Posted by bistiza on 12/21/2012 1:33:00 PM (view original):
You think those are equally possible??? According to you, it's just as likely that the world is 10,000 years old as it is that the world is over 4 billion years old. Because, and this is fun, you "don't think there is enough evidence to make a positive conclusion on the matter." Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

All I've done is rendered an objective opinion based upon logic rather than being quick to agree with any theory on the matter.  Unless you find it "fun" to hear of an actual unbiased opinion on a somewhat controversial issue, your post makes no sense.

If you really crave hearing someone use actual logic to render an opinion so badly you feel the need to thank me for it, I truly do feel sorry for you.
And the laughs just keep on coming.

"a somewhat controversial issue"

Other issues as controversial as the age of the earth:

The shape of the earth
A heliocentric solar system
The color of the sky
The molecular construction of water
How babies are made

12/21/2012 1:45 PM
Can we agree that it doesnt really matter.

Faith isnt going to alter the world.

And unless you are a contestant on "Smarter than a 5th Grader" it usually doesnt come up.
12/21/2012 1:47 PM
Pretty sure people of faith disagree with that statement.
12/21/2012 2:25 PM
Posted by bistiza on 12/21/2012 2:30:00 PM (view original):
bad luck,

You just don't get it. You seem to think a controversy doesn't exist because you say it doesn't exist.

The fact is there are evidence on both sides of the issue and people who support both sides of the issue. That means it's controversial, no matter what you think of the matter.

If you can't accept there are opinions other than your own or the majority opinion or whatever it is you think, that's your problem. It doesn't make it true no matter how much you insist otherwise.
No, it's not controversial. The earth is billions of years old. That's a fact, not an opinion.

Thank you for discrediting yourself.
12/21/2012 2:35 PM
Posted by bistiza on 12/21/2012 3:32:00 PM (view original):
No, it's not controversial. The earth is billions of years old. That's a fact, not an opinion. Thank you for discrediting yourself.
Declaring your opinion on a scientific phenomenon as fact doesn't make it so. It only serves to show how little you know about science.

Science works by developing theories to explain things. Theories are never considered to be indisputable facts because science allows for changes based upon new information. This happens frequently, as I've already pointed out.

Sometimes, more than one theory offers an explanation for a scientific phenomenon. In those cases, often groups of scientists will differ on which theory they believe to be correct. Science is even more open to new information in these instances than in those with one general consensus from the scientific community.

As I stated, I believe we'll find more information on the possible answer to your original scientific inquiry in the future. As for right now, i don't think enough evidence exists for a truly objective observer - such as myself - to make a conclusion either way.

Other people who are less objective - such as yourself -  may find it easier to allow the opinions of those on one side of the issue or the other to sway them despite the controversy of the issue itself.

HOLY ****!!!

You're a real treat.  You should get your own call-in show on the radio on the graveyard shift.

12/21/2012 3:46 PM
Not a real person.  An alias jerking the chains of those who aren't smart enough to realize it.
12/21/2012 3:48 PM
For the record, I get that MikeT23 was probably meaning to talk about me, but his comments are more reflective of himself.

In all honesty, I'm not "jerking the chains" of anyone. All I'm doing is offering my take on the issues, which is 100 percent legitimate. Every opinion or statement I make is something I truly believe in.

It's really not necessary for so many people to get so angry over the fact that I disagree with them and defend my opinions so well. It seems no one can agree to disagree on virtually anything.

There's no reason at all to be so frustrated that you dislike someone just because you disagree with them. Get over it and stop trying to challenge everyone who thinks of things differently than you do.

12/21/2012 4:02 PM
Posted by bistiza on 12/21/2012 3:54:00 PM (view original):
You're a real treat.  You should get your own call-in show on the radio on the graveyard shift.

I'm just telling it like it is. When you see things from the objective point of view, its easy to keep from being swayed by one side or the other in scientific issues where there is no real consensus. I'm glad you enjoy it so much.
Not a real person.  An alias jerking the chains of those who aren't smart enough to realize it.
Nice to see you can finally admit to what you are, MikeT23. I said you were always looking to play "devil's advocate", but I think "an alias jerking the chians of those who aren't smart enough to realize it" probably describes you better. So kudos on not only admitting what you are but redefining it much better as well.
" issues where there is no real consensus"

How bis looks at the world:

"Hmmmm, 99.9999999% of scientists agree that the world is billions of years old. 17 nut jobs say that all those scientists are either wrong or colluding to hide the truth, and that the world is really less than 10,000 years old. Those opinions seem to be equally valid and no consensus is present. I guess I can't form an opinion one way or another. Oh well. Now...if only someone could tie my shoe for me..."
12/21/2012 4:12 PM
Bis is rapidly becoming the uncleal (aka, "Lefty 2B") of science.
12/21/2012 4:18 PM
What you state here isn't even close to reality. Whether you will admit it or not, a statistically significant number of scientists do NOT agree the earth is billions of years old.

Evidence please.

12/21/2012 4:38 PM
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What about the moon landing, bis? I mean, you weren't actually there to see it with your own eyes and there are WAY more people that believe the moon landing was faked than people who believe in a young earth.

I'm guessing you don't have an opinion on it, since there isn't a 100% consensus among every person in the country. Need to stay objective.
12/21/2012 4:49 PM
And is the world really round?

Of course we have picture of a round earth from space, but those could be faked on a computer. And there are scientists that argue the world is flat (and it certainly looks flat from the window in my office). No consensus and equally valid points on both sides. I guess you can't form an opinion on that either.

But wait, how about a philosophical question that could literally never be proven one way or another?

Like atheism a religion?

Well, ****, in that case you have no problem emphatically stating that you believe atheism is 100% a religion and that your logic is indisputable. Odd place to take a stand.
12/21/2012 4:53 PM
So there is no difference between something that happened a few years ago and something that happened before anyone on earth was alive times 1000?
12/21/2012 8:12 PM
Bistiza, could you give one - 1! - piece of "evidence" that the earth is NOT billions of years old?  You claimed that there is evidence on both sides.  And can you show me any evidence that any scientists believe that?  I know a LOT of scientists - I am a scientist - and I don't know any (quite literally, not even 1) who believes the earth ISN'T billions of years old.  It is absolutely the scientific consensus.  This is not a disputable point.  Articles consistently refer to the age of the earth as ~4.6 billion years, at this point you haven't needed a citation on that for decades.  If you don't have to cite a fact it's a good assumption that it's the general consensus of the scientific community.  Again, though, what I really is your "evidence" that the earth is anything less than a million years old.
12/23/2012 12:58 AM
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