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Posted by bad_luck on 10/12/2012 11:43:00 AM (view original):
Posted by burnsy483 on 10/12/2012 10:18:00 AM (view original):
Posted by bad_luck on 10/12/2012 10:11:00 AM (view original):
If Jeter could get more extra base hits and home runs but chooses not to, he's not selfish or unselfish. He's a f*cking idiot.
Just a thought - if Jeter thinks he has a 35% chance of getting a single into right field, and a 15% chance of hitting a double in left-center, what should he try and do?
I was being sarcastic. My point is that we should give credit to Jeter for doing what he does (which, by the way, he should get a ton of credit for). But we shouldn't give him extra credit based on some outdated, soda shop hero worship bullsh*t about him being an unselfish team player who could "totally hit more homers if he wanted to, but he's just too unselfish to do that to the team."
I don't think anyone is giving extra credit here.  The quote you gave wasn't said.
10/12/2012 12:04 PM
Here's what Mike said:
As for self-serving and selfish, no one gives themselves up at the plate like Jeter to move a runner.   Sure some of that is selfish(LOOK AT JETER!!!  HE'S SUCH A TEAM PLAYER!!!) but he could hit more homers, get more extra base hits and drive in more runs by pulling the ball.   He doesn't do that. 

Extra credit cause Capt'n Jete's is so unselfish. He could hit more home runs but instead he gives himself up to move the runner.

10/12/2012 12:16 PM
You forgot to bold the part when Mike also calls him selfish.  He's selfish and unselfish. Or something.  I'm not sure it really matters.
10/12/2012 1:17 PM
Someone's missing here. Hmmm....

10/12/2012 1:31 PM

Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows you can hit a ball farther/harder by pulling it.   Of course, it's been previously determined that BL doesn't really know much about baseball. 

10/12/2012 1:35 PM
Posted by burnsy483 on 10/12/2012 1:31:00 PM (view original):
Someone's missing here. Hmmm....

For those who don't like to lick clinks:

10/12/2012 1:46 PM
Thanks, tec.
10/12/2012 2:24 PM
This kind of fits what this thread is about.  

Only Jeter, Tex and Ibanez(with 6 AB) are hitting over .215(Martin and Ichiro are hitting .214 and .200).   And A-Rod gets the bench. 
10/12/2012 2:36 PM
I know you watch the last few games - I'm sure you see a difference between ARods atbats and everyone elses.  ARod misses half the pitches he swings at.

And there's an obvious replacement for A-Rod.  There isn't for Granderson.
10/12/2012 2:50 PM
A-rod is a shell of his former self right now. I wouldn't be surprised if he's injured.
10/12/2012 3:54 PM
Definitely A-Rod takes too much of the heat.  Cano is a better pure hitter than anybody in baseball right now except Pujols and maybe Votto.  A few years ago I would have put Ichiro up there, but probably not anymore.  I'd say in terms of just having a great swing and being able to consistently drive the ball Cano even edges out Miggy and McCutcheon.  And he's hit even more poorly in this series than A-Rod.  Why doesn't he take the heat?  Right now I could scarcely care less how much money A-Rod makes.  Most of that was the hope that he'd bring in fans when he pushed on some big HR milestones, which may or may not wind up happening.  As of now Cano is the best hitter on that Yankee team, so he deserves a big chunk of the blame for his contribution to the team's offensive woes, and I haven't heard him implicated in the popular media at all.
10/12/2012 5:09 PM
So he's caught flirting with a woman in the late innings of game 2.    Wonder why he takes heat?
10/16/2012 8:07 PM
I fail to see why this is considered significant.  So he thinks he's gonna need to get laid to relieve stress after a bad game for himself and the team.  Who wouldn't?
10/16/2012 8:39 PM
It's the Post who wrote the story. I take it with a grain of salt.

I also believe that if it were Jeter doing this, no story is written.

Also, I think CC should bat tomorrow.
10/17/2012 12:44 AM
It's being reported by other sources.  Girardi and A-Rod are doing "no comment".    It happened.

Whether one thinks it's big deal or not is a personal choice.    But, to me, when someone is stinking it up and hurting the team, playing footsie with chicks in the stands during a game is an unpardonable sin. 

Not that it matters.    Yanks aren't likely to score another run in my lifetime.    Maybe A-Rod thought those girls could hit and he was trying to recruit them for the team.
10/17/2012 8:25 AM
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