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I am so freaking bored right now, as I am sitting in a hospital waiting room all day. So, what better time then now than to start a NEW mafia game- WITH NEW ROLES. Just when you thought you had figured everything out, you knew how to play the game, BAM!!! Even more fun stuff comes in. 

But first, a look back at our history:

Mafia Premier- In this first game, the sneaky mafia men muddapucka and nyaggie were able to kill off enough townies to clinch the victory, even though mudda died in the process. 

Mafia Redux- In this game, nothing was as it seemed. Pola might have been the most suspicious cop you will ever see, but he was able to convince enough people in the end to convict ffbplayergod of being mafia, sending him and his partner, babcick, to the gallows. 

Mafia Trey- This was almost unfair. With new roles, including Pola as godfather and Arfy as his henchman, the mafia ran away with a victory, and also gloated profoundly, including posting this thread in the middle of Day 1.
8/18/2012 3:05 PM
I will be narrator. 

There will be ten total people in this game, hopefully to give the town a more competitive advantage. 

1 regular maf (same as the last games)

1 godfather (the godfather will show up innocent on cop reports, but he will really be guilty)

1 Doc

1 Cop

1 Vigilante (the vigilante will be town sided, and can kill at night. He should be VERY CAREFUL, though, as if he and the mafia elect to kill the same person at night, he will die along with the mafia's target. He also should not kill the first night for strategic reasons).

4 Townies 

1 Sheriff (here's the trick- they may send me a sitemail once during the game with the name of someone playing
, but only once. Their identity and role will be revealed to that player, and that player's identity and role will be revealed to them. So this is a very potent and hard role to play).
8/18/2012 3:11 PM (edited)

Okay, all the roles will be sitemailed. Everyone will receive a seperate sitemail, and no one but the two mafia will know someone else's role. IF YOU DO NOT GET A SITEMAIL, YOU ARE A TOWNSPERSON. Then, I declare on this thread that it is "night" of the first round. The Mafia will sitemail me with who they want to kill. They MUST agree, as they may only choose one person. The godfather does the same thing as regular mafia, the only advantage he has is he appears innocent to cops. The doctor will sitemail me the name of a user he is trying to "save." If he guesses correctly, no one dies. If he doesn't, then off with someone's head. The doctor IS ALLOWED TO CHOOSE HIMSELF, but that is usually a bad strategy. Save yourself only when you feel it is warranted. The Vigilante, one of the new roles, will choose whether or not to kill someone, and if so, who. 

The cop will also send me the name of a user. I will then reply whether they are mafia or not. When Day comes, he can present his case if he gets a "guilty." The twist here is that ANYONE can claim cop, so be careful who you believe. You will have a set timeperiod for night, usually about 24 hours.

Day will be announced whenever I get on after that night. Any sitemails recieved regarding who you choose after the allotted 24 hours, whether I have posted or not, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If you for some reason can't check in for those 24 hours, let me know, and there might be an extension. I will open with the story of someone getting killed (or saved) and then open the floor for accusations. This is the most interactive part. Everyone that is still alive will discuss who they want to lynch. This is when the cop (or the counterclaim/fake cop) will present their cases, and anyone who "just has a hunch" can voice theirs. Everyone will be required to POST their votes in the thread, and whoever garners the most hate votes is killed off. Mafia wins if they outnumber the villagers or it is 1 and 1, and village wins if they kill the mafia.

For the first game, whenever someone dies, we will post their role. You can play "blindly" but this is a toes-in-the-water game. So, you can keep track of who's what and how many mafia are left to be killed. Roles will still be posted this game, but in the future it will be more complex.

All sitemails must also be sent to me. During the night, ONLY the mafia may sitemail each other. If anyone else is caught, they will be automatically DQed. During the day, anyone may sitemail anything to anyone. These still must be addressed to me, and for my ease, they must have the username of the reciever in them. I WILL NOT be posting any private sitemails until the game is over, and if there are any juicy/gamechanging ones, you will get to see them.

During the Day, nothing is off limits. At Night, then you may post, but it can't have anything directly to do with the game. Off topic posts are allowed, and posts such as "I miss Arfy. His face didn't deserve to get smashed by a golf club" are allowed, BUT NOTHING ELSE. 

So, Night will be 24 hours and Day will be 24 or maybe 36 hours, depending on how much action this is getting.
8/18/2012 3:11 PM (edited)
Signup list: 

1. mb625
2. Arfy
3. csudak
4. iamthetwo_2
5. redraider68
6.  polabonez
7. kneenieghbor
8. Babcick
9. Nyaggie98
10. ffbplayergod

8/22/2012 9:29 PM (edited)
I'll give it a try this time around.
8/18/2012 5:03 PM
Atta boy.

Where is Arfy? He nagged me into starting this game.
8/18/2012 5:58 PM
Yo james!  Yo James! 

Sure....count me in!
8/18/2012 10:22 PM
I'm in
8/18/2012 11:43 PM
8/19/2012 6:49 AM
It's about time!
8/19/2012 9:46 AM
Any newbies wanna play? I am sure you'll be better than csudak.
8/19/2012 9:18 PM
wow, that was a bit uncalled for.  What were the odds I'd pick the godfather to align with last time

Besides, Survivor is my speciality, this is just something to pass the time

8/19/2012 10:14 PM
Haha the odds seem to be pretty good that pola gets what he wants. He'll probably die immediately this game, provided yoijames doesn't join.
8/19/2012 10:32 PM
And I am so!! looking forward to my first Survivor game.
8/19/2012 10:33 PM
I will give it a try.
8/20/2012 9:35 AM
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