Romney destroys Obama in debate Topic

It cannot be denied. 
10/4/2012 7:09 AM
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What on earth were these 25% watching?
10/4/2012 7:41 AM
Even the über-liberal Huffington Post is admitting that Romney won last night.
10/4/2012 7:48 AM
Obama debate "strategy":

10/4/2012 7:51 AM
No funnyy pics in cresten's response indicates he KNOWS Romney wrecked Obama.

Honestly, I was expecting to Obama to mop the floor with him.    Complete 180.  
10/4/2012 7:52 AM

10/4/2012 8:10 AM
Because they aren't coming.  Anyone with a functional brain knows Romney castrated Obama last night.   My favorite:

"You don't just pick the winners and the losers, you pick the losers."
10/4/2012 8:18 AM
Obama finally had to defend his record, not just read his promises for the future to an adoring crowd, and he had no response.
10/4/2012 8:19 AM
In a way, it was sad to see our President, considered a shining star in the future of politics, completely emasculated in front of the world. 
10/4/2012 8:20 AM
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Posted by antoncresten on 10/4/2012 8:26:00 AM (view original):


10/4/2012 8:31 AM
I love how the libtard talking heads on tv are all asking "why didn't the president hammer home the 47% issue"?

If the one thing that would have "helped" the dems is a statement that has been twisted and taken out of context, they are in more trouble than I could ever have imagined.

10/4/2012 8:31 AM

Two more debates(not counting the debate where Ryan will let Biden make himself look foolish).

I'm sure Obama will do much better next time so he's still the favorite.   But, if he flounders around like he did last night, Romney will grant him his wish to be a one-term prez.

10/4/2012 8:31 AM
I honestly expected more from Obama last night. He's shown that he can be a very powerful public speaker. I don't recall him looking bad in his debates against John McCain four years ago, but then again he was able to run on his hopey/changey promises for the future in 2008 instead of his track record for the previous four years. He clearly was underprepared and overmatched last night. I would expect him to bounce back and look much better for the next debate on 10/16.

If he gets publically destroyed a second time, it's going to be all over for him.
10/4/2012 8:32 AM
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Romney destroys Obama in debate Topic

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