 let's roll with this: I make the playoffs then you send me a GC for my ODL XLI team. I miss the playoffs and I'll do the same for you. Either way one of us will be playing in ODL XLI on the other guy's dime, sound good?
8/19/2012 9:49 PM
Posted by natenoy on 8/19/2012 9:49:00 PM (view original):
ncmusician_7 let's roll with this: I make the playoffs then you send me a GC for my ODL XLI team. I miss the playoffs and I'll do the same for you. Either way one of us will be playing in ODL XLI on the other guy's dime, sound good?
8/19/2012 9:50 PM
22) xxevilivexx - Ray Allen, Chauncey BillupsJames Harden, Peja StojakovicSteve Novak, Charles Oakley, Erving Johnson 

Holy threes, batman!  I love the outside offensive firepower of this squad - I definitely see 1000+ 3pm here.  There are two things I don't love about it, though, and that'll keep me from giving you too high of marks:  rebounding and lack of paint scoring.  You can salvage *some* rebounding with scrubs but you're not going to get enough paint scoring anywhere else.  You'll win a lot of games with just your outside scoring power.... might even sneak into the playoffs... but you're going down in a 7-game series against any team with better boards and more reliable scoring options.
8/19/2012 9:50 PM
13) robocoach - Chris Paul, Mel Daniels, Troy Murphy, Julius Erving, Mike Miller, Alvin Robertson, Bo Outlaw

Not a fan of building around cp3.  I've stated this multiple times elsewhere.  He just doesn't give (in my opinion) you enough of an advantage in either the shooting struggle or the possession battle.  He also doesn't help you get your opponent into foul trouble.  Mel's a solid pick, as was Murphy.  It's funny; I actually considered trying a Murphy/DrJ pairing in a draft league, but decided to go my more traditional route.  Murphy makes up for Erving's lack of threes, and Erving makes up for Murphy's lack of offensive boards.  Despite my meh feelings about cp3, I was on board until the Miller pick.  Miller is a fantastic sim player, no doubt, but now I feel like you just took that board advantage you were working on with the Erving/Murphy combo and threw it out the window.  Now you're a little board light... and not quite as efg% happy as I would like.  Defensively you're pretty solid.  Robertson was a nice pickup (will help you on the boards as well as defensively) and Outlaw will give you some more good stuff in his minutes.  I'm saying 50-50 shot at playoffs.  You could win 30 games or 50 and neither would surprise me.

8/19/2012 9:55 PM
7) natenoy - Dwight Howard, Paul PierceKobe Bryant, Darrell Walker, Damon Jones, Dennis Scott, Kevin Willis

Howard was an excellent pick here.  Pierce (the 10-11 version) would have been an outstanding sidekick.  Kobe really hurts the beauty you had going.  Neither he nor Pierce is a 3 in the sim... both have far too weak offensive rebounding, and darrel walker cannot make up for that.  Kobe also takes away a bunch of shots that would have had a 60% chance of going in and now instead only have a 48% chance of going in.  Damon Jones gives you some incredible efg%/threes, as does Scott, but you're just at a big lack of rebounds.  Willis helps with that some, but he kills the offensive efficiency you had going.

This team is not a contender.  Might sneak into the playoffs if something like last season happens where 6 bad teams end up in the same division.

8/19/2012 10:48 PM (edited)
I completely agree with you on the rebounding front. Last season I had Wilt and my overall team rebounding was very weak. I ended up going 43-39 and somehow that won the division, though I did lose the second round series in game seven. I am hoping to have some kind of big man by committee luck. The kind where someone has a 15-10 game and although consistency won't be an attribute down low, having those games where guys play beyond their numbers might offset it all in the end. Kim Hughes was a double-double guy during that divisional win season and he was crapped on during the evaluations.
8/19/2012 9:58 PM
nc, how about one more side bet as well: I make the playoffs and you agree to support the idea of drafting divisions for ODL XLI, after that you can lead the charge to change it back or whatever. I miss the playoffs and I agree never to bring it up again, sound fair?
8/19/2012 9:59 PM
 14) dh555 - Karl Malone, Oscar Robertson, Robert Parish, Cedric Maxwell, Brandon Rush, Larry Smith

well i messed up again with salary....shouldnt have made the maxwell pick....i could have always picked up cheap offensive rebounding at sf and spent the extra money for a better bench with more 3s....as it is now i have just over 19000 mins and only about 350 3s....at least i can probably get away with playing oscar almost 48 a game without much fatigue hit....my bench sucks and i have waaay too few assists for my liking....ill still sneak into the playoffs based on the talent of my starting 5 but i dont see this team making a serious run at the title
8/19/2012 10:01 PM
Posted by natenoy on 8/19/2012 9:59:00 PM (view original):
nc, how about one more side bet as well: I make the playoffs and you agree to support the idea of drafting divisions for ODL XLI, after that you can lead the charge to change it back or whatever. I miss the playoffs and I agree never to bring it up again, sound fair?
8/19/2012 10:03 PM
cool, wow what a bet for you nc, you win and you get to take my money AND shut me up, something that VERY rarely happens...........
8/19/2012 10:06 PM
13) robocoach Chris Paul, Mel DanielsTroy Murphy, Julius ErvingMike Miller, Alvin Robertson, Bo Outlaw
This is Different Strokes.  The little guy makes everything better.  This team does so much so well.  Clearly one of the best rebounding squads, and shoots the three very well.  I think I have already expressed how I feel about the Dr. J pick, and it is a great steal considering most of us are drafting him in the second round in leagues past.  I am at a loss as to how you are going to put this team together.  I know how I would do it (and that isn't likely the right way), but I do like what you have here.  I certainly believe this is a playoff caliber team.  Especially with the extra D this team is sporting.

14) dh555 - Karl Malone, Oscar RobertsonRobert Parish, Cedric MaxwellBrandon Rush, Larry Smith,
This is Mad Men.  I stinkin' love that show.  I love the show because the writing is perfect and while there is a clear main character, Don Draper (Karl Malone), and episode can be carried by others like Peggy (Oscar), Roger (Parish), Pete (Maxwell), or even Joan (Rush).  This team has a little of everything a winner needs, and while turnovers are a tad high it should be more than made up for in the tons of efficiency as there will be little wasted effort with this squad.  Championship contender if minutes are there

15) ashamael - Kevin Durant, Tyson ChandlerCarlos Boozer, Terry PorterBobby Jones, Roddy Beaubois, Chris Gatling
This is Breaking Bad.  Maybe the best show on television.  Yes I
 almost wrote this in all blue.  Durant is Walter White.  Every single time I think he can't go any further he does.  Durant is the monster here, and when he has an off day (and he will), Boozer will pick up the slack nicely.  Rebounding and defense are all nicely done and the passing is just where you want it to be.  The only thing I am not a fan of (and I am nitpicking here) is the slight lack of threes.  This is another championship contender.

16) brick_man Larry BirdAnfernee HardawayEmeka Okafor, Erick DampierLarry Nance, Leandro Barbosa, Reggie Evans
This is The Office (US Version).  I love the show, but the show has a tendency to create great characters that totally grate on you because of overuse (except for Dwight...I can always take more Dwight).  I assume Bird is going to play SG.  At some point Bird, Penny, and Barbosa all play together, and that usage is going to be a bear.  I can think of a way to play against this team, but I am afraid that Bird might drop 50.  I really like the rebounding and this will be a tough team.  I think this is a playoff contender.  Nance in the fifth round is sick.  Even with that I still think that the teams with elite big men will give you some real troubles.

17) 98average J. Stockton, Kevin McHalePatrick Ewing, Hersey Hawkins, D. Fortson, M. LandsbergerB. Jackson
This is House MD late seasons.  It seems like the same things over and over again.  I
 think I have seen this from you before.  Not that it is bad mind you, but doing the same things and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.  It appears that rebounding is going to be pretty good.  Offensive efficiency should be pretty good too.  Ewing and Fortson are going to run into the stands just to foul a few more people.  I also feel you are light on the minutes at the 4 and 5 since I assume McHale is going to play the 3 all game (although an undrafted player would be the perfect 3 if you needed to move McHale to the 4).  Three are going to be nice on this team and your assists will really improve the already good efficiency you have.  I would say a first round elimination would be in order, but you might sneak into the second round.

18) tarheel1991 - Ben Wallace, Jerry LucasMookie Blaylock, Tracy McGradyKyrie Irving, James Worthy, Omer Asik,
This is Seinfeld.  Nobody thinks of Jerry as there favorite, but the whole thing hinges on him.  That is TMac.  Wallace, Lucus, and Blaylock's adventures will carry the team along, but TMac is the headliner, and if he isn't on, you're dead, and if he is Heaven help who you play.  Worthy and Asik are interesting additions as is Irving (who I have been enjoying in another league).  There is some nice D here and I certainly think this is a playoff team.  I think that is as good a one-two punch rebounding as is in the entire league, and they are going to be invaluable with TMac and Mookie on that squad.

19) theyard2 Artis Gilmore, Deron WilliamsElton Brand, Kris HumphriesBruce Bowen, Nicolas BatumMichael Smith
This is Firefly.  My favorite sci-fi show ever.  It touches on so many genres.  This team have so much I love on it.  Artis, Brand, and the Ex-Kardashian are great.  Then add in my favorite 4th round PG Deron Williams with a guy I used all the time in the sim years ago, Bruce Bowen, makes this team a strong threat all around.  Batum and Smith off the bench will be nice additions.  I think this is another solid playoff team, and in the right division could get a first round bye.

20) eleibowitz Jason Kidd, Tim DuncanHakeem Olajuwon, Serge Ibaka, Michael Redd, Fred Hoiberg, Chris Dudley
This is 24.  I think I know where this is going and then (SPOILER ALERT) you are going to shoot my wife at the end of season one.  I like this team a lot too.  Enough D to binge on, good rebounding if not great, threes are there and the big man block party is going to be in full effect since Timmy, Dream, and Ibaka will combine for at least 15% blocks.  Assists are nice here, and I think with the D around Dream it might put him in a position to foul less.  This team is another real contender.

21) mikee1 - Dwayne Wade, Dikembe MutomboBrent Barry, Pau GasolLamar Odom, Dale Davis, Leon Wood,
This is Game of Thrones.  Wade is the Tyronn Lannister of the group.  Stirring the pot and controlling everything going on.  There is so much going on here that anyone player can create a huge issue against any other player in this league.  This is another example of not getting cute and putting together a team that with anyone piece isn't an incredible get, but the whole is shockingly good.  You can cheat on this team because Wade, Barry, Gasol, and Odom can all greatly effect the offense, and of course Mutombo can anchor the D.  Very nice.  Playoff Contender.

22) xxevilivexx - Ray Allen, Chauncey BillupsJames Harden, Peja StojakovicSteve Novak, Charles Oakley, Erving Johnson  
This is Scrubs.  It feels like this is a reach, as is almost every joke on Scrubs.  I
 feel like even dunroche thinks this is too many threes and not enough rebounding.  I don't think you can stop anyone from scoring, and I can see a lot of 140-125 games with you, unfortunately, on the wrong end of the stick.  I know first hand what a Ray Allen/Peja combo can do.  Billups and Allen can handle the passing, but teams with strong big men will hurt you badly.  This is a lottery team that will be a lot of fun every day to follow the box scores.

23) sappy - Bill Russell, Kevin LoveKevin Johnson, Gerald WallaceDanny Green, Manute Bol, Ty Lawson
This is The Sopranos.  I love almost everything about this.  I am just afraid that We are going to see a lot of Wallace at the 3 which is like having an episode centered around Dr. Melfi.  I would feel better seeing him at the three, but Russell and Love are going to great together and KJ is a great PG for this team.  I really like these guys together and Bol will be and interesting addition.  I don't know how I feel about it.  He can either be horrifically bad, comically bad, or marginal.  Lawson is another player I want to pay a little more attention to.  I haven't used him or thought much about him, but this feels like a good place for him, draft-wise, after looking at the stats.
24) ncih  Scottie Pippen, Shawn MarionWalt Frazier, Amare StoudemireHarry Gallatin, Eric Maynor, Michael Ruffin,
This is True Blood.  At first I was kinda felling this team, and by the end I realized it was just an opportunity to show me vampire T&A.  Pippen and Marion is great.  Frazier sure.  Amare is hate him, but he is solid in the sim.  I am figuring Gallatin was a salary thing (especially with your last two picks as well), if not why not Beaty, or even Lacey?  Every team with decent bigs are going to be a problem.  Any team with marginal guard play is going to get hurt by you.  I do not see this as a playoff team, probably like a couple of games out in like 8th or 9th.

8/19/2012 11:47 PM (edited)
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