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MLB103057 Choose a player who was traded during an off-season post WWII (1945-present)... Then draft a team of players who were teammates of that player in the seasons surrounding the trade, twisted to any season in their careers. $120MM cap. DH AL only, AAA, no waiver wire. Name your team incorporating your traded player's name. Stadium must be one of the two team's home stadium from the two seasons.

Info that doesn't fit in the theme summary:
(1) No clones
(2) No trades 
(3) Any player/teams/year combo used will be unique to the league, and any future seasons (blacklist - see below). However, the direction of the trade is what's exclusive. For example, in the 1984/85 off-season, Rickey Henderson was traded from the A's to the Yankees, so the SIM team would be comprised of players from the '84 A's and '85 Yankees; if someone claims that team, it does not preclude someone else from using Jose Rijo, who was traded in the reverse direction, and would make a team comprised of the '84 Yankees and '85 A's.
(4) For players who were traded more than once in an off-season, you can only use the teams he actually played for to build your team - i.e. in 2003/04, Mike Lamb was traded from the Rangers to the Yankees, and then the Yankees to the Astros; that SIM team can only be comprised of the '03 Rangers and  '04 Astros.
(5) If a player was traded during the off-season, and then traded again mid-season, you can only use the teams that were involved in the off-season trade.
(6) Your main player must be on your roster - again, twisted to any season in his career.
(7) You don't have to decide AL (DH) or NL (no DH) when you claim your team - but when you enter your team in the league, let the Commish (ssupfoo) know which league you want either in the forum or by sitemail. Only entering the league claims your spot in either league. If one league fills before the other, the only option will be what's left. First-come, first-served on AL vs. NL.

CLAIM YOUR PLAYER IN THE FORUM! You must claim your player in the forum. If you enter a team that uses a player that someone has already claimed in the forum, your team will be put back into the draft center. NOTE: Claiming a player in the forum only entitles you to that player - it doesn't necessarily entitle you to a spot in the league - that's first-come, first-served. As the league gets close to filling, make sure you get your team in so you don't get shut out. 

Season 4

1. ssupfoo - Chris Young, 2005/06 Rangers/Padres
Roberto Alomar, 2001/02 Indians/Mets
Felipe Alou, 1963/64 Giants/Braves
Moises Alou, 1997/98 Marlins/Astros
Joaquin Andujar, 1985/86 Cardinals/A's
Don Baylor, 1985/86 Yankees/Red Sox
Heath Bell, 2006/07 Mets/Padres 
Jack Billingham, 1977/78 Reds/Tigers
Kevin Brown, 2003/04 Dodgers/Yankees
Bernie Carbo, 1973/74 Cardinals/Red Sox
Leo Cardenas, 1968/69 Reds/Twins
Steve Carlton, 1971/72 Cardinals/Phillies
Gary Carter, 1984/85 Expos/Mets
Endy Chavez, 2008/09 Mets/A's
Gino Cimoli, 1958/59 Dodgers/Cardinals
Allie Clark, 1947/48 Yankees/Indians
Rocky Colavito, 1959/60 Indians/Tigers
Jerry Davanon, 1970/71 Cardinals/Orioles
Eric Davis, 1991/92 Reds/Dodgers
Tommy Davis, 1966/67 Dodgers/Mets
Bill Dawley, 1985/86 White Sox/Cardinals
Ivan DeJesus, 1984/85 Phillies/Cardinals
Wilson Delgado, 1999/00 Giants/Yankees
Doug Drabek, 1986/87 Yankees/Pirates
Carl Everett, 2001/02 Red Sox/Rangers
Jeff Fassero, 1996/97 Expos/Mariners
Chico Fernandez, 1956/57 Dodgers/Phillies
Phil Gagliano, 1970/71 Cubs/Red Sox
Al Gettel, 1946/47 Yankees/Indians
Curtis Granderson, 2009/10 Tigers/Yankees
Wayne Granger, 1968/69 Cardinals/Reds
Marquis Grissom, 1994/95 Expos/Braves
Tom Haller, 1967/68 Giants/Dodgers
Charlies Hayes, 1997/98 Yankees/Giants
Sterling Hitchcock, 1995/96 Yankees/Mariners
Ramson Jackson, 1955/56 Cubs/Dodgers
Reggie Jackson, 1975/76 A's/Orioles
Randy Johnson, 2004/05 Diamondbacks/Yankees [CHAMPIONS - SEASON 1]
Brian Jordan, 2001/02 Braves/Dodgers
David Justice, 1996/97 Braves/Indians
John Kennedy, 1966/67 Dodgers/Yankees
Jim Leyritz, 1996/97 Yankees/Angels
Bob Locker, 1972/72 A's/Cubs
Kenny Lofton, 1996/97 Indians/Braves
Roger Maris, 1966/67 Yankees/Cardinals
Pedro Martinez, 1997/98 Expos/Red Sox
Stu Miller, 1962/32 Giants/Orioles
Tim McCarver, 1969/70 Cardinals/Phillies
Ken McKenzie, 1963/64 Cardinals/Giants [CHAMPIONS - SEASON 2]
Joe Morgan, 1971/72 Astros/Reds
Jamie Moyer, 1988/89 Cubs/Rangers
Joe Nathan, 2003/04 Giants/Twins
Denny Neagle, 1998/99 Braves/Reds
Gene Nelson, 1986/87 White Sox/A's
Jeff Nelson, 1995/96 Mariners/Yankees
Hal Newhouser, 1953/54 Tigers/Indians
Bob Ojeda, 1985/86 Red Sox/Mets
Jesse Orosco, 1987/88 Mets/Dodgers
Vada Pinson, 1968/69 Reds/Cardinals
Phil Regan, 1965/66 Tigers/Dodgers
Rip Repulski, 1958/59 Phillies/Dodgers
Frank Robinson, 1965/66 Reds/Orioles
Frank Robinson, 1971/72 Orioles/Dodgers
Felix Rodriguez, 2004/05 Phillies/Yankees
Preacher Roe, 1947/48 Pirates/Dodgers
Kenny Rogers, 1997/98 Yankees/A's
Rolando Roomes 1988/89 Cubs/Reds
Dick Schofield, 1968/69 Cardinals/Red Sox
Jae Weong Seo, 2005/06 Mets/Dodgers
Pete Smith, 1993/94 Mets/Braves
Dick Tracewski, 1965/66 Dodgers/Tigers
Maury Wills, 1966/67 Dodgers/Pirates
Early Wynn, 1957/58 Indians/White Sox
1/31/2013 8:33 PM (edited)
I'll kick things off with Bill Dawley, 1985-86 White Sox to Cardinals
11/3/2012 8:34 PM
I'll try Pedro Martinez, traded from Expos to Bosox
11/3/2012 10:49 PM
Felix Rodriguez, 2004 Phillies to 2005 Yankees.  NL team please.
11/3/2012 11:19 PM
Greg Maddux: 2008 Padres/Dodgers

NL Please.
11/4/2012 12:52 AM
Dennis Eckersley:  1986 Cubs/1987 Athletics.  NL please.
11/4/2012 1:29 AM (edited)
Leo Cardenas  1968 Reds / 1969 Twins   AL please
11/4/2012 10:46 AM (edited)
Sal Maglie  1955 Indians /  1956 Dodgers  AL please 
11/4/2012 2:28 PM
Moises Alou, 1997 Marlins, 1998 Astros
11/4/2012 3:07 PM
Question: If a player was traded during the offseason, but never ended up appearing for the "new" team, is he still eligible?
11/5/2012 12:27 PM
Schofield 68 cards 69 redsox
11/5/2012 2:22 PM
Tommy Davis... 1966 Dodgers to 1967 Mets.
11/5/2012 2:41 PM
Wilson Delgado 1999 Giants and 2000 Yankees.  I'll go NL this time, please.
11/6/2012 1:15 PM (edited)
Jeff Nelson 1995 Seattle Mariners, 1996 Yankees
11/6/2012 12:00 PM
NL Please
11/6/2012 12:55 PM
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Change of Scenery League - Season 3 Topic

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