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Hey go_pre, I appreciate the feedback.  I would be open only to raising the cap and/or adding AAA & here's why.  Waiver Wire would be difficult to enforce with this theme & Trades would not make sense within this theme.

The reason for the low cap is to make the smaller states competitive with the big boys like TX, PA, or NY.

If there are no objections, would everybody want to play @ $110 mil, NO DH + average AAA?
9/12/2012 11:56 AM
I would be FINE with just adding the 12/6 Average AAA, adding the AAA would eliminate the cap woes & 100M would be OK!  If you add them I would be HAPPY with Texas!  Plus, without changing the cap, the competitiveness would still be valid!  I understand the WW part & the Trades, I just hate not being able to FIX or Tinker with my lineup, once it goes KAPUT!

I have had many teams 30-50 games into the season, be TOAST & without SOME way to fix the problems, it is like throwing $13 out the window!
9/12/2012 2:22 PM (edited)
are the 12/6 Average AAA - IN or OUT?
9/13/2012 8:47 AM
Let me take a poll of existing owners & see if they'd be OK allowing Average AAA.  
9/13/2012 11:49 AM
I'll jump in with Ohio.
Not that my opinion matters at this point, but 12/6 AAA seems a bit much.

9/13/2012 1:02 PM
I've never been a big fan of AAA.  Unless they're way above average, they seem useless.  In the spirit of the theme, I'd be more inclined to raise the cap to $110 mil so you can spend more $$$ on bench players.
9/13/2012 1:12 PM

I say an extra 10 mil would be prefered for me.

9/13/2012 3:13 PM
I agree with the extra 10m.
9/13/2012 6:50 PM
AAA is not a big deal for me. I have very seldomed used it.
9/13/2012 6:56 PM
I would like to play with players born in Indiana, the state where many great pitchers were born.
9/13/2012 8:48 PM

9/14/2012 6:01 AM
Either way (10M more, or AAA) I will still take Texas.

My point of the 12/6 Average AAA, is that Average AAA players are NOT everyday starters & at ONE position (2B for example) you would have to platoon 2 players (so having one 2B in AAA would not be enough).  My problem, is that I have selected a team, I am at the cap (100M) & I still have 2 position spots (Empty) left to fill...  I can fill them either way, with platooning AAA or 10M extra?  Really, either way is FINE with me, though I would prefer it to be with AAA, rather than 2 more regular (10M/ 5M each) difference makers.  Regular players make a difference, AAA players dont, they just fill holes?!

I would be happy with an "A" stamina, A/A fielding, 1 contact, 1 power (who could not hit his way out of a paper bag) - 2B a GLOVE only - but with Average AAA you are lucky to get "D" stamina (who gets tired after 3 or 4 games, ie., platoon), D/C fielder (who you would need a defensive replacement for) OR you could play someone with an A stamina out of position at D-/D- & HOPE that they could pickup a ground ball without committing an error 50% of the time?  I will abide with which ever way we go, but I would insist (respectfully) on one or the other - Either way - 10M more, or AAA.
9/14/2012 9:41 AM (edited)
We have some time to figure out the best way to proceed since the 2012 players won't be out for about another month.  I'm going to see what some of the smaller states look like at $110 million.

Another reason I'm leaning towards raising the cap to $110 mil, is we just don't know how much 2012 players are going to cost, plus in the spirit of the theme, I'd rather see people use bench players born in your state.

9/14/2012 10:58 AM
If the original rules are changed, I'm out.
9/14/2012 12:07 PM
I agree with Bribar that if the rules change I will probably get out.  I was surprised at the quality of ballplayers born in my home state of Indiana.  Don Mattingly, Mordecai Brown, Tommy John, Chuck Klein, Sam Rice, and Edd Roush just to name a few.  I had to make a few sacrifices like everyone else but I was able to fit them into a $100M cap.  Actually it is the best team I have ever built for a $100M cap league.
9/14/2012 12:51 PM
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State of Birth $100 mil (FULL) Topic

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