9/28/2012 12:15 AM
Posted by jgsolari3 on 9/27/2012 10:42:00 PM (view original):
In hbd, isn't lefty only a problem at 2b, not other if?
2B, 3B, SS & C
9/28/2012 8:39 AM
Has anyone ever tried a LH catcher? 
9/28/2012 9:29 AM
Posted by MikeT23 on 9/28/2012 8:39:00 AM (view original):
Has anyone ever tried a LH catcher? 

But in HBD, I've never seen a LH C.  One would have to experiment by putting a LH non-C behind the plate.
9/28/2012 10:28 AM
Well, that was the question.   We had a LH C on one of my LL teams when I was 10-11. 
9/28/2012 11:53 AM
Jay Bruce is left handed, one of the better fielding/throwing right fielders in MLB today.
9/28/2012 3:34 PM
Posted by MikeT23 on 9/28/2012 8:39:00 AM (view original):
Has anyone ever tried a LH catcher? 
Yup... Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Marty Berkman
9/29/2012 10:29 AM
The reason it is a slight disadvantage for an RF to be a lefty is because of the angle, and on any ball that he is chasing towards the foul line. Teams will generally put the leftys in LF, Bonds, Rickey, etc...The game is designed for righties, as almost every position has a slight disadvantage for a lefty.
9/29/2012 10:36 AM
...except for hitting of course.  And 1B.
9/29/2012 1:29 PM (edited)
Posted by MikeT23 on 9/28/2012 8:39:00 AM (view original):
Has anyone ever tried a LH catcher? 
I suppose I was just assuming that there was a penalty for playing a Lefty at C, but based on the example, nothing stands out to me as terrible... I think that is a pretty low CS%, but I don't know if that could be attributed to him throwing lefty.

EDIT: Actually, now that I look closer at his ratings, 23% CS% seems exceedingly low for his arm.
9/29/2012 3:46 PM
I'm rather surprised the system is even set up to generate a lefty catcher at all.
10/4/2012 4:11 PM
All things being equal, in real life, you want the left handed thrower in RF.  Better angles to the throwing spots on the infield for him than a right handed guy. HBD, I don't think it matters a bit.  I have played left handed 2B's in HBD with no drop in defense over right handed throwers (provided the defensive ratings are above rec).
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