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Wright World is heading into season 24.
We're seeking to add high quality long term owners to the fold.

If interested in any of the available franchises please sitemail me.
All teams are in pretty good shape. Two were division winners and one placed 2nd.

National League
Former Montreal Expos 82-80 - #17 Draft Pick - Taken by slothen

Former Durham Diesel 88-74 - #23 Draft Pick - Taken by thegrklgnd

Former St Louis Arches 83-79 - #20 Draft Pick

Former Omaha Storm Chasers 94-68 - #28 Draft Pick - Reserved for AZNJ70

11/14/2012 3:12 PM (edited)
Wright is a great HBD world...very competitive, stable, and well-established.  As you can see, all but 4 owners came back for another season and those that left didn't leave behind teams in shambles.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  So come join us and see how great Wright is for yourself.
11/5/2012 10:02 AM
Omaha is not available. The original coach came back
11/6/2012 2:12 AM
just three openings and we can get going
11/7/2012 1:57 AM
Let me tell you a little story about Wright.  24 seasons ago Wright World was the worst in all HBD.  We had 26 openings in season #3.  There was talk about disbanding the league and the coaches moving on to other worlds.

Well that didnt happen:

In season  #3 we picked up brianwakler and tarvis614
In season  #4 we picked up gobosox514
In season  #5 we picked up joelshields
In season  #6 we picked up hatchetman
In season  #7 we picked up deaconsoule
In season  #9 we picked up boydndahood and kjmulli
In season #12 we picked up VegasBombers
In season #13 we picked up schnipper
In season #14 we picked up wareagletom and bkpadre
In season #15 we picked up kthomson and plymouth71
In season #16 we picked up hovah67, russ33b, and Fantasy Frea



We've gone from one of the most unstable worlds to one of the best!!  Our turnover has gotten lower and lower.  We are now looking for a few quality (long term) coaches to fill us up and move forward.  If thats YOU send a sitemail to our commish deaconsoule
11/7/2012 6:40 PM
How have we done it?  We have a great balance of coaches.  We have our fair share of "sports nut", "crazy", "quiet guy", "sh*t talker", "know it all", "Sandy survivor", "grumpy", "sleepy",  "sneezy", and the ever dreaded "Wankee fan"

We're the 32 dwarfs of HBD

Its a very well balanced.  Super competitive.  Very friendly world.  Led by the greatest commissioner ever

11/7/2012 6:43 PM
This is my favorite league that I'm in due to the awesome parity and quality owners.  Well worth giving us a shot !
11/8/2012 10:47 PM
watch me dominate another regular season only to fail miserably in the playoffs yet again!
11/9/2012 8:54 PM
Ron Mexico. 
11/9/2012 9:02 PM
It's the pickle you have for an SP1 kj.  You should just dump him already.
11/10/2012 12:25 AM
As Mr Polo said, I joined this league in season 4 and have never considered heading to another league.  Top notch and from the horror stories I've read about other leagues, I'm glad our guys are a pretty stable group.

Join us.  Resistance is futile.
11/10/2012 5:15 PM
well he is a fa this season, russ, and im pretty sure im not gonna be able to afford what someone else is gonna pay him in FA
11/10/2012 5:26 PM
11/11/2012 3:24 PM
The public worlds are all full as of this posting.  But that's a good thing.  To join a private world like Wright, you just have to take one extra step.  Sitemail deaconsoule either on your own or by using the link provided in the Join a World page.  New and veteran owners alike are encouraged to get in touch with us.  Don't be put-off by the fact that we are a Private World.  It's the best way to protect our open franchises from destructive or negligent owners.  That's why our available teams are in good shape and waiting for you to lead them to the playoffs. 
11/13/2012 12:30 AM
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11/14/2012 7:46 AM
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Wright World Season 24 - Full Topic

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