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How many of us would like to do a league where we could own our favorite player from the 1950’s and 60’s or a more recent player like Allen Iverson, but we KNOW this is a recipe for losing on WIS because of all of those missed shots?

I’d like for us to try a league with one basic rule: NO player with an efg% in the WIS advanced stats of over 44.9% is allowed in the league. Yes, it WOULD be clank city USA, but I think it would be fun to see games where a majority of the shots were actually missed and the stars of the past would not be penalized because they miss so many shots.

I also figure a $44million cap should be plenty since guys with a lower efg% cost a lot less on WIS.  

Rules are simple:

(1) Maximum allowable efg% in the WIS advanced stats is 44.9 for EVERY player in the league

(2) Note: This was going to be a draft league, but many have requested this to be a simple theme league, so that is what we are going with. 
(4) No clones, no rookies, no waivers
(5) $44 million cap
(6) REMOVED. Just fill your 12 spots with 12 players that have an efg% of no greater than 44.9%. 
(7) Prefer to keep it at one team per owner, but up to two is allowed so we can hopefully fill this league
9/7/2012 5:39 PM (edited)

Confirmed teams

1 logain
2 seapilots
3 sappy
4 scudmissle
5 malone9975
7 eleibowitz
8 vancem
9 jcred5
10 calcutta
11 ccsweet
12 coolmay_one
13 coachcroft
14 tanguma44
15 appleseed1
16 xxevilivexx
17 felonius
18 Ginandjuice
19 gerryred
23 Vancem (2)
24 (natenoy)

10/19/2012 2:40 PM (edited)
8/17/2012 12:15 PM
8/17/2012 12:19 PM
I shouldnt join. But i will. East if i am supposed to choose
8/17/2012 12:29 PM
thanks logain, just think about how much fun ALL of those missed shots will be.......
8/17/2012 12:32 PM
IN Should be a rebounders dream
EAST but no preference
8/17/2012 2:18 PM
thanks seapilots, yes I can't wait to see what kind of rebounding numbers are put up, also want to see the ppg for guys pre-merger
8/17/2012 2:32 PM
Why take out Rodman?  Are you going to remove Russell next?  That is like ODL saying no LeBron, or no Wilt.I can think of a lot of guys that could be an issue in this league not just Rodman.  Why not remove Ben Wallace for that matter?

I am in, but I think that Rodman should be a part of this.
8/17/2012 3:43 PM
oh I dont care which conference I am in BTW
8/17/2012 3:45 PM
I think I agree on putting Rodman back in. I mean.. search efg% max 49.9.. and look at the top guys available on the list..  If you want to take out Rodman you might as well ban Jordan, Wilt, Haywood, Russell, and Gilmore too.. 

I am not sure you would need to draft 9 players either. Could just do 7 like most draft leagues. Would speed it up even more by cutting 2 rounds out of the draft and would even out the advantage a little of the first few spots to have the last B round worth more (again assuming you go ABABAB)
8/17/2012 4:20 PM (edited)
OK points well taken, Rodman is back in. Also great point on the number of rounds, will go with 6 rounds, 7 players. Thanks for the input guys I'm not trying to "own" anytihng here, I just want to play in a league like this. 
8/17/2012 4:49 PM (edited)
Btw thanks malone, once we get to 12 teams we will go the logain route and advertise in the recent alerts section, hope to fill this within a few days and be drafting early next week.
8/17/2012 4:52 PM
I'll commit to the west if this takes off
8/17/2012 6:01 PM
thanks evil, if we can get 1/2 way there then logain's plan to send out a recent alert should seal the deal. Four people in just a few hours is a great start.
8/17/2012 6:22 PM
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Low efg% theme league only 4 spots left! Topic

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