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Saturday's List

John Hester (c)                          no bids
Nick Hundley (c)                        parking (4)
Chris Iannetta (c)                      spid (25)
Jason Giambi (1B)                   no bids
Paul Goldschmidt (1B)            genius (81)
Mark Ellis (2b)                           DD (44)
Danny Espinosa (2b)               toddle (42)
Juan Fransisco (3b)                 fillies (19)
Alcides Escobar (ss)                Ben (71)
Johnny Gomes (DH)                jeff (42)
Jonny Damon (of)                   no bids
Jordan Danks (of)                      Beer (1)
Rajai Davis (of)                         Ben (26)
Alejandro DeAza (of)               grayfoxx (78)
David Dejesus (of)                    grayfoxx (50)
Gavin Floyd (sp)                       jon (44)
Jeff Francis (sp)                      jeff (16)
Christian Friedrich (sp)          journey (20)
Yovani Gallardo (sp)               jon (117)
Freddy Garcia (sp)                  fillies (7)
Jesse Crain (rp)                      tie at 19
Aaron Crow (rp)                       szub (31)
Juan Cruz (RP)                       Bruce (11)
Rhiner Cruz (rp)                     szub (2)
Wade Davis (rp)                      tie at 41

Will update rosters tomorrow.  I see that in draft trading is an issue. It is not one I anticipated. Anyone interested, please post your opinions, and then we'll probably vote.

10/28/2012 1:38 PM (edited)
There are three teams that still need stadiums according to my records. They are


These are the available fields

Cellular Field
Coors Field
Minute Maid Park
Yankee Stadium
The Coliseum
Rogers Center
Nationals Park
Target Field.

Seems silly to write them down every day when no one's bidding one them, so those four remaining owners can bid on one at any time.

10/28/2012 6:00 PM (edited)
Sunday's List

Rob Johnson (c)                    Bruce (2)
George Kottaras (c)               spid (22)
Yan Gomes (1B)                       tied at 1
Irving Falu (2B)                         Know (9)
Kevin Frandsen (2B)                toddle (22)
Todd Frazier (3B)                     Know (59)
Yunel Escobar (SS)                 RLS (61)
Pedro Floriman (SS)                jonas (10)
Chris Denorfia (OF)                    Know (33)
Mark DeRosa (OF                     Know (2)
Matt Diaz (OF)                            Know (3)
Andy Dirks (OF)                                szub (48)
Greg Dobbs (OF)                     Know (19)
Jaime Garcia  (SP)                   Ox (46)
Matt Garza (SP)                         Beer (42)
Dillon Gee (SP)                         tie at 27
Justin Germano (SP)               Know (5)
Jeanmar Gomez (SP)                  Know (7)
Edgar Gonzalez (SP)                  Beer (3)
Steve Delabar (RP)                    typoed bid - will call it a tie since still having e-mail trouble so can't check.
Jake Diekman (RP)                    Bruce (7)
Tim Dillard (RP)                        tied at 1
Rafael Dolis (RP)                      Lou (8)
Sean Doolittle (RP)                     szub (22)
Octavio Dotel (RP                         Bruce (18)
10/29/2012 11:08 AM (edited)
I am still having e-mail issues since my hacking incident. E-mails are going direct to trash instead of inbox and then are being periodically emptied. Result is I may miss an e-mail.  

Yahoo has a fix which I am hoping to get completed today.

In the meantime, if you think I missed a bid, let me know and I will correct it. Sorry. This stupid thing someone did has really been annoying for a long time.
10/28/2012 1:31 PM

* Also Beernoser- we could use a ruling on the Trade of Players under contract & if we as can eat part of the contract as suggested earlier.  I NEED to deal Darvish & have a couple of possible willing buyers as long as I eat part of his contract going forward which I have no problem doing.  I need the $119 or whatever I get for him desperately for some semblence of an offense & relief pitching.  I already have Matt Cain @ $183 & I never intended to win BOTH an $183 Cueto & an $163 Darvish on the same day & simply won't be able to compete if I am not allowed to trade one of them.  Got no problem eating whatever salaryI have to to free up some money off the books.

10/28/2012 4:48 PM
I am trying to think through the trading during the draft.  There are many moving parts to it throughout the full year.

What I am sure of is that if a player is bought for 200. That will remain his contract.  Anything else would be unfair to the guy who bid 190 and lost.

Working on the rest.
10/28/2012 6:15 PM
Monday, Oct 29

Erik Kratz (c)
Gerald Laird (c)
Mauro Gomez (1B)                      
Adrian Gonzalez (1B)                
Ryan Flaherty (2B)
Mike Fontenot (2B)
David freese (3B)
Rafael Furcal (SS)                     
Travis Hafner (DH)
Lucas Duda (OF)                        
Shelley Duncan (OF)
Jarrod Tyson (OF)
Adam Eaton (OF)                           
Jacoby Ellsbury (OF)                     
Gio Gonzalez (SP)                        
Miguel Gonzalez (SP)                   
Zack Greinke (SP)                         
AJ Griffin (SP)                                 
Jeremy Guthrie (SP)                     
Scott Downs (RP)                          
Brian Duensig (RP)                      
Mike Dunn (RP)
Chad Durbin (RP)
Josh Edgin (RP)
Scott Elbert (RP)
10/29/2012 1:55 AM
I've been thinking about what to do about the trades.

Here's what I came up with as my best idea.

Let me put it out there for comment.


No trading during the draft.  As soon as the draft is over there's a two week trading period before the season starts. It's at that point where a player can trade a 180 pitcher for two 40 batters and not worry about the money part.  There should be some limit to salaries for teams adding veterans during the season. I think 1,300 mght be a good number to never go over.

By February contract time, each team must be down to 1,000 again even if that means cutting players.

What this proposal does is eliminate the confusion of the auction of keeping up with which teams have extra money and which teams have less.  In fact it eliminates the trading of money altogether. It also allows you to trade during the season without having to equalize contracts which would kill deals.  It lets you add salary, but puts a limit so you can't build a monster team for one year.

Any suggestions, comments ?

10/29/2012 2:26 AM
I'm not sure why we need a $1,300 limit at any point. I think I would prefer to always have to stay under $1K or have no limit at all.

My 2 cents/ JRNY
10/29/2012 3:14 AM
If you have to stay under 1,000 during the season, trading becomes very difficult if you have to match up salaries.  Could be that an 80 player is every bit as good as a 180 player depending on when they came up in the auction.

The maximum salary is just to stop abuse like selling off every young player you have to teams that are out of it for their high priced stars that they aren't going to resign anyway.  I think it could get out of hand if no limit at all. You wouldn't want a 2500 team playing in the World Series against an 1100 team I don't thnk.
10/29/2012 3:23 AM
WOW....typo in my bids ! My bid for Delabar was meant to be (5) it went out as(50. If I have to live with it I will but I didn't want everyone to think I was completely out of my mind.
10/29/2012 5:03 AM

I agree with a firm $1,000 cap every year, and if someone needs to eat some salary to accomodate that, then so be it.
If it's decided that I can't deal/sell Darvish until AFTER the auction is over... (I have an offer now for $125 & still will gladly eat the $38 difference) and am only allowed to trade him for players- then I guess if someone is going to want a #1/ #2 Darvish type starting pitcher- please buy a couple extra $50 + Outfielders or Closer types and I guess we'll just roll with it & try to arrange a trade POST Auction, as I'm clearly not going to have the cash to bid on & field a complete team on what cash I have left............

10/29/2012 12:01 PM
i think that the 1000 should be a hard cap.  i think that is part of the strategy.  do you save some space to sign free agents/make trades or do you get as close to the 1000 limit as possible?  i know that i have been bidding as though this is the case.

if you have a soft cap at 1000 that you can go over in season, what is to stop the following scenario:  i have a crap team and only $750 total salary.  another team is solid and has a few solid prospects that they would be willing to trade and are weak at 3b, but have $990 total salary.  after season 1, Miggy Cabrera becomes a free agent.  i work out a deal with the great team so that  i bid 200 on him because no one else can beat me.  i then trade Miggy and his $200 salary to the other team for those 3 prospects that cost say $50 total.  the other team doesnt have to bid on him knowing they will get him and their salary will go to $1140.  that team doesnt care if it has to cut a couple of players in the offseason, because they will likely be serious contenders for this season's WS.  And even after cutting players, the scenario can repeat.

i know that it sucks for todd that he got players that he didnt think he would get because he bid high on several players on the same day, but i think that is the risk he took by bidding that high on them.  i dont think that we should alter the rules we started under because someone got guys they bid on for what they bid.  if anything the lesson should be that if you dont want to sign a player for a high salary, then dont bid that high salary.  its not like anyone forced todd (and this is nothing againt him, it is just the example we all know of) to bid that high on several players.

10/29/2012 12:04 PM
(don't mean to complain, btw, lol- I love the League concept & am looking forward to it.  Having run a few progressives in my day, I appreciate ALL the hard work that you're putting in, Beernoser).  Just didn't anticipate this situation, lol... but will roll with it)  Bid On, fellas !  Bid On ! 
10/29/2012 12:08 PM
If both teams are at 1000 you dont have to matchup contracts. Team A can trade a 200 player to Team B for a 100 player if...if... Team A agrees to take the 100 hit - thus both teams get a new player and stay under the cap.
10/29/2012 12:12 PM
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