Turn off Minimum Roster Size Prior to the Season Topic

I didn't want him. I don't care if players retire. I don't care if they go FA. If I cared about them as potential prospects or helping my franchise I would keep them. 

I made a suggestion to help make managing the minor league teams a bit easier during the off season. It doesn't matter if you have to replace 5 players or 15 at the AAA level the current software makes that more difficult then it really needs to be.

I believe if the minimum roster limitation were turned off after rollover until at least the Rule V draft for transactions that involved promotions and demotions and as another safety didn't put any of the minor league teams over 25 players then it would be a bit easier to manage.

This means that the net number of players in the organization could not increase or decrease due to these transactions and that no minor league level would end up with more than 25 players because of these transactions. Even better, they could just drop the minimum to 15 or 10 rather than 20 during this period so that even IF a player made too many moves away from a team that team would still have enough players to sim games.

Let's remember even with 20 player minimums there's no guarantee that the team will have the right positional players...or even enough position players to field a team. They may not have enough pitchers to get by more than a week of play without serious problems. So the current minimum does very little to protect the integrity of minor league games.

You don't care about it...I get that. Go troll another thread.

9/14/2012 8:23 PM
Posted by MikeT23 on 9/14/2012 4:41:00 PM (view original):
All that said, none of it really has to do with what you're requesting.   But it does indicate that you're being a bit disingenious in making your case.    You created a situation that shouldn't happen.    Now you want an easier way to fix it. 
9/14/2012 8:40 PM
"I didn't want him. I don't care if players retire. I don't care if they go FA. If I cared about them as potential prospects or helping my franchise I would keep them."

This isn't why you promote him. Too many people don't care if their useful minor league players retire. What this does, is create a shortage of useful minor league FA. If you are the only guy in your world who doesn't care then it may not be an issue, but I have seen worlds with many owners who fail to promote or release their minor league guys at season's end, and the shortage makes it tough on guys coming in taking over a team, which is probably not in great shape to begin with.

I make sure to release all of my minor league FA signings to try to help promote a well stocked FA pool. I wished more owners cared enough to do so.
9/15/2012 4:50 AM
@Mchalesarmy, if you saw the player involved you wouldn't be concerned he was 32 with an OVR of roughly 40. He was an emergency fill-in at a lower level. When I said I don't care if guys leave it's because they're not players I believe to be of value to my franchise. If they are of value I make the effort to keep them. I'm not hoarding players as anyone I picked up on waivers passed by at least 27 other teams and/or have been sitting in the FA pool for much of the season.

As for releasing players at the end of the season that's just what I stated I did and Mike believed that to be wrong, but they were available to others both at the end of the season and after rollover.

I don't intentionally harm another team, Hell, I won't claim guys on waivers to block a move, I don't rest guys down the stretch if the team I'm playing is in contention, but this is a competitive game and not the WWE. The idea is to make your team as good as possible.

Finally, Mike, you can call people or their actions disingenuous or whatever other word you recently looked up in the dictionary. However, it would be nice if you learned how to spell it correctly. You have admitted you are only here to harp on others or to upset them and not to improve the game that admission makes any post by you less than worthless in my and many others eyes. At some time you may realize how foolish you look and I hope, for your sake, that the realization doesn't do any more harm to you or those that care about you. I'm not really worried though because my guess is after nearly 20,000 posts there's little hope of you ever changing for the better.

9/15/2012 8:20 AM
KS, I admit I only posted in this thread to annoy you.   I actually agree that it could be easier to move minor leaguers around.  However, unlike YOU, I recognize that making it easier for ME would also create problems.    Again, your request is just another self-serving suggestion that YOU want to help YOU repair a mess YOU created.   Do better and YOU won't have a problem.
9/15/2012 9:19 AM
I'll use small words in order to avoid the Spelling Police.

To recap, you did everything possible to leave yourself shorthanded in AAA.   Now, I guess, you want to move even more players out of AAA to make the situation worse.   That should be pretty much the opposite of what you should be doing    So, at this point, you've made a suggestion that would allow you to create a bigger problem.  
9/15/2012 9:34 AM
9/3/2013 12:52 AM
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Turn off Minimum Roster Size Prior to the Season Topic

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