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She isn't saying she can't make it, only upset that Romney wrote her off because they don't make enough to pay federal income tax.
10/1/2012 1:41 PM
If you're a contributing member to society, you're paying taxes.    The roads she uses don't build themselves.    She's a leach. 
10/1/2012 1:56 PM
She pays taxes, just not federal income tax. Sales, payroll, etc.

Low income people don't pay federal taxes by bipartisan design. From the tax policy center http://taxvox.taxpolicycenter.org/2010/04/15/about-those-47-percent-who-pay-%E2%80%9Cno-taxes-%E2%80%9D/ :

"There is, however, another reason why some people don’t pay. For decades, both Democratic and Republican governments have made conscious policy decisions to remove low-income working families from the income tax rolls. And, guess what, sometimes government policy works exactly as intended. That’s what happened this time.

Let’s take one of the biggest drivers: the Earned Income Tax Credit. Based on an idea (the negative income tax) originated by conservative icon Milton Friedman, the EITC is refundable, so that people who work for low wages can not only wipe out their income tax liability, they can even get a cash payment from the government. The EITC was enacted in 1975 under President Ford, greatly expanded in 1986 under President Reagan, and expanded again under presidents Clinton and Bush (both of them). It's been the very model of bipartisan tax policy (which, I suppose, is why some dislike it so).

10/1/2012 2:09 PM

Baby factory leach on society.

10/1/2012 2:12 PM
Now you're just trolling.
10/1/2012 2:13 PM
I was trolling well before that post.

Point is, I don't really give a damn about someone who spits out babies and gets EIC because they're a large, low income family.   Anyone with a goddam brain knows raising kids costs money.  One of the BIGGEST problems in America right now is that the people who can afford kids don't have a dozen while those that can't mass produce 'em.    That's one of the reasons so many children are raised below the poverty level and think the government owes them something.    The difference between my views on this and Romney's views is that I can verbalize them. 
10/1/2012 3:18 PM
The EIC is the classic definition of "Wealth Redistribution".

Everyone who pays in gets some of it payed to poorer people.

And because of the way it is worked it makes welfare appear as tax policy.
10/6/2012 7:49 PM
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