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Posted by will_prosper on 11/20/2013 9:30:00 PM (view original):
I'm about to jump back into the football SIM.  It's been years.

In the baseball SIM, they have the player databases available as a spreadsheet that you can download, but that does not appear to be the case with for football.  Has anyone put together a spreadsheet like that for football privately?

Plenty of room in my college football theme league!
9/3/2014 9:10 PM
Still wondering if anybody has figured out how receiving stamina actually works. Guys like Harrison & Julio have well over 100 receptions but the rating only goes up to 100.

The ratio seems to fluctuate, and is also pretty inconsistent. At 100 (using 100 durability for control factor) rec stamina, there are four seasons: Harrison's 143 receptions in 2002, Julio's 136 2 years ago, and Antonio Brown's 129 & 136 in 2014 & 2015, respectively.

Quick note: I'm doing a search based on 1990-present, as the modern day passing craziness really started in the early/mid nineties.

There is no 99. The next lowest receiving stamina is 97. All three of these guys had 122 catches exactly. Cool. But so did '95 Jerry Rice (94 stamina), '95 Cris Carter (94 stamina). But things get even more hilarious when you check out Herman Moore's '95 season. That was 123 catches, so more than any of the guys at 97 stamina, yet his stamina is 95. Three other guys are at 95 stamina:

'12 Wes Welker (118 catches)
'12 Brandon Marshall (118 catches - okay, seeing something here)
'92 Sterling Sharpe (108 catches - wtf?)

Other than one outlier (stay tuned), you have to go all the way down to 90 stamina to find another below 108 catch guy. That outlier? '90 Jerry Rice, who caught 100 passes yet has a 92 stamina. The only other 92 stamina guy has 113 catches, then all of the 91 stamina guys have either 111 or 112.

Things continue to get weird below 90, but I've done about all of the research I plan to do into this. It seems like maybe there is some comparison to era going on (only way to explain Jerry Rice seasons), yet it makes it extremely difficult to predict a correlation between the number of catches one can expect a player to make without suffering a penalty. At first it appeared like 1.2*stamina seemed pretty solid, but the further below 100 you get, that modifier begins to shrink quickly. At one point, that modifier is below 1 (for example, search for >90 rec rating & sort by stamina. You're coming up with guys who have ratings in the 40s or high 30s that only caught like 30 receptions). And then again, there are the Brown seasons, the Julio season & the Harrison season (which from what I can remember had the record in NFLsim of receptions, and it was FAR more than the 143 he grabbed IRL).

So - this is why I ask all of that.
5/15/2017 10:43 PM (edited)
8 weeks ago

And that's just another reason why the football sim is dead.
7/4/2017 5:43 PM
11/5/2017 1:44 PM
12/5/2017 12:08 PM
I've followed NFL for over 60 years. But I don't understand how the defensive alignments work. I've tried everything ... changing around. But I don't understand the terminology I guess. the first time I set up a team it was 12-18 months ago. $108 mill cap' I won. Than I didn't play for a long time. Now I can't get a good setting ??? Anybody help !!
1/1/2018 3:43 AM
wish I could help you. I mostly edge toward pass focus if the offense has a 4 WR or more set, and edge toward run when they have 2 RB / 2 TE. And obviously I focus run on 3rd/short and pass on 3rd/long.
1/3/2018 6:59 PM
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6/14/2018 6:40 PM
6/14/2018 6:40 PM
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