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Really a bunch of guys have dropped farther than usual. Amare has been a second rounder, ncih picks him up in the 4th. The Dream and Brent Barry fall to the bottom of the 3rd.
8/12/2012 12:27 PM
Posted by tarheel1991 on 8/12/2012 9:07:00 AM (view original):
Harden went way too long without being drafted. I'm just glad someone like Ash or dh didn't get him, I wouldve taken him myself but couldn't find a great way to fit him in.
i thought about harden in the 3rd but the chief was too good to pass up....harden is sim gold with his 3s/fts at his usage
8/12/2012 12:37 PM
Well, I've got pretty much what I hoped for after my Lucas/Wallace start. I would have preferred Kobe to McGrady, for the higher D and better ft% mainly, but the unexpected surprise of getting Blaylock helps with that. Basically I wanted to come out of rounds 3/4 with either a Tier 1 usage guy or a Tier 2 and 3, plenty of threes, assists, good perimeter D, a few boards, and not kill myself on turnovers and fouls. Mission accomplished.

My team isn't as efficient as I would normally like scoring-wise, but I think we make up for it plenty by being very good in other areas (rebounding, defense, low turnovers/fouls). I think it has the makings of a contender so far, but I've been wrong before!

8/12/2012 4:05 PM
okay, so I got 1 of the 2 guys I wanted that had no business dropping to the 4th in Terry Porter.  Let's see if I get the other guy in round 5!

Ha.  No, he went the very next pick.

You gonna eat your cornbread?

8/12/2012 5:48 PM (edited)
So here is my picking logic up to this point.

In the first round I selected Ray Allen. It is true that his performance last year is what sparked my intrigue, though I think he could be warranted a selection in the first round, I'll admit to taking him high. Though to my defense he is typically a perfect guy to take on the turn of the board picks and although Sappy and Glen were probably going another way, I couldn't take that chance since I had him targeted from the start. Obviously I am using his best season, so that gives me:

3129 Minutes, an obvious choice for starting Shooting Guard, though he is also 100% at PG and SF (he clearly won't play in the front court)
24.5% Usage, so a Tier 3 guy, taking up 4 points

The biggest intangibles are the 55.7 eFG%, 202 three's, though he should crush that total and what I would consider low turnover and foul numbers from a starting Shooting Guard taking up 38 minutes. Do I expect him to get over five assists a game? To be honest I do. Also he has an 88.8 FT%, note this as a common theme.

In the second round I could have gone big, but I am not going the route of big men scoring. Kevin Love got taken a pick before my selection, so I'd like to think he was on my radar, but ultimately choosing Chauncey Billups seemed appropriate.

2928 Minutes, my starting Point Guard. Solid defense, he'll only be playing at the Point.
23% Usage, a second Tier 3 guy, so add on another 4 points.

31.7 Ast%, low turnovers and low fouls for a starting point guard, who also has 182 three's, over 450 FTM and an 89.4% mark from the charity stripe, common theme.

In the third round I couldn't resist taking James Harden, he can play three positions, but will be a perfect sixth man.

2418 Minutes, my sixth man of the year candidate
21.6 Usage, a Tier 2 guy, but a high end Tier 2.

142 three's made, low turnovers/low fouls committed. 388 FTM and 84.5% effective. I guess I'll mention the 58.2 eFG%

In round four I guess I should have taken a big man, but I didn't, I'd rather have some fun.

So Peja comes to the team with 24% Usage, giving me another Tier 3 guy in the starting five. low turnovers, low fouls and 240 three's made.
A 56.6 eFG%, 394 FTM and a 92.7% mark.

768 three's made, 1809 taken.
1595/1796 FTM/FTA = 88.8%
698 turnovers
698 fouls committed

Now I'll scoop up the offensive boards and efficient big men to complete the team.
8/12/2012 7:58 PM (edited)
I like the Ray Allen pick, he's worth a late first rounder. I would use the 05-06 season personally, with the way the sim exaggerates 3s. He's a number one scorer in my eyes, if you can build around him. I like Billups too. Pretty awesome backcourt those two guys.

Harden is a beast, but I'm not about drafting a 6th man before drafting ANY rebounding. And with Allen and Billups banging 3s, do you think you would have been better getting a SF that can grab boards? Just wondering,

I think you'll lead the league in 3s though.
8/12/2012 10:44 PM
I am tempted to draft guys who rebound in bunches, so a guy playing 25 who picks up 9 boards, averaged out I can hit 50 and well that to me is acceptable, but we'll see how that plan works.
8/12/2012 10:47 PM
Posted by ashamael on 8/12/2012 5:48:00 PM (view original):
okay, so I got 1 of the 2 guys I wanted that had no business dropping to the 4th in Terry Porter.  Let's see if I get the other guy in round 5!

Ha.  No, he went the very next pick.

You gonna eat your cornbread?

I almost took Porter instead of Johnson, him and Durant as a backcourt worked pretty well for me. You get a lot out of those two guys.
8/12/2012 10:52 PM
I'll give you this, evil, that team sure will play "fun" games. They're gonna give up 130 points a game, probably, but they'll have fun. They'll hit a lot of threes, score a lot of points, probably.

Having a whole frontcourt to fill out at this stage is not a good position to be in, though. You can get good efg%, you can get good rebounding, you can get some decent defense, but you can't get all of it, and you can't even get most of it without tons of fouls, either. It will be interesting to see what you do.
8/12/2012 11:03 PM
Finally Dr. J goes. Would have taken him myself if not for salary concerns and (to some extent) lack of threes.
8/13/2012 12:40 PM
This has been a moderately strange draft. Loved the Erving pick just to get his defense in my front court.

As I have mentioned before, there are two things I really like about drafting in the middle.

1.) Same number of players go each round, so no 40 players go by before you pick crap, and your picks are at the same time every day.
2.) Somebody always drops who shouldnt, and you are in a good position to grab them. Twice in this draft, I mean, come on, Murphy and Dr J?

My biggest weakness is FG% and my Orebs rock, so I am ok.
8/13/2012 2:23 PM
I REALLY wanted Dr. J
8/13/2012 4:33 PM
8/14/2012 11:23 AM
updated thru jethroe
8/14/2012 8:04 PM
    Name Team Pos Usage% 2pt%# 3pt%# eFG% OReb% DReb% Ast% Stl% Blk%
    Chris Paul 07-08 Hornets PG 26.5 51.4 36.7 52.4 2.3 9.8 39.5 3.5 0.1
    Mel Daniels 70-71 Pacers C 21.3 52.1 7.8 51.5 13.2 27.8 6.0 1.2 3.5
    Troy Murphy 08-09 Pacers PF 17.0 49.4 44.6 58.0 6.0 30.7 8.5 1.0 0.8
    Julius Erving 81-82 76ers SF 28.1 54.3 28.7 54.7 9.3 12.9 12.6 2.4 2.8
    Mike Miller 07-08 Grizzlies SF 20.4 55.5 42.9 59.6 2.3 18.5 12.9 0.6 0.4
wont play much D,
but we should score and rebound ok.
8/16/2012 5:40 AM (edited)
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